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How to Grow Your Business Without Looking for Customers

Mike Kirk actually has customers calling to spend more money with him at the end of their contracts. The veteran U.S. Lawns owner, based in New Albany, Miss., has perfected the art of the upsell. He’s known in Oxford and Tupelo for landscape enhancements, as much as maintenance. His team routinely contracts for select services,…read more


Touch Point: Training

You walk through a customer’s door, and it the game begins. Bidding; signing a contract; dispatching your crew; quality control; invoicing; payment; feedback. Each of those steps is a crucial strategy in the Customer Connection. We know you work hard to listen, be responsive, and perform excellent work. You’re dedicated to winning. But it’s not…read more


Sales Tools that Promote Service

In our last blog post, we made the case that sales is a customer service Touch Point. To see if that theory holds up, let’s examine our current sales processes, and see if they promote better service. Home Office has created two specific sales tools for you to use: 7-in-7 and Direct Sales Dial-Up. We’ll…read more


Touch Point: Sales

Lately, we’ve been talking about Touch Points, or all the ways you interact with your customers. It’s a fascinating topic, because the more you analyze your business, the more Touch Points you’ll find. For instance, last week we discovered that recruiting was a Touch Point, because the right employees can shape the customer experience. This…read more


Touch Point One: Employees

If the best way to market is by referral, there’s no better endorsement than your staff. Think of it as free advertising, every time an employee gives a glowing account of their job. And as we’ve said before, happy workers lead to happy customers. It all adds up to one, inevitable conclusion: your employees might…read more