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Our Future and the Service Revolution

Surrounded by greenery, indoor waterfalls and a brilliant sun, the future smiled on U.S. Lawns last week. Those of us who made the pilgrimage to Nashville set a record for U.S. Lawns conference attendance; but our team spirit was close-knit and intimate. We closed the three-day production with lighthearted bluegrass and laughter, cheering for each…read more


U.S. Lawns Improves Community and Lives in Tupelo

Just two days before Christmas, a bank robbery in Tupelo, Miss., ended tragically for two police officers and their families. Gale Stauffer, 38, was shot and killed, leaving behind a wife of 10 years and their two young children. A second officer, Joseph Maher, was also shot and sustained severe injuries. Gale Stauffer was an…read more


The Secret to Managing Multiple Providers

In the world of commercial real estate, more properties = more success. As a top manager with a corporate portfolio, you’re the chief executive on the ground when it comes to daily operations. But as you know, more properties also equal more responsibility. Especially if you’re a smart business person who doesn’t want to add…read more


How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Property

We’re not commercial realtors, but our clients come to us to help “sell” to prospective tenants. As a property manager, you can probably relate. Sales are an ongoing part of your job, from securing new contracts to retaining the lessees you currently have. At U.S. Lawns, we use landscaping to attract commercial tenants. Actually, it’s…read more


Ken Beasley: A System for Success

A little more than five years ago, Ken Beasley was a successful landscaper in Natchez, Miss. He’d left behind a management career at Walmart, a company he’d served for 16 years, to pursue the dream of owning a landscape business. While still at Walmart, he’d driven two hours each way to the community college in…read more