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Consistency Is Key: Never Miss a Beat with Your Landscape Maintenance

Managing multiple properties presents a challenge when it comes to having consistent, quality landscape maintenance services. Depending on your portfolio, you could have a wide variety of different commercial properties with different landscapes, and they could even be in many different states spread throughout the country. Here are some ways to help you maintain consistency in your properties’ landscapes by using just one provider.

Determine What Services Each Property’s Landscape Needs

Every property you manage is different in its own way. In order to maintain consistency, you need to figure out which landscape maintenance services each property needs. If you own a commercial building up north, this could mean planning to include snow and ice management services.

In addition to landscape maintenance services and improvements like planting flowers or ornamental grass, you should also account for any properties that have lawns. Lawn care maintenance is crucial for keeping your grass looking great, so make sure you have a plan for plant health services, irrigation, and mowing.

Use One Landscaping Company

It may sound impossible to use one landscaping company for all your properties, but it’s not. U.S. Lawns is a national landscaping company that works specifically with commercial properties, so we are well-positioned to help you with everything in your portfolio. Every U.S. Lawns location is individually-owned, but we are united by our strong network that has enabled us to share best practices, unite our values, and bring quality and consistent landscape services to commercial properties all over the United States.

Although our locations are individually-owned, the power of the network has allowed us to create a plan that covers all your properties, even if they cross state lines. We strive for 100% client retention and satisfaction, so we will work with you to create a plan that covers all of your properties, making sure you are getting consistent services at every location.

Communicate with Your Commercial Landscaper

The best way to keep your landscapes consistent is to proactively communicate with your commercial landscaper. This will help address any problems before they become too serious and ensure that all locations are getting the care they need. A landscape’s needs change with the seasons and weather, so if you notice that there is something amiss on your properties, reach out to us and we can fix it. In addition to addressing landscape matters, we will also communicate when we are coming to your properties to work.

We have taken proactive measures to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their landscape for the budget they want. Here at U.S. Lawns, we utilize an estimating and proposal tool program where we can customize each proposal for each property. With this program, you can make instant changes to the proposal and either add or remove items from it. This service has allowed changes to happen much faster, so you don’t have to go to great lengths to adjust your properties’ proposals.

Why Consistency Is Important

Tenants and customers alike want to see that care was put into the landscapes of your commercial properties. They are putting money into your business, and they want to know that you are using their money to give them the curb appeal they want. In addition, using the same services from one company could help you create a solid brand identity. All of your properties represent you, so by adding the same ornamental trees, similar potted flowers, or colorful plants, this will create something unique for your brand – people will know your buildings because of your consistent landscapes.

Consistency is very important to a property owner or manager, and the best way to go about getting the consistency you want is to use one company to cover it all. We can work with you to create proposals for every property, regardless of the location. And if your properties cross territory lines, our franchisees work together so you get the same services for every commercial property you own.

If you are looking for consistent landscape maintenance services for your properties, find your nearest U.S. Lawns today.

  • March 25, 2019
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Mike Fitzpatrick: Expectations For Spring

Springtime Is Your Landscape’s Busy Season

It has been a long, record-breaking winter, and everyone is more than ready to be energized by the arrival of spring and the renewal it brings. Wildlife comes out of hibernation and starts becoming active again, seasonal birds return from their sojourn to warmer climates, and spirits are elevated as the landscape begins to awaken, refreshed from its cold slumber. This is the busiest season for nature, and it’s also the busiest time for your U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping professionals.

What You Can Expect To See As Your Landscape Awakens

So, what can you expect to see going on with your landscape as spring gets into full swing? You’ll notice flowering plants and trees starting to bud and bloom as the trees put on fresh leaves; the foliage on shrubbery becomes more vibrant in color and thickens, filling in gaps from winter damage; and the grass wakes up from its dormancy, turns green and begins to shoot up quickly.

What You Should Expect From Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Partner

Now is the time your landscapers start doing agronomic work – preparing your property for the long, grueling summer ahead. You should expect to see your commercial landscape maintenance provider bringing on new employees and seasonal crew members as they build their staff up to full capacity to handle the busy months ahead.

