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Successful Habits of Fastest Growing Franchises

Every year, Entrepreneur magazine ranks the top franchises in America across several categories, including the “Franchise 500,” a list that U.S. Lawns has been named to repeatedly. Another coveted ranking is “fastest growing franchises,” which recognizes the highest volume of new franchise growth. This list ranks both large and small companies, national and regional, retail…read more


Maintaining Good Form: Everyday Tools, Exceptional Service

Every so often, we write about basic processes, explaining why it’s important to use them as service drivers in your business. This isn’t some idea dreamed up by our marketing department. The fact is, we’ve equipped our franchise owners with an arsenal of tools that create not only better job quality, but happier customers. It’s…read more


Ronnie Christopher – The Hero Fest

Ronnie Christopher believes that building relationships is the key to a thriving business. He’s a member of the local Chamber of Commerce in Warner Robbins, Ga., but that’s not where his heart lies. Instead, he’s followed his passions to become a dynamic community philanthropist, and grown his U.S. Lawns franchise in the process. “Warner Robbins…read more


Coffee Is for Closers: Developing a Sales Culture

In the famous scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin yells at an aging salesman: “Put down that coffee! Coffee is for closers only!” Although playwright David Mamet wrote Glengarry Glen Ross to satirize sales culture, that scene has become something of a mantra among business people. Phrases like “Coffee is for closers” and “Always…read more

Reasons Businesses Fail

5 Reasons Landscape Businesses Fail

Starting a business is hard enough before you think about the odds. And when you do, it seems they’re stacked against you. Studies have shown that only 15 percent of small businesses survive beyond their first 5 years. Not very comforting; but at U.S. Lawns, the businesses we work with have a much higher success…read more