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Team 552
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Lawn Care Service Professionals

When you see the U.S. Lawns star, you’re looking at a member of the nation’s #1 commercial landscaping team. Our nationwide network of local owners provides stability. Constant education maintains our expertise. Access to resources and processes enable us to service large properties and commercial clients with multiple locations in ways others cannot. The  U.S. Lawns star represents the buying power to offer competitive pricing while remaining focused on being 100% responsive to serve without compromise. Our vision is 100% client retention. Every day, every month, every year.

We’re business owners and nature lovers living in your community and we take a personal interest in every client. We understand the heavy demands you face and we’re here to ease your load with full-service grounds care management and landscape maintenance services. Our landscaping experts can customize solutions to accommodate your company’s unique terrain and budget. Learn more about our extensive capabilities by clicking the icons below, or contact us today. Your Turf. Our Lawn.

Local Services and Solutions

Full Service Management

Service is our DNA backbone. We’re passionate about taking care of your real estate and our environment with discipline and efficiency. Our uniformed landscaping experts care about your property as if it were our own, and we work hard to make sure your grounds represent your business at its very best all year long. Mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, shearing and debris removal are all regular aspects included in our full service landscape management approach.

Arbor Care

Trees are an invaluable part of the landscape that can enhance property appearance. They raise property value, clean the air we breathe, and even offer protection from the elements. But trees can also present a safety hazard when improperly maintained or neglected. U.S. Lawns’ experts are trained to perform inspections, identify concerns, and recommend treatments for your trees, bushes and shrubbery. Every variety requires different lighting, soil nutrients, climate conditions, and pruning methods. Count on our knowledge, and capabilities to help you mitigate liability and beautify your grounds by keeping them healthy, pruned and looking great throughout the changing seasons.

Seasonal Color Design & Installation

Our horticulture specialists will transform your landscape beds, arranging multi-seasonal plants and flowers in a visually pleasing way that complements your campus and fosters joyful association with your company’s brand. We know how to get the best out of every plant, shrub, and vine. By properly preparing the soil, choosing the right grass seed or sod, and installing hearty greenery and native flora, your landscape can thrive in our climate with minimal care. We’ll work with you to schedule a maintenance plan specific to your landscaping and budget requirements – offering an opportunity to save money through efficiency, enhance the scenery and add value to your property.

Pest Control

There are countless pests threatening the health of your landscape, including grubs, cutworms, aphids and borers. Left unchecked, they can quickly devastate grass, plants, trees and shrubs. Improper care results in unsightly terrain and expensive replacement fees. The best approach is prevention. Our team will survey your grounds, identify pests, and potential attractants; then create a plan to employ timely application of seasonal pest control. This small measure can prevent insect damage to your greenery. All levels are controlled in a conscious effort to protect our environment while we’re protecting your landscaping investment.


An important factor in maintaining healthy turf and landscapes is staying ahead of weeds, diseases and funguses like rapid blight, anthracnose, dead spot, and fairy rings, to name a few. Our fertilization program promotes the health of your turf and plant life as well as our environment. We’ll inspect your property, identify specific needs and tailor a program to keep your grass and plants strong and healthy. Planning and customization is an effective way to apply the proper types and amounts of fertilizer to control weed growth, prevent costly infections and avoid damaging the environment.

Snow & Ice Management

Although you might not immediately connect snow removal with a name like U.S. Lawns, we mean it when we say we’re your landscaping team for all seasons. In fact, U.S. Lawns teams are responsible for managing over a 3.5 trillion square feet of snow and ice throughout North America. We understand how treacherous winter weather conditions can challenge normal business operations, pose a safety hazard, and adversely impact your bottom line. That’s why we’re dedicated to being responsive when a snowstorm or icy conditions are imminent. We’re committed to responding to your needs with speed and efficiency: pre-treating, plowing, and shoveling, so you can protect your workforce and keep business moving. Our responsive approach to winter weather management utilizes 24/7 weather notifications and real-time storm tracking technology so we can stay ahead of winter storms.

Irrigation Management

Nature is an unreliable water source for hydrating turf and plant life. Without the right irrigation program, it can be complicated and expensive to maintain a healthy landscape. Your U.S. Lawns professionals know how to incorporate mulch and other techniques into your irrigation management program to help supplement rainwater — without draining your budget. Our trained irrigation technicians will also maintain your irrigation system by performing annual backflow tests, administering regular system checks and inspecting irrigation heads. We will adjust water zones, schedules and spray patterns to ensure peak performance. We’ll perform repairs and can even retrofit existing systems to bring them up to date. Contact us to find out how our cost-effective irrigation management programs and maintenance plans can keep your vegetation flourishing.

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