You’ll also need to be ready to talk to your landscape management partner about planting new spring flowers, repairing winter damaged turf, pruning ornamental trees and shrubs, and upgrading high visibility areas in the landscape.

Watch for your landscaping crew to arrive in uniforms and clean, fresh trucks loaded with fresh equipment, ready to tackle spring startup. This includes getting your irrigation system turned on, adjusted and performing at peak efficiency, and making sure your turf, plants and trees receive proper nutrition and any necessary treatments to ensure your plant health is at an optimum level to endure the long, hot summer.

These are all landscaping services that should be taking place right now, so be on the lookout. And if you need a commercial grounds care partner with the crew, equipment and capabilities to handle all your property’s landscape maintenance needs, contact your local U.S. Lawns today. We’re your commercial landscape maintenance partner for every season in every region.

  • March 21, 2019
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Plan Out Your Landscape for Every Season with the Help of U.S. Lawns

Planning your commercial landscaping budget is better done sooner rather than later. A lot goes into maintaining your landscape, so you want to make sure you’re prepared for everything the seasons have in store. We work directly with our clients to create customized proposals for their commercial properties, adding or removing services to create the right plan for the right budget. Here are some services to incorporate into your plan to prepare for different weather in different seasons.

Springing into Warmer Weather

The spring is a time to look forward to warmer weather, budding leaves, and rain, depending on the region. This means you need to make sure that your landscape has commercial lawn care services secured to keep your grass trimmed and even. In addition, your property may need our spring cleanup service to get rid of any dead plants or debris left over from winter. Spring is also the time to put fresh mulch in flower beds and do some planting to bring a splash of color to complement the structures on your property.

Commercial Landscaping Needs in the Summer

After the spring, summer brings sun and dry heat to many areas of the country. This means you need to incorporate irrigation for your lawn to make sure it gets the right amount of water every day. With this weather, you may also need to include ornamental tree care to keep your trees alive and healthy, weed management for healthier plant and flower beds and turf, and hardscape maintenance to keep your property looking good all summer long.

Spring Forward in the Fall to Plan for the Upcoming Year

There’s a lot of commercial landscaping maintenance needs in the fall. From the leaves falling to the holidays approaching, you can incorporate a lot of services into your plan. During this time, we offer fall cleanup to manage all the leaves on your property and keep them off of your landscape. We also prune ornamental trees to remove any dead or falling branches and keep them healthy. Fall is also the time of year for aeration and overseeding. Your grounds can become hard or overgrown when the weather gets colder. This means that in order to plant grass, we need to implement aeration and overseeding to make sure that grass grows evenly.

Once fall rolls around, it is actually time to start thinking about what you need for next year. If you pay for your year-round commercial landscaping in January, it’s best to begin thinking about your landscaping needs in the fall when you can assess what you need for the following year.

Planning for Winter

Depending on where you are in the country, you may need to do a lot of planning for cold and unpredictable weather in the winter. Northern states need to make sure they have a plan for snow and ice management because you never know what surprises winter may have in store. In addition to snow and ice management, you should also consider winterizing your irrigation system to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Property owners and managers in southern states don’t necessarily need these services, but they still have a lot of commercial landscaping needs to keep their lawns and landscapes looking great. For example, a lot of ornamental trees need to be pruned throughout the fall and winter, and irrigation and hardscape maintenance can be essential services as well.

We can help you keep your commercial property looking its best through every season. We will sit with you and help you create a plan that incorporates the commercial landscaping services you need for a budget you can afford.

We offer commercial landscaping services for all different kinds of properties. Find out more about the different customers we serve.

  • March 18, 2019
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U.S. Lawns snow and ice management

Reasons Why Snow and Ice Management Need to Be a Part of Your Yearly Maintenance Plan

As spring arrives, it may be hard to think about preparing for next winter, but it is never too early to start planning. If you own a property in a northern or midwestern state, you need to invest in snow and ice management sooner rather than later so that you’re covered, whether it’s a mild winter or a severe one. Here are some reasons why you should call your commercial landscape maintenance provider to prepare your properties.

