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The Power of the Details: What You Don’t Want Your Guests to See

A great landscape can help businesses attract and retain customers, but people want a landscape that holds up to scrutiny. Commercial landscape improvements should always be carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. This care can go a long way when it comes to making a great impression, and U.S. Lawns prides ourselves on attending to every last detail.

Maintaining a Lush Lawn

Everyone loves a lush, vibrant lawn, making lawn care one of the most sought-after commercial landscape improvements among our customers. Some lawns might look fine from a distance, but closer inspection reveals dry patches, uneven colors, even bugs. All of these problems might be indicative of a larger problem like inconsistent watering, a lack of nutrition, or even a pest infestation. U.S. Lawns helps customers by keeping their lawns looking lush and green, and our regular visits help quell problems before they become serious. Our years of experience have allowed us to accurately assess lawn health and implement targeted plans of action so that customers can see improvement as soon as possible.

commercial property with flowers

Helping Your Plants Thrive

Commercial properties often budget for flower rotations for each season. Brightly-colored annuals are an attractive and eye-catching addition to any commercial property, making them a valuable commercial landscape improvement. U.S. Lawns helps by planning for seasonal color like flowers or plants well in advance and ensure that they receive the attention they need to live and thrive as long as possible. Planning and placing orders well ahead will help ensure you receive the flowers and colors you prefer for your property.

Minimizing Winter and Storm Damage

We help our customers by effectively preparing their property for winter. For instance, by winterizing irrigation systems, strategically pruning trees, and taking steps to help lawns bounce back quickly in the spring. We also take care to tend to the other plants on customers’ properties, and make sure they’re in good shape to survive the winter.

Our teams are there as soon as possible after a winter storm hits to clean up any storm damage. We have winter crews and plans in place for our snow customers so we can provide the services needed to keep your business running.

Want to learn more about the ways U.S. Lawns attends to the details of customers’ commercial landscape improvements? Contact us today.

  • September 18, 2019
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The Benefits of Choosing Your Nearest U.S. Lawns

Our customers choose to partner with U.S. Lawns because we can offer them key services that smaller companies can’t compete with. Our customers appreciate our dedication, added value, and two-way communication, which helps us stand out from other nationwide landscape companies.

Locally Owned and Operated Branches

While U.S. Lawns is a major nationwide brand, each of our locations is owed by a local franchisee. That means they’re invested in your community and supporting businesses like yours. Not only do they want your business to do well for the sake of the local economy, they want to see their area look great. Each of our franchisees is committed to delivering personalized service that’s uniquely tailored to your needs and your budget. Some prospective customers worry that choosing from nationwide landscape companies means one-size-fits-all services, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our years of experience and the size of our brand have helped us build up a wealth of knowledge that allows us to tackle landscaping projects of all types.

ornamental trees

A Wide Range of Services

U.S. Lawns offers a wide range of services that our competition often can’t match. Not only do we perform landscaping services, we upgrade and maintain irrigation systems, aerate soil, deal with pest infestations, install hardscapes, and much more. This wide range of services means that U.S. Lawns is a great fit to be your partner in the day-to-day management of your property. Best of all, when customers team up with U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscapers, we get to know their property well, allowing us to spot potential problems on our own. They rest a bit easier knowing that they’re not alone in the maintenance and upkeep of their grounds.

We Can Work Within Your Budget

We realize that saving money is a priority for many property owners and managers. We want to do the best job for a fair price, so we take your budget into consideration as we develop a plan for your landscape. We develop custom service plans for every customer so that they’re able to achieve the great results they want without any surprises regarding the cost. Our dedication to planning ahead helps our customers get the most for their money when we invest in things like seasonal plants and ornamental trees. We take their growth cycles into account to help customers enjoy them for as long as possible.

Ready to learn more about how U.S. Lawns stands out from other commercial landscapers? Contact us today.

  • September 12, 2019
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Managing Multiple Properties Can Be a Little Easier with U.S. Lawns

Managing multiple properties can be time consuming if you deal with multiple grounds car vendors. Property managers need to stay on top of numerous problems and day-to-day administrative tasks. Between all of the meetings, paperwork, and record keeping they do every day, they don’t have time to go back and forth with one or more landscaping companies. U.S. Lawns helps to alleviate some of their burden.

