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When you partner with U.S. Lawns, you can rest assured that your commercial property is well-prepared to weather the seasons ahead. Based on our decades of experience in the business, we’ve compiled this checklist of things you should attend to now in order to ensure your property is ready for the winter months ahead. 

#1. Keep Your Lawn Trimmed and Free of Debris

This is especially important if your region experiences snow and ice. When snow and ice blanket your lawn, things can get messy in the spring when the thaw reveals leaves and overgrown grass that have been left undisturbed for months. Our teams ensure that your landscape is kept neatly-trimmed and raked through regularly scheduled visits. That way when the snow falls, you’ll be prepared. U.S. Lawns keeps our clients’ lawns looking great year-round, even when there’s not a snowstorm on the horizon. Having a clean and neat commercial landscape is a great way to communicate to customers that you value the details and your professional image.

#2. Properly Shut Down Your Irrigation System

Winter cold and storms can do serious damage to irrigation systems, so it’s crucial that you know your system well enough to prepare it for winter. Your irrigation system is literally the lifeblood of your commercial landscape: without it, your greenery won’t get the consistent hydration it needs to flourish. Blowing out your pipes, shutting down sprinkler timers, and putting sprinkler heads away for winter are all important ways to increase the longevity of your irrigation system. U.S. Lawns has decades of experience working with all sorts of irrigation systems, so we’re well-prepared to help you get yours ready for winter. Of course, if you’re already working with an outdated system that’s sustained damage from prior winters, we’re always happy to help you upgrade as well. 

#3. Make Sure Your Ornamental Trees Are in Great Shape

A key commercial landscaping service that shouldn’t be overlooked in your winter preparation is ornamental tree care. Not only can regular pruning increase the beauty of your ornamental trees, it can reduce the amount of cleanup you have to deal with in the winter. Strategic pruning can reduce the amount of leaf fall you’ll need to address, simplifying the process of keeping your lawn clear of debris. Similarly, professional pruning can also reduce the number of limbs and branches that are torn off in windstorms. Having sturdier limbs will also benefit your trees when heavy snowfall arrives. An added benefit of regular pruning is that it can enhance the beauty of your trees. Removing some limbs ensures that your tree can direct more energy into others, leading to a neater appearance year-round. 

Is your commercial property ready for winter? If not, enlist the help of the experts at U.S. Lawns! Contact us today to see how we can help. 

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