You Never Know What Winter Has in Store

The regions that experience winter weather love to leave you guessing when it comes to the severity of that winter weather. It can be 50 degrees one day, hailing the next and sleeting and snowing the day after that. Without snow and ice management services in place and ready to go by the time the weather gets colder, you could find that your properties may be out of luck. Property managers secure their snow and ice management providers as early as July, which means their grounds care professionals can get booked up fast. Without planning or communicating with a commercial landscape maintenance provider, you could be left with a person plowing who doesn’t know the specifics of your properties or use the care you need when it comes to snow and ice. It could also end up costing you more.

Keep Your Tenants Happy

Your tenants want to be assured that they can move freely when there’s a snowstorm. When you plan for snow and ice management and sign a seasonal or year-round contract, you know that a professional will be at your location ready to plow as soon as it is reasonable to do so. This means your tenants will be able to leave their home to go to work or run errands if they need to. No one wants winter weather preventing them from getting to their home or business, so making sure you have snow and ice management early is key.

Peace of Mind

When you plan ahead for snow and ice management, you don’t have to worry about it later. You could also end up saving a lot of money, because you won’t have to pay for last-minute services. U.S. Lawns offers a couple different options for you to create a snow and ice management plan. First, you can sign a seasonal contract with us that ensures you will be covered for the season. Experienced property managers typically start signing these as early as July because they are usually administered on a first come, first serve basis.

The most-effective approach we have found for snow and ice management is to combine it with your other commercial landscaping services. We offer year-round contracts that we tailor to each client for their individual properties. By creating a plan and budget that has everything your property needs for commercial landscape maintenance, you could save time and money because your snow and ice management is already in place.

Learn more about how you can prepare your property for winter with commercial landscape maintenance services by downloading this free eBook.

  • March 11, 2019
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Manicured landscape beds

3 Common Challenges Hotels and Resorts Face and How U.S. Lawns Can Help

Every business has its trials, but when dealing with a steady stream of customers, 24/7 business hours, and multiple employees, the challenges can quickly multiply. Hotels have a lot going on, and as a manager you probably only have one thing on your mind: keeping guests happy and occupancy rates high. However, there are certain  responsibilities that can get in the way of that, which is why hotels call lawn and landscape maintenance companies like U.S. Lawns for help. Here are three common challenges that hotels can face and how we can help with our professional lawn and landscape maintenance services.

Customer Expectations

At every hotel, customers have certain expectations, and those expectations begin right when they pull into your parking lot or drive up to the front doors. The landscape contributes a lot to a guest’s first impression, whether you manage a higher-end hotel or economy lodging. Here are small touches that can help create the impression you’re aiming for:

  • Potted plants around the entryways – A little splash of color from flowers, or a crisp and clean look with trimmed ornamental trees or shrubs, can do wonders for your hotel. Guests pay attention to those small details, and they expect a well-kept landscape no matter where they stay.
  • Ornamental grass in the parking lots – Ornamental grass is a nice touch to barren peninsulas and islands in a parking lot. It’s this special care that can go a long way for your guests’ first impressions when they first arrive at your hotel.
  • Fresh mulch in flower beds – Putting fresh mulch in the flower beds gives your hotel a clean look, promotes better flower growth, and it gives off the lively scent that people love. It also shows that your hotel invests money into landscaping, which guests will appreciate.

Overall, guests are expecting a neat, clean environment as soon as they approach the hotel. If a hotel’s landscape isn’t maintained, it isn’t as welcoming to those who are looking to stay there. We can help hotel managers with their curb appeal by sitting down with them and creating a plan for what they need to meet customer expectations.

Management at Full Capacity

Hotel managers have a lot to do throughout the day to make sure everything is running smoothly. You don’t need lawn and landscape maintenance to worry about as well. It’s been common for managers to have to outsource different elements of the job to multiple landscapers, but U.S. Lawns can cover everything your hotel needs. We offer commercial-specific lawn and landscape maintenance services for hotels and other properties, so you know that we have the right equipment and the right people to get the job done.

