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Irrigation Affects Your Landscape, Your Budget & the Environment

Proper hydration of your landscape is an important way to protect your resources on multiple levels. Your local U.S. Lawns commercial landscape management professionals understand every one of them, too. First, there is the obvious environmental impact of water conservation. Then of course, we all know that keeping the turf, shrubs, trees, and flower beds well-watered is vital to their health and longevity. But what we also know is that your landscape investment is an equally important resource, and you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

U.S. Lawns Protects Your Resources On Multiple Levels

U.S. Lawns is committed to helping you protect your landscape, your budget, and the environment, and we recognize how they all connect to a well-functioning irrigation system.

When your irrigation system is malfunctioning, your utility bills can suffer and so can your landscape, due to too much (or not enough) hydration. An inefficient or poorly functioning irrigation system can also be responsible for wasting one of our most precious–and in many regions protected–natural resource.

In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an irrigation system with a leak as small as 1/32nd of an inch can waste about 6,300 gallons of water in just one month. This doesn’t even account for the water wasted due to excess runoff caused by too much pressure, sprinkler heads aimed at the parking lot or sidewalk instead of the turf and plants, or unnecessary irrigation during a rain shower.

The good news is that with a commercial landscape management partner like U.S. Lawns in your corner, you can conserve your budget, keep your greenery healthy and long-lived and support your company’s sustainability policy.

Include Irrigation Maintenance In Your Landscape Management Plan

Your neighborhood U.S. Lawns partner will help you ensure your irrigation system delivers. We’ll perform an initial inspection and identify and perform the updates and repairs necessary to bring your system up to peak performance.

Once it’s operating as it should be, we’ll help you develop a plan that includes routine inspections and maintenance services. This is critical to enabling us to correct any issues that could adversely affect your bottom line early on.

Thereafter, when our crew is on site, one of our trained technicians will monitor your system and make adjustments as needed, ensuring your irrigation program offers the efficiency you expect with worry-free consistency.

A comprehensive irrigation maintenance plan will also include important seasonal maintenance. Your U.S. Lawns all-season irrigation professionals will perform winterization services to prevent damage to your irrigation system; then we’ll be there in time for spring startup to make sure your system is in good working order after a long, cold winter.

We can even make upgrades and install a smart irrigation system, which uses soil sensors and monitors weather conditions, so it automatically runs only when it needs to.

Contact U.S. Lawns today. We’ll help you start conserving your resources with our irrigation maintenance services and treat your landscape and your budget like we do our own.

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Safety First! How U.S. Lawns Makes Sure Your Property is Safe Year-Round

Quality commercial landscaping services can keep your property looking great and can improve safety. Commercial property managers understand that keeping a property safe (e.g. free from debris, icy buildup, and tripping hazards) is a top priority. No one can predict the future, and there’s no way to eliminate the risk of accidents with absolute surety. Still, U.S. Lawns takes safety seriously and will work to prevent hazards on your property.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services Keep Properties Clear in Winter

In our snow markets, we offer de-icing services to keep your walkways clear of ice and snow pack. When snow falls, our snow and ice services kick in for customers who take advantage of these services. We’ll be on site quickly to manage the snow, clearing your driveways, walkways, and parking lots so you can get back to business faster. Our dedication to planning ahead is a major asset here — and we’ll work out a plan well in advance that suits your needs.

Rapid Storm Cleanup 

In addition to managing snow and ice, our team can mitigate potential storm damage as well. We trim ornamental trees to make it less likely that limbs will break off in high winds. After a storm does hit, we’ll be on site quickly to remove debris like branches, fallen leaves, and so forth. If there’s damage to your hardscapes, we can even help you make a plan for timely repairs. 

Having delays to storm response doesn’t just hurt your curb appeal, it can impair access to your property for visitors. You can count on our teams to be on site quickly to minimize any risk and inconvenience. 

