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The Service Revolution: Things Just Got Real

One great thing about U.S. Lawns is that we don’t just talk the talk. When we embrace an idea, we make sure it gets done. This can lead to times of great change, as we’ve recently seen, and sometimes growing pains aren’t comfortable. But we face the future boldly, holding strong to the traditions that…read more


Ken Beasley – Customer Hero

Ken Beasley isn’t just on model for growth. After five years, three locations and a place in the Million Dollar Club, he’s also the ideal model for service. A Customer Hero. Last year, Ken received one of the two highest Customer Satisfaction scores in the U.S. Lawns network, a nearly perfect score. So, what’s the…read more


Five Service Touch Points You May Be Missing

At this point, it’s probably becoming clear that any interaction with a customer can be a service touch point. A client’s impression of you is formed (and reformed) based on numerous thoughts, feelings, and encounters, which add up over time. (Touch points) In marketing, we call the “added up” total your brand. So really, every…read more


Touch Point: Upselling

Did you ever go shopping for a used truck … only to drive away in a new, fully-loaded, SUV? Congratulations. You’ve just been upsold. At U.S. Lawns, we support and encourage upselling—but not this kind. In fact, when we say “upselling,” we’re talking about a different approach that’s not only customer friendly, it’s a key…read more


How to Grow Your Business Without Looking for Customers

Mike Kirk actually has customers calling to spend more money with him at the end of their contracts. The veteran U.S. Lawns owner, based in New Albany, Miss., has perfected the art of the upsell. He’s known in Oxford and Tupelo for landscape enhancements, as much as maintenance. His team routinely contracts for select services,…read more