In addition, we communicate with you to find the best time for our crews to be on the grounds working, and we always wear uniforms while we’re on your property so both you and your guests know that you use trained, professional landscapers. Our two-way communication allows us to be proactive about any issues that may arise on your property. By reacting to things quickly, we can keep your landscape looking its best with the least amount of disruption to your guests.

Changing Seasons

The seasons can affect your landscape, so it is important to be prepared for each one. For spring and fall, we offer cleanup services to get rid of any fallen leaves and other debris that can be eyesores to a landscape. In the winter we offer snow and ice management for driveways, parking lots, walkways and outdoor stairs, and we can manage the winterization of your irrigation systems if your hotel has a lawn. For the summer, we offer all different kinds of enhancement and maintenance services to keep your lawn and landscape looking sharp no matter the weather.

We can do a lot for your hotel’s landscape to give you some peace of mind and meet your guests’ expectations. With spring upon us, here are some lawn and landscape maintenance services we can provide to make your landscape pop.

  • March 4, 2019
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commercial lawn care

Get to Know the Company That Our Customers Know and Trust

U.S. Lawns is a leading commercial lawn care company for a reason, and that is because customers throughout the United States know and trust us with all the grounds care services their commercial properties need. Whether you are a homeowners association (HOA) manager, a property manager, or a hotel manager, we’ve got landscape and lawn care services that can help you make your property beautiful and keep it that way. Here’s what we offer our customers and why we stand above as a commercial landscape management company.

What We Offer to Our Customers

We can service pretty much any commercial landscape that comes our way. Whether it’s a simple enhancement like planting fresh flowers or performing lawn maintenance to make sure your turf stays healthy and green, we’ve got you covered! We even offer commercial lawn care and landscaping services for multiple properties, so if you’re an HOA manager or a property manager responsible for real estate located in different regions, you can count on one landscape management partner to maintain them all.

In addition to making sure your landscape stays green and healthy, we also offer snow and ice management services for properties located in regions that experience winter weather. Snow and ice management is vital to making sure your landscape stays healthy through the winter. It is also important to manage ice and snow on areas where tenants may be walking or driving.

So, from mowing, weeding, pruning and debris removal to turf treatments, hardscapes, irrigation systems and even landscape improvements, U.S. Lawns is your all season grounds care services partner wherever you’re located throughout the country.

History of the U.S. Lawns Brand

We originated in Orlando, Florida, in 1986, and one year later we already had our first franchise location. From there, our network grew. By 1993, we had ten franchises all throughout the Sunshine State. Since then, our 30 plus years in the industry has led to the growth of over 250 locations across the United States, multiple awards and accolades, and features on the Franchise 500 list. We invest in our franchise owners to make sure they are delivering quality and consistent services at each location across the country.

All U.S. Lawns owners receive ongoing training to make sure each and every one understands and shares the U.S. Lawns values and mission. We are all united under the national strength of a brand name that is over 250 locations strong, yet each owner has a local commitment to the community they serve and the customers within it. Our national strength and local commitment are assets we hold very dearly, and our brand has gotten where it is today because our dedication has never wavered.

Our Mission and Vision

We are a top commercial lawn care franchise because we care about our customers. Our goal is 100% client retention, and our mission is to improve communities and improve lives. In order to achieve this, our owners are also community leaders, and we make sure they’ve got everything they need to provide a “best place to work” environment for their employees and bring the best service to their customers. This includes tools, processes and training, as well as communication to such an extent that U.S. Lawns franchisees have access to an intranet which enables all owners to support one another and share experience and best practices.

What this means for you, is if you manage properties in different towns or even states, your U.S. Lawns professionals are using the same system and communicating with one another to deliver consistently at every location.