We Make a Plan

We’ll develop a plan that suits your budget and your needs, while keeping an eye on the future. We provide regular visits and maintenance to help your grounds look beautiful year -round. Careful planning allows us (and our customers) to anticipate which services will be needed on each visit. Finally, our planning is a great asset for busy property managers. It allows our commercial grounds care teams a good deal of autonomy – we won’t need to bother you for feedback or information every time we’re on site.

office building with neat lawn

We Provide Comprehensive Services

U.S. Lawns is more than just a landscaping provider – we offer comprehensive commercial grounds care services. Our wide range of commercial grounds care services allows us to step into the role of a trusted partner that cares about your property and knows it well enough to identify and solve problems. Landscape improvements, hardscapes, and snow and ice management are just a few of the services we offer. Many property managers entrust virtually all of their grounds care needs to U.S. Lawns, reducing the number of service providers they need to interact with. This saves them time in many ways. For instance, they don’t need to worry about finding new providers and introducing their property to a new team.

We Nip Problems in the Bud

Unexpected problems eat up a good deal of time for property managers. If you’re a property manager, you’ve likely experienced days that feel like you’re putting out one fire after another without any time to get ahead. No one can predict the future, but our comprehensive services help keep your landscape in good shape, reducing the likelihood of problems like pest infestations, broken irrigation systems, and so forth. If these problems do arise, we’re often able to fix them ourselves without causing you any extra hassle. We keep things running smoothly to save our customers time and money while reducing the stress they live with on a daily basis.

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how our commercial grounds care services have the potential to make your job easier!

  • September 4, 2019
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Helpful Tips to Transform Your Lawn from Average to Outstanding

Professional landscape maintenance services can take your landscape from average to stunning. There are many criteria on which to judge a landscape, and a few of them are listed below. Even if you’re too busy managing your business to notice these details, there’s a good chance that tenants and passers-by are paying close attention. If there’s room for improvement, U.S. Lawns can help.

Add Variety and Color 

Variety is the spice of life, and your landscape is no exception. Bright colors and interesting plant life, when properly cared for, can turn your landscape into a community attraction. If your landscape is a bit plain, U.S. Lawns can help you to shake things up by providing landscape maintenance services.

For instance, seasonal flowers and ornamental trees are popular additions to any landscape. U.S. Lawns gives our clients access to plants that thrive in their region, and we plant them at just the right time to ensure they’ll be enjoyed as long as possible. We help our clients maximize their investment in these elements by providing them with proper care and maintenance throughout their lifespan, so clients can enjoy these eye-catching landscape features without the need to divert attention away from running their business. 

Maintain A Beautiful Lawn

There’s nothing Americans love more than a lush, green lawn, but this can be difficult for many commercial property owners to achieve. U.S. Lawns works with our clients to develop a plan for their lawn, helping them to choose the grass or turf that best suits their needs, and executing proper maintenance services throughout the year to ensure optimum health. 

One way we provide lawns with excellent care is by helping clients upgrade their irrigation system. A well-functioning irrigation system can actually beautify your lawn while saving you money: modern systems come equipped with technology like sensors that adjust flow based on rainfall and soil saturation, so our customers can rest assured that their lawn is getting the hydration it needs without wasting water. Of course, our landscape maintenance services also include prepping irrigation systems for winter as well as spring startup services.

Improve Off-Season Appearance

Business to your property doesn’t evaporate during the winter and fall, so your landscape should remain welcoming, even during the colder months. While the bright colors of spring won’t be readily available, ornamental trees are a terrific way to maintain beauty throughout the fall and winter. Our landscape maintenance services include providing ornamental tree care that helps the trees stay healthy, while maximizing their lifespans. 

Another off-season consideration is damage and debris that can occur as a result of winter storms. Winter storms can present unexpected challenges to your landscape, as well as create new safety hazards for anyone on your commercial property. U.S. Lawns offers snow and ice management services to help you continue normal operations during the wintertime.

These are just a few of the ways that U.S. Lawns can improve the appearance of your landscape year-round. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape maintenance services. 

  • July 25, 2019
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Make Your Tenants Happy with a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plan

Everyone loves a stunning landscape, and it can be a major draw to prospective tenants. Whether you’re running a retail, residential, or industrial property, commercial spaces benefit from having a well-maintained landscape. U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping maintenance can help you attract and retain customers by providing them with an inviting outdoor space. 

Attract Positive Attention

Attractive grounds draw positive attention from tenants, residents, and passers-by alike. Residential tenants love an aesthetically pleasing landscape because it’s an enjoyable outdoor space that they can spend time in and catch a scenic view of from their windows. People want to live in a place they can be proud of, and a great landscape creates a welcoming atmosphere while showing the community that the property is well cared for.

