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“One Percent Better” Every Day: Ronnie Christopher’s Formula for Growth

Recently, Lawn & Landscape magazine interviewed Ronnie Christopher, U.S. Lawns owner from Warner Robbins, Ga. The article, entitled “Clean Slate,” was supposed to feature New Year’s resolutions from green industry professionals. But Ronnie offered his own piece of wisdom: growth is not a one-time decision on January 1, but a habit formed each day. In…read more


How to Keep Your Financials Consistent in 2016

Consistency is not just what you project to the customer. It’s also the key to running a successful business. We recently talked about the importance of consistent hiring, and five qualities that every U.S. Lawns employee should have. Now let’s drill down further, examining your business by the numbers. When it comes to your books…read more


Employee Recruiting: Five Traits to Start Hiring For Immediately

Now that you know where we stand on consistency, we’re going to lay down some guidelines to help everyone achieve it. The first topic we want to address is employee recruiting, since a company’s culture begins with its people. Most of us have a basic grasp of recruiting, and we tend to look for similar…read more


Lower Your Overhead, Grow Your Business

You’ve probably heard the statistics. Only 20% of small businesses survive the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg and Forbes. And while there’s some debate about those exact figures (The Small Business Administration predicts a more optimistic rate of 33%), we all know numbers don’t lie. The odds of success are definitely stacked against you….read more


On Consistency, Balance, and Keeping Your Promises

If you read Ken Hutcheson’s message for the New Year, you’ll remember it’s all about consistency. But wait, you may be saying. That sounds … well, inconsistent. After all, wasn’t 2015 a year full of major changes for our brand? And didn’t we completely remake our image in 2013 and 2014? Yes, you’re absolutely right….read more