In addition to staying connected with each other, U.S. Lawns franchise owners are also proactively communicating with their customers, addressing everything that has to do with their unique landscape. Our owners have the crew, equipment and expertise to make sure every customer has the commercial landscaping services they need within their budget – from a landscape management partner they know and trust.

If you are looking for commercial lawn care or landscaping services, look no further than U.S. Lawns! Find the nearest location to your property and make contact today!

  • February 28, 2019
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commercial landscaping services

Are You a Good Fit for Landscaping Services?

If you are considering commercial landscaping services, you may be wondering if they’re right for your property. Here at U.S. Lawns, we provide lawn and landscaping services to a variety of different commercial properties, and we can help you figure out if we’re the best choice for yours. Here are six questions you can answer to find out if you need professional commercial landscaping services.

commercial landscaping services

Do You Own or Manage a Commercial or Retail Property?

We offer services to both commercial and retail properties that are looking to maintain or improve their landscape. In addition to performing routine landscape maintenance services, U.S. Lawns also offers landscape improvements like adding flowers and ornamental trees to brighten entryways and create shady walkways. We can also plant ornamental grass and shrubs on parking lot islands or grass if there is an area for it. Regardless of the commercial or retail property you’re responsible for, if you’ve got outdoor grounds to manage, you likely need commercial landscaping services on some level.

How Important is Curb Appeal?

Landscaping is important to commercial and retail establishments because it adds curb appeal that draws in customers. If you own a retail center, you want to help your tenants get new customers and hold onto existing ones, so that they’ll stay on your property. Through commercial landscaping services, you can help! By adding fresh, seasonal color, your property will stand out more to tenants while enticing customers. For those establishments with individual entryways, think about making them more welcoming with potted flowers or ornamental trees.

Do You Have an Area for Planted or Potted Flowers?

If you have areas where you could add some color with a flower bed or some potted flowers, take advantage of it. Flowers are great for adding that splash of brightness that commercial and retail properties need. Places near benches or outdoor waiting areas are also perfect locations for people to enjoy potted or planted flowers.

Do You Have a Hardscape?

A hardscape can serve as a gathering place for your customers, and the best way to create an inviting one is with commercial landscaping services. If you have a hardscape area, we can help you maintain it by keep weeds down, adding a few strategically placed plants, and addressing any drainage issues.

Do You Have Signage and Entry Points which Require Good Visibility?

If your ornamental trees or shrubs are overgrown, you may need commercial landscaping services. You don’t want your signs to be obscured by branches, and open sight lines at ingress and egress points are a must. And by keeping trees and shrubbery regularly trimmed, you’re also making your grounds safer by eliminating potential eye pokers and falling branches while ensuring clear visibility of important signage such as stop signs, pedestrian signs, and handicapped signs.

Do You Have Sidewalks that Need to Be Shoveled in the Winter?

Although snow and ice services and not always immediately associated with landscaping, if you experience winter weather, you know the importance of keeping parking lots and walkways accessible. Fortunately, when you call U.S. Lawns for commercial landscaping services, we can help with your winter grounds care too. We offer snow and ice management services, moving snow and treating sidewalks, outdoor stairways and parking lots. We’ll also perform other winter services like winterizing your irrigation system to help you avoid costly repairs caused by the cold weather.

There’s a lot that property owners and managers depend on commercial landscaping services for, and if you answered yes to any of the questions above, those services are exactly what you need. Your local U.S. Lawns will help you get the right lawn and landscaping services for your commercial property by creating a plan that fits your grounds and your budget.

Contact your nearest U.S. Lawns to get the commercial landscaping services your property needs.

  • February 21, 2019
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tree care, professional landscapers

Ornamental Trees Are an Important Asset to a Landscape: How to Give Them the Best Care

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your multi-family property, you should consider planting ornamental trees. These bright and often colorful trees are much more efficient than larger trees, and they can add a lot of aesthetic value to your property. Find out more about ornamental tree care, what they are, and why you should use professional landscapers to plant and maintain them.

tree care, professional landscapers

What Are Ornamental Trees?

