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02/04/15— Franchising For Veterans

01/13/15— What Makes a Successful Franchisee?

09/18/14— Franchise Players: Franchising Instead of ‘Reinventing the Wheel’

September 2014 – Entrepreneur Magazine featured U.S. Lawns franchisee Steve Ferguson for their Franchise Players series. Steve gave his insight into franchising, including why to buy a franchise, why choose U.S. Lawns, and what advise he would give to individuals who want to own their own franchise. Steve and his wife Teana were inducted into the U.S. Lawns Hall of Fame in 2014 and are members of the U.S. Lawns Million Dollar Club.
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09/18/14— Rapid Response – Storm Readiness

September 2014 – Retail Facility Business magazine recently published on their website an article by U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson about Rapid Response. It includes information about proper awareness and planning that will help speed the recovery and lessen the extent of long term damage to a retail property. For instance, preventative measures, including identifying landscape elements susceptible to damage, can be key for a property’s storm readiness. Additionally, noting and monitoring vulnerable features such as trees, branches, shrubs and power lines, can help to map out more dangerous areas of a property.
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09/18/14— Landscaping for Ponds and Pools

Septenber 2014 – Hotel Executive has published U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson’s article on his insights into landscaping for ponds and pools, including top considerations, harmonizing with nature, plants & trees and more.
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09/18/14— Irrigation Systems: Maintaining for Savings

August 2014 – Facilities Maintenance Decisions magazine posted a two-part article by U.S. Lawns Vice President Mike Fitzpatrick about his insights on maintaining, repairing and/or replacing irrigation systems, which includes evaluating the system and smart technologies.
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