Weed Control

No commercial property manager likes to deal with weeds. Still, not everyone realizes that weeds aren’t just unsightly, they can damage property as well. For one thing, they can push through hardscapes, causing hazardous cracks in sidewalks. Some weeds can trigger allergies, making your property an uncomfortable place for visitors and prospective customers alike. Luckily, U.S. Lawns is well versed in many methods to deter weeds of all sorts. Our commercial landscaping services include developing a weed control plan that’s just right for your property and your region to minimize these hazards. 

Comprehensive Lawn Care

As you can see, U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping services aren’t limited to lawn care. That being said, keeping lawns vibrant and healthy is our specialty. 

We’ll keep your lawn neatly trimmed and edged while watching out for signs of pest infestations. We’ll also manage your irrigation system to ensure that it stays in good working order – a key element to any beautiful lawn. 

These are just a few of the ways our commercial landscaping services can reduce tripping hazards on your property. Contact us today and we’ll give you more details on how we can help your property.

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It’s Not Too Early to Think Spring! 4 Commercial Landscape Maintenance Strategies to Prepare Your Landscape for the Season

Planning ahead defines our commercial landscape maintenance services at U.S. Lawns. Although there might still be snow on the ground in your area, it’s not too early to start planning for the upcoming warmer seasons. Here, we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of the ways our careful planning helps customers prepare for spring. 

1. Prepping Your Irrigation System

Believe it or not, winterizing your irrigation system properly during the fall is the first step toward preparing for spring. This is a necessary step for any commercial property that wants to enjoy a lush lawn and bright flowers after the thaw. Lots of damage can occur to irrigation systems that aren’t properly prepped for winter, including burst pipes, which will make your system unusable during the warmer months that follow.

When you partner with U.S. Lawns for all your commercial landscape maintenance needs, prepping your irrigation system for winter and spring is totally hassle-free. We know just when to set it back up for spring, and can even assess its performance to ensure that it’s working right. Best of all, we’ll let you know if an upgrade could improve your landscape or save you money. If you decide to upgrade, we can manage that entire process also. 

2. Deciding on the Flowers You’ll Want

Take some time to decide on the annuals you’ll want before winter ends. Are there certain varieties that are especially popular in your region? Do you want to plant annuals that highlight your company’s colors? Maybe you’re looking for a certain variety that will work within your budget. Deciding early can help ensure you get the flowers you want before they’re out of stock.

Also, give some thought to where you’d like to plant them – our commercial landscape maintenance teams can make sure the soil is in optimal condition so we’ll be ready to plant as soon as the time is right.

3. Get Your Lawn into Shape for Snow

In many regions, snow blankets commercial lawns for all or part of the winter. Our commercial landscape maintenance teams will make sure your lawn is in good shape for the freeze by trimming it to the right height and clearing it of debris. Measures like these can ensure your lawn bounces back faster after the thaw!

4. Take Care of Your Hardscapes Throughout the Winter

Nothing is worse than having springtime arrive only to find that improper de-icing methods or misguided snow plow crews have damaged your walkways and other hardscapes. Another benefit of partnering with U.S. Lawns is that we work with our clients year-round, not just seasonally. We get to know their properties well, ensuring that they don’t need to worry about damage to their properties due to neglect. With our help, you can rest assured that your hardscapes will look beautiful and function properly when spring arrives.

Want to learn more about the ways our commercial landscape maintenance teams can help you prepare for spring? Contact us today!

Planning Ahead Makes All the Difference and We’re Experts at That!

“Always be prepared” might be the Scout motto, but it applies to our commercial landscaping services as well. Planning ahead can simplify regular maintenance and can help you reach long-term goals. Here, we’ll outline a few of the ways we plan ahead for our customers to achieve optimal results. 

Be Prepared for Snow and Ice with Commercial Landscaping Services

There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard by a snowstorm. Fortunately, we create customized snow and ice service plans for our customers well in advance. This ensures that they’ll receive important services like pre-treatments, snow removal and de-icing quickly, saving them from losing business. We’ll work to prevent ice from building up on your walkways using the right products for your landscape. Businesses that wait to secure snow and ice management services may encounter delays in clearing their properties. Planning ahead with U.S. Lawns ensures that you’ll be in the hands of experts.