Ornamental trees are a smaller category of trees, typically 15 feet or less. One of the most common ornamental trees that are seen on landscapes is the crape myrtle, but there are hundreds of different species to choose from. These trees also often have flowers or have distinct leaves, which adds a splash of color to a landscape. Ornamental trees are important to a landscape because they make elements of your landscape stand out, and, overall, they make your property look better.

How Do You Care for Them?

There’s a lot that goes into ornamental tree care. For starters, you must have the right soil to accommodate your specific trees. They also need be positioned in an area where they will get the right amount of sunlight and water. When you first plant an ornamental tree, water is imperative to make sure it grows fully and has a long life. This means your trees need to be placed where they will have access to some irrigation. If not, they need drip irrigation or a watering bag to help get the roots established. To help your trees’ growth, you may also need support stakes and wires to support the trunk.

Why Use Professional Landscapers?

There are a lot of different ways that ornamental tree care can go awry. Right at the get-go, you could plant your trees too shallow or too deep, which could decrease their lifespan. In addition, you have to plant them in the right spot so they get just enough water. The first two years are really imperative to a tree’s health, and many tree owners don’t take care of them properly. People often don’t fully remove the burlap from the tree’s root ball during the planting process, and they also prune the trees too soon. Pruning is trimming dead or falling branches, and it is supposed to increase their lifespan; however, if done too early in a tree’s life, pruning can damage it.

A lot can go wrong when you are caring for your ornamental trees on your own, which is why using professional landscapers may be the best way to go for your property’s tree care.

Ornamental Tree Care with U.S. Lawns

Here at U.S. Lawns, we offer ornamental tree care to any commercial property. If you are thinking about planting these trees at your property to add value and a fresh new look, contact us to help. Our owners and their crew have all been trained in all things horticulture, so we know everything we need to know about tree care, placement, and design. Trust us as your professional landscapers to help with your ornamental trees so that they live a long and fruitful life that brings joy and value to your property.

If you are still debating why you need professional landscapers for your ornamental tree care, read more about our services.

  • February 14, 2019
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commercial landscape maintenance

Why It’s Important to Have a Beautiful Landscape Your Customers Can Appreciate

Attention to the details is key to customer satisfaction, and this is especially true when it comes to your commercial landscape. Customers coming to your property want to feel welcomed, and that feeling starts the moment they approach the parking lot. Your landscape is important to the customer experience, and through commercial landscape maintenance, you can create the curb appeal that draws customers onto your commercial or retail property and right to your tenants’ doors.

commercial landscape maintenance

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Simply stated, your initial impression should be a top priority. Customers are less inclined to go into a store or restaurant that has a poorly maintained landscape. Since the outside is the first thing people see, it’s important to utilize your grounds to make the right impression. This is where professional commercial landscape maintenance services can make all the difference.

It’s also important to recognize that your customers are members of the surrounding community, so when it comes to creating a positive customer experience your landscape should reflect that. Your customers will appreciate familiar seasonal plants; ornamental trees that they recognize from their town; and flower beds with the colorful blooms they know and love. These added elements improve areas that were otherwise bare, and really stand out to your customers because they’re native to their community. Maintaining and improving your property’s landscape can really help you build a meaningful experience that resonates with tenants, customers and the community.

The Landscape Reflects the Business

The maintenance and care that is put into the landscape reflects how much pride you take in your business. By putting thought and care into your landscape, you’re demonstrating to your customers and tenants that their experience while they’re on your grounds is important to you. In addition to having neatly mowed turf and bright seasonal flowers that transition with the seasons, you’ll also want to include commercial landscaping services like trimming limbs off trees, so they’re not blocking signs or presenting a hazard along walkways.

Happy Customers = Happy Tenants

If you manage a commercial or retail center, chances are your goal is to fill it with tenants who want to be there for the long term. And obviously, the success of your tenants is your success. One of the best ways to make them want to remain, is to prove that their rent is going toward maintaining and improving their space to the betterment of their businesses. This is where quality commercial landscape maintenance can make a noticeable contribution. When customers approach the parking lot and see lush grass on the islands, flowers in the entryways, and ornamental trees lining the walls they feel welcomed to your retail space.