Along these lines, commercial clients love that they can employ their landscape to compel people to patronize their business. An inviting outdoor space can easily become a community fixture – what better way to attract more foot traffic to your landscape than by enhancing it with commercial landscaping services? Your local U.S. Lawns landscape management professionals are specialists in creating and maintaining attractive landscapes while working within our clients’ budgets. In particular, useful hardscapes and seasonal colors can be a powerful draw to prospective customers and just happen to be among our areas of expertise. 

Maximize Seasonal Beauty

U.S. Lawns achieves excellent results for our clients by planning their commercial landscaping maintenance services and enhancements years into the future. This helps clients to better manage their budget and brings a number of tangible benefits for your landscape. By planning ahead with a commercial landscaping company, we can make the most of your investment by purchasing and installing seasonal plants at just the right time, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy them as long as possible. We also plan ahead to incorporate ornamental trees that will live for years, strategically pruning them to look good and enhance their health. Finally, many property managers recognize the value of seasonal flowers, which add vibrancy to commercial properties in the spring and summer. That being said, many popular varieties sell out quickly, leaving managers with limited choices. U.S. Lawns works hard to get on waiting lists early so that our clients have access to the seasonal flowers they want – all the more reason to get on U.S. Lawns’ schedule early.

Learn more about our commercial landscaping maintenance services by contacting U.S. Lawns today!


  • July 18, 2019
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The Grass Doesn’t Always Have to Be Greener on the Other Side: 3 Ways to Keep Your Lawns Green

Everyone knows that a lush, vibrant lawn is the envy of business owners (and residents) in any community. There are many ways to keep your lawn looking rich, but oftentimes this requires more time and effort than business owners have available. Ultimately, the best way is to partner with a commercial lawn care expert like U.S. Lawns: we know just what your particular lawn needs thanks to our decades of experience in the industry. Here are a few of the strategies we utilize to keep our customers’ properties healthy and inviting.

Mow at the Right Length

No one wants their grass to be too tall but mowing too short can make a lawn appear sparse, even when it’s really in exceptional health. Cutting it to just the right height will maximize a lush appearance while maintaining a neat and orderly look. It might sound like this attention to detail could take up a lot of time, but U.S. Lawns experts make it easy for our customers: we regularly visit their properties to keep grass at just the right height.

Maintain A Properly Functioning Irrigation System 

If your lawn looks patchy or brown, improper irrigation might be to blame. Lawns look their best when they are well hydrated, but many commercial properties are lacking the ideal irrigation system. Not only do lawns need just the right amount of water, it should be evenly distributed from end to end.

It’s possible that your irrigation system needs maintenance or repairs. Then again, there are many benefits to upgrading your irrigation system altogether. There are modern irrigation systems that rely on smart technology like sensors to ensure the turf, trees and plant beds are properly watered. Soil and atmospheric sensors can tell when soil is properly hydrated (thanks to rain or irrigating) and automatically shut off to conserve water. In many cases, these systems actually have the potential to save commercial properties money over time. U.S. Lawns is well-qualified to install and maintain irrigation systems to keep them operating at peak performance.

Keep Your Lawn In Excellent Health

A number of other factors can impact your lawn’s health, such as lack of nutrients and pests. When you enlist our commercial lawn care services, our experts can assess problems like these and expertly implement solutions. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, and all of that experience has given us a wide range of strategies to quickly address these common problems and keep lawns looking magnificent. Whether it’s using high-quality soil to deliver the best nutrition, aerating your turf, or utilizing “green” pest and fungal control methods, you can rest assured that we’ll return your lawn to excellent health.

Ready to learn more about enlisting your local U.S. Lawns commercial lawn care professionals for the improvement of your grounds? Contact us today. 

  • July 11, 2019
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Unhappy with Your Lawn? Don’t Wait to Call the Lawn Care Professionals

Many commercial property owners and managers try to save money by handling landscape maintenance with their own staff or by calling upon a local landscaper as needed. However, there are other landscaping options that are cost-effective and provide professional quality service. Partnering with U.S. Lawns can help save you money and improve the beauty of your landscape. Here’s a quick look at a few of the benefits to enlisting us for your commercial landscape services.

Regular Landscape Maintenance Has the Potential to Save You Money

If it’s not broken, why fix it? At U.S. Lawns, we understand the temptation not to spend money before it seems necessary. Property owners who invest in regular maintenance are always prepared for unexpected situations, like getting too much or not enough rain, pest and disease problems, storm damage, broken irrigation systems, and so forth. 