Plan for Larger Improvements

Our commercial landscaping services aren’t limited to just basic lawn care. If you’ve always wanted to make a major upgrade to your property, like installing new ornamental trees along an entry, or adding a row of shrubs or flower beds, U.S. Lawns can help. Enhancements like these can be costly, but U.S. Lawns has the expertise and connections to get you what you want for a fair price. We can help you devise a plan to work toward these improvements quickly or over time, whatever works best for you!

Get Ready for Spring Flowers

Adding spring color to landscapes is one of the most popular services we perform, and one of our favorites. Some commercial property owners discover that it can be difficult to find the exact varieties they’re searching for if they wait too long. We can help you obtain the flowers you want from the many nurseries we work with by planning ahead to determine what you’ll need. We’ll also figure out the best time to plant them and when to come out to maintain them in order to help them thrive. This planning ensures that you’ll get the spring flowerbeds you want at a competitive price, and will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible.

These are just a few of the ways that planning ahead benefits our customers. Having provided commercial landscaping services for more than 30 years, we’re experts at setting up a plan that allows our clients to experience the most benefits with the least amount of inconvenience. If you’ve been working with a landscaping company that just provides services as-needed, we think you’ll appreciate the difference right away!

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how planning ahead for commercial landscaping services can benefit you.

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Two-Way Communication is How We Do Business

Many lawn care professionals are great at communication before you’ve enlisted their services, but may be challenging to get ahold of after that. We value long-term relationships with our customers and understand that open and regular communication is a must for building trust and achieving the right results. Read on to learn more about the important role that customer communication plays in our business. 

We Want to Get to Know You

Regular communication helps us get to know our customers, their priorities, and their needs. Since we strive to develop lasting relationships with each of our clients, this communication is key to earning their loyalty. The knowledge we gain by listening closely helps us to exceed your expectations every time. It also helps us work toward your long-term goals by keeping them in mind when we visit your property. 

That being said, one of the major benefits of partnering with U.S. Lawns is that we’ll get to know your property and your preferences so well, we won’t need to bother you with minor details. In this way, regular communication keeps things hassle-free for you.

Our Lawn Care Professionals Care About Your Goals

When we first start to work on your commercial property, we’ll establish long-term and short-term landscaping goals to work toward, like adding more trees and hardscapes, spending less money on water, and so forth. We’ll also keep your budget in mind and will devise a plan for achieving those goals. Each season we’ll work toward making them a reality. Our lawn care professionals can do a lot more than simply maintain your landscape – they can make it more beautiful than ever!

We Value Your Feedback

If you’re ever dissatisfied with the job we’ve done, we want to know quickly so we can make it right. We keep open lines of communication with our customers so they can let us know when they experience any problems with our service. We hope to do business with all of our customers for years, so we encourage them to let us know how we’re doing. Of course, we always love to hear from clients who are especially satisfied with a job well done! Keeping open lines of communication allows for valuable feedback that helps us refine and improve our services.

We Don’t Just Communicate with Customers

U.S. Lawns is able to outmatch other lawn care professionals because we’ve built an extensive nationwide network of franchisees, industry experts, suppliers, and others. We’re always cultivating those relationships so that our customers can enjoy the best service possible at a fair price. 

Our commitment to regular and open communication has helped us grow our business from a modest local landscaping company into a nationwide powerhouse brand. We think you’ll immediately appreciate the difference it makes when you partner with us!

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about the ways our lawn care professionals communicate with customers.

Winter Means Snow and Ice for Many of Us. Let U.S. Lawns Take the Stress Out of That

More and more nationwide landscape companies are adding snow and ice maintenance to their repertoire, but U.S. Lawns stands out because of our dedication and expertise. Read on to learn more about how we can help your property stay clear and safer throughout the winter. 