Customers appreciate spending time on a property where commercial landscape maintenance is a priority – everything looks clean and well-kept, they can count on seeing healthy plants with that splash of color, and the grounds are always welcoming. They’ll also feel more inclined to spend time in your tenants’ stores, which is a win for everyone.

Keep your tenants and customers happy by calling U.S. Lawns. We’re here to help with all your commercial landscaping needs. Learn more about commercial landscape maintenance services that can be customized to help you meet your goals and start improving your customer experience today.

  • February 7, 2019
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commercial landscaping

5 Types of Customers We Serve: Are You on the List?

Here at U.S. Lawns, we have services to help improve any commercial property’s landscape. Whether it’s an industrial park, a hotel, or we’re providing grounds care maintenance for owners and managers of multiple properties, our commercial landscaping services cover it all. Here are five types of customers who often utilize U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping professionals to add value to their properties.

Commercial Landscaping for Apartment Communities

Today’s apartment complexes function as their own little communities featuring gyms, tennis courts, common areas, pools, yards, pathways, and more. It’s important to make certain these areas are consistently well-maintained in order to keep tenants happy and potential tenants interested. This is why property managers enlist the services of a commercial landscaping company like U.S. Lawns. We solely focus on commercial properties, so we have the expertise, tools, and equipment you need to get the most out of your landscape.

We offer several enhancement services to help spruce up common areas such as the pool or walkways that may be frequently used. These enhancements could include potted flowers or ornamental trees to make these areas stand out.


As a hotel or resort manager that cares deeply about your guests’ experiences, it’s critical to put just as much effort into the exterior as the interior. This dedication to your hotel’s features translates to the guests – they like to see that a hotel cares about all the details.

Similar to apartment communities, hotels and resorts also have recreational areas that may receive a lot of visitors. And, much like apartments and condominiums, hotels need to make their landscape work to draw guests in, too.

Although many people nowadays book their hotels without actually seeing the landscape beforehand, if the grounds are not well-maintained and don’t match the description, they may never come back. On the flip side, many hotel guests are weary travelers seeking the most comfortable stop for the night, so it’s important to make that first impression count by providing a welcoming environment with instant curb appeal. U.S. Lawns understands your goals, and we’ve got the commercial landscaping team to help you achieve them.


If you’re an owner or a manager of a shopping mall, you should be investing in commercial landscaping. Most malls and retail centers don’t have a ton of lawn or landscaping needs, but what they do require is consistent grounds care maintenance. Tenants and customers alike want to see that the establishment is being taken care of, especially if they are coming to spend money. This could mean keeping shrubs and turf neatly trimmed, providing snow and ice management in the winter, and that there are strategically placed flowers adding splashes of seasonal color to your property. Your local U.S. Lawns professionals are there, taking care of all your retail establishment’s landscape maintenance tasks season after season.


If you manage multiple properties in a portfolio, you are searching for grounds care professionals that you can count on to deliver quality, consistent services to each and every property you have, no matter the location. Because of U.S. Lawns’ network of more than 250 franchise locations, we can service virtually any commercial property across the country. In addition, we can work with you to determine each property’s specific lawn and landscaping needs and develop a landscape maintenance plan within your budget.


Homeowners associations (HOAs) make a valuable contribution to keeping a community together while supporting a safe, scenic neighborhood. As an HOA manager, you’re responsible for keeping your members happy in addition to all your other HOA associated tasks. This means you need an experienced commercial landscaping company like U.S. Lawns. We know what matters to you and have everything you need to keep the turf green, flowers blooming, shrubs looking neat and trimmed, and sidewalks and roadways serviced if you’re located in a region where winter weather adds a whole new challenge.

We service all kinds of commercial properties. Even if you’re not on this list, we can help you add value to your property by improving your landscape. If you are looking for commercial landscaping services in your area, find your nearest U.S. Lawns!

  • January 28, 2019
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