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A Customer Service Lesson That Rings True

A friend of mine is getting married. They’re a younger couple, living on the West Coast, very marketing savvy. They shared a story with me about their wedding rings, which I wanted to pass along. Wedding and engagement rings are metaphors for many things: love, commitment, partnership, eternity. They symbolize your marriage. It’s without a…read more


How to Build Your Team in a Challenging Labor Market

Let’s start with one assumption: good employees make happy customers. It’s not a new idea, although it some may not realize it. CEOs of Walmart, Costco, Starbucks, Patagonia, Apple, Hallmark and many corporations are growing their business through internal culture. You’ll find employees who are well paid, supported in their personal endeavors, and offered valuable…read more


Five Ways for Property Managers to Be Radically Personal

By Ken Hutcheson. A term I like to use is “radical personalization.” If something is radical, it’s shocking. And that’s how I believe customer service should be. Have you ever had service so great you were shocked? I bet you can remember exactly what happened. Sometimes, I think talking about service in the commercial property…read more


Ken Beasley – Local Owner, Customer Hero

After just five years, Ken Beasley has purchased three U.S. Lawns locations. His annual revenues exceed seven figures. And it’s no surprise that he’s recently won a third honor: a Customer Hero Award for one of the highest client satisfaction scores among franchises. Are all these achievements coincidence? Not according to Ken. Before buying a…read more


How to Grow Your Business Without Looking for Customers

Mike Kirk actually has customers calling to spend more money with him at the end of their contracts. The veteran U.S. Lawns owner, based in New Albany, Miss., has perfected the art of the upsell. He’s known in Oxford and Tupelo for landscape enhancements, in addition to maintenance. His team routinely contracts for additional services, not just…read more