U.S. Lawns performs regular maintenance and inspections on our customers’ properties. This keeps everything looking excellent and ensures that they’re well-prepared for changes in the weather. Routine landscaping services can also prevent common problems like broken branches and excessive leaf pileup. We get to know our customers’ lawns and the rest of the grounds, so that we can keep a close watch on the health of the turf, nipping small problems (like pest control) in the bud before they become larger, more costly dilemmas. Best of all, we work within our clients’ budgets so oftentimes these services don’t cost as much as they might think!

Experts in Plant Health

U.S. Lawns has been in business since 1986, meaning we have many years of experience working with a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and grasses. Since we have locations from coast to coast, our service providers are experts in keeping lawns healthy in regions across the U.S. If your lawn doesn’t look as fresh as you’d like it to, there could be many possible causes from pests to poor nutrition. Whatever the cause, our landscape maintenance experts can diagnose the problem and implement a plan to get it back to optimum health and looking great again.

Beautify Your Property Beyond the Lawn

Lawncare is central to our commercial landscape services, but stunning properties are defined by much more than healthy lawns. U.S. Lawns can add and maintain a number of elements to your property such as ornamental trees, hardscapes, and seasonal flowers. We work with our customers to plan their landscape years in advance and help them secure the best prices on plants. We can even help choose varieties based on the seasons, to keep things fresh. We also plant flowers and ornamental trees at the best possible time to ensure that customers are able to enjoy them for as long as possible. We expertly care for these plants to keep them healthy and maximize their lifespan.

Whether you’re looking to beautify your property with winding paths, strategically placed seating areas, or you simply want to brighten it up with some color, U.S. Lawns can help you create a plan that’s tailored to your needs and budget.

Why continue to manage landscape maintenance on your own when you can partner with U.S. Lawns? Contact us today to learn more about the ways our services will free you up to focus on the rest of your important duties.

  • July 4, 2019
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Commercial Landscape Safety 101

Commercial landscaping services don’t just keep properties beautiful; they help to keep them safe. Safety hazards like fallen trees, slippery walkways, and overgrown hardscapes can put anyone on your property at unnecessary risk. Now obviously, there is no guarantee on keeping your property accident-free – it’s impossible to predict every safety hazard, but U.S. Lawns can help you substantially reduce the risk of accidents brought about by unsafe conditions.

How Do Unsafe Situations Arise?

No property owner or manager wants to foster an unsafe environment, but even the most well-intentioned managers can inadvertently contribute to hazardous conditions that could be avoided by partnering with a dedicated commercial landscaping expert like U.S. Lawns. For example, strong spring or winter storms can cause damage to property and create unplanned hazards. Getting on the list for a cleanup crew can be costly and there could be long delays, leaving your property at risk. Furthermore, areas of the property that aren’t often visited might become overgrown, obstructing pathways. 

When it comes to addressing these situations effectively, you want to contract with an experienced landscaper. U.S. Lawns has been in the commercial landscaping business for more than 30 years, and our teams work diligently to keep all our customers’ properties healthy and beautiful from corner to corner, even when unexpected situations arise; and our fast response time minimizes potential damage as well as the duration your property will be waiting in disarray. 

What Can Property Owners Do?

As we mentioned earlier, anticipating every potential hazard is impossible. That being said, there are things that property owners and managers can do to reduce the likelihood of accidents on their property. Regular inspections of the property can help to identify potential problems (like leaning trees, breaking branches or overgrown walkways) before they become more serious. It’s also wise to invest in repairs (like cracks in sidewalks or small potholes) right away, reducing the likelihood that someone will get hurt. Finally, one of the most important things that can be done is to find a commercial landscaping partner to help keep the grounds clear of hazards and looking great. U.S. Lawns provides regular maintenance to keep commercial properties in top shape, while working within our clients’ budgets. 

What Does U.S. Lawns Commercial Landscaping Do To Help Ensure Safety?

Many people are already familiar with the U.S. Lawns brand as a company that beautifies commercial properties, but fewer people realize that we actually help keep properties safe as well. Our expert commercial landscaping teams can install and improve hardscapes like water features, benches, and paver walkways. Our regular visits to the properties we serve help to keep all of these elements functioning properly, and we perform regular inspections to ensure their safety. Furthermore, our teams provide valuable snow and ice maintenance services and storm cleanup when it’s needed, removing branches and clearing pathways of debris. We also keep plants and ornamental trees well-manicured and pruned throughout the year, reducing the likelihood that branches will snap off during a storm, and we manage fallen leaves in autumn. These are just a few of the commercial landscaping services we provide that help to increase the safety of our customers’ properties.

Learn more about the ways professional commercial landscaping services can help you minimize safety risks on your property. Contact U.S. Lawns today!

  • June 27, 2019
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