Start Planning for Next Winter Now with the #1 Nationwide Landscape Company

Planning ahead is always a great policy, and it definitely pays off when you’re a commercial property manager trying to secure winter services. As a nationwide landscape company providing grounds care, we have teams across the U.S. that are well qualified to clear our customers’ walkways, driveways, and parking lots throughout the winter months, but we need to plan as early as possible to ensure they receive services. We help our customers come up with a winter plan months in advance. This ensures that they’re on the right lists to receive services when snow and ice begin to form, without any hassle to them. We strive to create trust and build a great relationship with each of our customers, getting to know their properties so that no walkway or parking space goes unnoticed. 

Storm Response Services

Winter storms can bring snow, ice and sometimes strong winds that may spread debris across your property. We help to minimize the inconveniences and hazards they can bring with them because, unlike many other nationwide landscape companies, we are equipped to handle storm response. We’ll be on your property quickly after a storm to clear away ice and snow, collect debris, and get things back into shape. We’ll also assess any damage and make a repair plan if necessary. 

Treating Your Walkways with the Right Products

Keeping walkways clear is a top priority for commercial property managers. An icy walkway can mean your business doesn’t function well, and worse, can increase your liability. There are lots of products on the market designed to prevent ice from forming and break it down once it has formed. We’ll assess your property and will select just the right products, ensuring that you see the best results possible.

Snow Insurance Services

Having worked out the details well in advance, your unique snow and ice management plan will kick into effect the moment the snow starts to fall – you won’t need to do a thing, because our teams monitor the weather in your area and will know when to visit your property. We’ll be there as soon as possible to clear snow and ice from high-traffic areas so that you can get back to business sooner, and we’ll move snow to a pre-designated area that’s out of the way and has proper drainage to prevent flooding. 

As a nationwide landscape company, we’ve found that these services are among the most popular we have to offer, and they’re in high demand. That’s why we encourage all of our prospective customers not to wait – getting in touch with us now is the best way to assess our services and make sure you’re able to get coverage for next winter. 

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how our snow and ice management services stand out among nationwide landscaping companies.

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Landscaping Trends for 2020 — Let U.S. Lawns Help You Take Advantage of Them

Commercial landscape maintenance companies like ours have already noticed that some services are in high demand for 2020. We pride ourselves on staying on top of trends so that you can enjoy an eye-catching and environmentally-friendly landscape year-round. Read on to find out about a few of the trends we predict will continue to grow through 2020.

Plants That are Beautiful and Functional

More and more of our customers are choosing plants that are beautiful and serve a functional purpose. For instance, some shrubs or flowers can help direct traffic flow by defining areas that lead to your front entry. Not only can we beautify your walkway with plants like these, our commercial landscape company can help keep your walkway well-maintained – even through the winter months!


Xeriscaping is an exciting new trend, especially for customers who live in regions where water is an expensive commodity. This form of landscaping uses native plants that naturally thrive in your region. Sometimes, customers even elect to forego a lawn in favor of creating a garden or softscape made up of these plants. In this way, customers are able to save on water and resources while cultivating a landscape that’s unique to their property and reflects the natural beauty of their region. 

Our commercial landscape company has decades of experience working with all sorts of regional plants, and our expertise will keep your property looking sharp. Furthermore, our network of suppliers allows us to access a wide range of plants native to your region, so you can achieve just the look you want. 

Classic Blue Flowers

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is “Classic Blue,” so why not update your garden with blue flowers? There are so many to choose from, like blue hydrangeas, blue stars, and balloon flowers. We can help you select varieties that are beautiful and that fall within your budget. Planting flowers on a commercial property can be costly depending on the variety and quantity you need, but U.S. Lawns can help you get the most for your investment. We know just when to plant and how to care for flowers like these in order to achieve the longest lifespan and greatest vibrancy possible.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Sometimes, less is more. Many of our customers love the idea of a simple yet inviting landscape that doesn’t require a lot of attention. U.S. Lawns makes a plan for our customers’ landscapes, sometimes years in advance. This careful planning greatly simplifies the process of maintaining their landscapes, and can help us stay within their budget. When you partner with U.S. Lawns, you can look forward to a low-maintenance plan no matter what services you select – you won’t have to lift a finger!

