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Reasons Businesses Fail

5 Reasons Landscape Businesses Fail

Starting a business is hard enough before you think about the odds. And when you do, it seems they’re stacked against you. Studies have shown that only 15 percent of small businesses survive beyond their first 5 years. Not very comforting; but at U.S. Lawns, the businesses we work with have a much higher success…read more


How To Run Your Business With More Free Time

You’ve watched your small, landscaping business grow from an idea into a reality. You’ve poured money and time into your success, and it seems to be paying off. But at the same time, you know you can’t keep up this pace up forever. Your free time is valuable, and your business is gobbling up more…read more

Business Not Growing

Why Your Business Is Not Growing

You worked hard to start your own business. But after awhile, maybe you’ve forgotten why you did it in the first place. You feel stagnated, stuck in a pattern of zero growth. It’s a pattern that small, independent businesses are all too familiar with. You know there’s more out there, but don’t know how to…read more


Recruiting Employees: Building Your Team

If you’ve been running your own small, landscaping business, you know that finding the right fit for your landscaping team is no small task. Recent changes in labor laws (e.g. minimum wage), have substantially shrunk the labor pool. Furthermore, the recession saw an uptick in the number of small, independent landscaping companies, drawing even more…read more


Breaking Into The Commercial Landscaping Market

The prospect of breaking into the larger commercial landscaping market can seem daunting. But often, it can mean the difference between life and death for a small business. The same can be said of unanticipated growth – too much too fast can cripple an entire operation. So, the question remains: how can I safely break into…read more