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Top Ten Tips for Training Your Team

Inspiration, Operation, Finance. You could say the foundation of all three is the same: a well-trained team. Without proper employee training, your brand vision won’t reach the customer. Nor will your financials be managed correctly. But most importantly, your business won’t operate the way it should. At U.S. Lawns, we put considerable time and money…read more


Lessons on Becoming a Hall of Fame Franchise

Robin Smith learned about U.S. Lawns when his friend William Attwell purchased a franchise in the early 2000’s. At first, he didn’t think much of the idea. “I told him he was crazy,” Robin says. But after seeing William’s franchise rack up more sales in a year than the Smiths’ landscaping business had in seven,…read more


U.S. Lawns Honored as Top 10 Franchise for Veterans

U.S. Lawns was just named a Top 10 franchise for veterans by Military Times Media Group. This is the second time that the publisher of Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times, has recognized us in their “Best for Vets: Franchises” listing. And it’s not the first publication to acknowledge our…read more


Should You Pay Your Employees More?

There’s a specter haunting our modern labor force this year – the specter of higher wages. Alright, “haunting” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the reality is undeniable. From the increase of the minimum wage in Seattle, to the recent hike in wages at Walmart, the ante has been upped. The ripple effect…read more


Amazon: On Being (Or Not Being) The Best Place to Work

Recently, one of our “service revolution” companies made the news—and not in a positive light. A controversial piece by the New York Times revealed high turnover and employee unrest at Amazon, a company known for its customer service. How are we to consider these allegations? Is it possible that life inside Amazon’s Seattle headquarters is…read more