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about landscaping trends for 2020 that commercial landscape maintenance companies like ours are seeing!

Keep Your Landscape Looking Great Year-Round with U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns stands out among commercial landscape companies because we work hard year-round to tend to your property and keep it looking beautiful. You don’t just do business when the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping — your property probably sees visitors just about every day of the year. U.S. Lawns knows that it can be difficult to maintain an eye-catching landscape during every season, but we’re dedicated to doing just that. Below are some of the ways we help our customers. 

Strategically Selecting & Tending to Plants

U.S. Lawns aims to help our customers make the most of the plants they already have on their property while also integrating new ones that perfectly suit their business and that will thrive in their region. When you first become a customer, we’ll work with you on long-term goals for your landscape, including helping you decide on the plants you’d like to incorporate. Our teams of experts will work to integrate them into your landscape at just the right time, so you and your visitors can enjoy their full beauty for as long as possible

We’ll also care for long-lasting plants like ornamental trees in such a way as to maximize their beauty during every season. For instance, careful pruning can strategically direct a tree’s growth energy – leading to fuller limbs and more vibrant leaves and flowers. Furthermore, pruning can also reduce the likelihood of broken branches in wind and snow storms during the winter months. This is just one of the ways our teams think ahead to keep your landscape looking well-maintained during every season.

A Commercial Landscape Company with Quick Response Times

It’s important that you can trust your commercial landscape company to offer quick response times when you need them most. When there’s inclement weather (e.g. storms, snow, and ice) we’ll be on-site quickly to clean up the damage. We can’t prevent accidents from happening but we can keep your property safer by removing debris as quickly as possible.

Clean-up times are made faster due to the efficient maintenance we provide, particularly during the winter months. If there’s snow and ice in your region, we’ll work hard to make your property a beautiful winter wonderland by:

  • Preventing ice from building up too quickly
  • Removing ice when necessary
  • Keeping walkways clear of snow
  • Making Big-Picture Improvements

In addition to lawn and plant care, we can also help you identify big-picture improvements that could greatly increase the beauty of your property year-round. For instance, replacing your irrigation system with a “smart” system could save you money while providing your landscape with better hydration. These systems rely on sensors to determine when watering is needed and exactly how much water is necessary. While timer-based systems use water indiscriminately, smart systems ensure your plants get the water they need when they need it.

We can also look into big-picture landscape changes like improving your hardscapes, adding relaxing pathways, or installing water features to delight your visitors. Whatever improvements your landscapes need, there’s a good chance that U.S. Lawns can make them happen.

Want to learn more about the value of working with our dedicated commercial landscape company? Contact U.S. Lawns today for further information.

Turn Your Business into a Community Fixture with Great Landscaping

Professional landscaping can transform your property from dull and forgettable into the gem of your community. An impressive commercial landscape is about more than just keeping it safe and orderly; it’s about catching the attention of potential customers. U.S. Lawns offers a wide range of professional landscaping services that can dramatically enhance your commercial property. 

Why Do Customers Love a Beautiful Landscape?

There are lots of reasons why customers are drawn to landscapes that are well-taken care of. For one thing, commercial landscapes introduce nature into urban and suburban environments where there often aren’t many flowers and trees. Beautiful commercial properties can do more than facilitate good business — they’re attractive and eye-catching and can improve the curb appeal of an entire neighborhood. They can also be fun to visit, especially if they incorporate elements like pathways and flowerbeds. And finally, they communicate that a business cares about the details. Having a beautifully-maintained landscape shows potential customers that you care about how your business is perceived and that you don’t overlook the little things.

There are a number of nationwide landscape companies you could partner with and hope to achieve these results, but only U.S. Lawns goes above and beyond to keep your landscape looking attractive and cared-for during every season.

An Efficient Irrigation System Can Work Wonders

One way U.S. Lawns dramatically transforms landscapes is by assessing irrigation systems. We ensure that they’re in good working order and are performing at peak efficiency. If not, we can provide improvements or even replace them altogether. Our teams are knowledgeable about all the major irrigation systems on the market, and can help you decide on one that will meet the unique needs of your property.

We might even be able to save you money on your water bill while improving the appearance of your landscape – smart irrigation systems are designed to eliminate overwatering, keeping your landscape hydrated without the waste.

Long-Term Professional Landscape Planning Helps Get You the Most for Your Money

Careful planning, sometimes years in advance, is one of our brand differentiators. By planning ahead, we can often save our customers money on plants and landscaping services while ensuring they see the best results possible. 

For instance, we’ll decide well in advance as to what types of plants you’d like your landscape to feature. We’ll help you secure them and will make sure they’re planted at just the right time, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. And after they’re planted, customers don’t need to worry about a thing: our teams will provide them with the care they need to flourish.

Furthermore, we’re always looking ahead to the changing seasons, staying on top of tasks like winterizing irrigation systems, preventing ice from forming on your walkways, and getting your lawn ready to bounce back in spring. Whatever the time of year, our experts will help you smoothly transition into the next season, without any hassles.

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how our nationwide landscape company can turn your commercial property into a beautiful community fixture.

Our Local Owner/Operators Care About Clients and Community

If you’re looking to shake up your commercial landscaping services but are wary of partnering with a national brand, U.S. Lawns might just be the company for you. We enjoy all the power of a large national brand, but our business is made up of local owner/operators who often live right in the communities they serve. This leads to a level of dedication and understanding that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Who Are Our Franchisees?

Our franchisees come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many of them are:

  • Local community leaders
  • Families running their business together 
  • Experienced landscaping professionals

Whatever their background, they all have one thing in common: they are about improving the beauty of their community through hard work and outstanding service. They likely drive by your property regularly, and could even be connected with your business already!

Building strong relationships is important to our franchisees because our business depends on lasting partnerships. The better they get to know you, your budget, and your preferences, the better they’ll be able to serve you in the long run. With priorities like these, you can rest assured that U.S. Lawns is the only commercial landscaping service provider you’ll need to work with.

How Do They Stand Out from Other Local Landscapers?

Our franchisees stand out from other landscapers for many reasons – too many to list here! A few key reasons include:

  • The power of The Network: Every U.S. Lawns franchise operates within an extensive network that includes industry experts, vendors and suppliers, other franchises, and much more. For customers, this means they can feel confident knowing their local franchisee will have the expertise and connections to do a thorough job at a fair price.
  • Competitive pricing: We utilize a sophisticated pricing tool that allows us to give you accurate estimates. While other landscapers often rely on “eyeballing” a job or simply estimating based on square footage, we take many more factors into account to ensure that you get the best results possible for a reasonable price. 
  • A wide range of commercial landscaping services: U.S. Lawns franchises are designed to be your complete landscaping service providers. They go far beyond providing lawn care, and can help you with everything from hardscape installation to snow and ice management. For our customers, this means they can spend less time worrying about property management and more time focusing on the big picture.


How Does U.S. Lawns Prepare Them for Business?

In the same way we go above and beyond for our customers, U.S. Lawns works hard to support our franchisees. Comprehensive training and ongoing support keep them on the cutting-edge of the industry and able to tackle just about any job that needs doing. A network of experts is there to provide them with insight and expertise to address every situation, so customers can be sure their property will be in good hands. This preparation exceeds what many of our competitors provide, and our customers see the results, both in terms of easy working relationships with our crews, and significant improvements to their landscape. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our owner/operators improve the communities they serve!

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