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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Lansing, MI


Let our experienced Lansing professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Lansing, Ingham County, Eaton County, Clinton County

Your Irrigation Design, Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Matt Sharp and the U.S. Lawns Lansing team are the leading providers of irrigation and water management services in Lansing. We have decades of experience designing, installing, repairing and maintaining irrigation systems for commercial properties throughout the local community.

Our team is here to help ensure that your irrigation system is running as efficiently as possible while also keeping your softscape hydrated; working in harmony with the seasonal weather patterns and climate conditions all while supporting sustainability.

As business owners ourselves and full-service landscaping experts we understand the difference a healthy landscape can make to your company’s bottom line, hence why we’ve made water management one of our specialties.

Contact U.S Lawns of Lansing today to learn more or request a free proposal for our commercial irrigation services or a complete landscape management plan.

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New Irrigation System Design & Installation – If your property is in need of a new irrigation system, the irrigation specialist of U.S. Lawns have the ability to design and install a custom irrigation system that meets the needs of your unique softscape elements, soil conditions, and the local climate, keeping your landscape lush and beautiful.

Seasonal Services – Our yearly irrigation maintenance plans include performing seasonal startup services in the spring and winterization to properly shutdown your irrigation system when winter in approaching. Proper startup and shutdown ensure your system is protected, eliminating costly repairs, wasted water and wasted energy.

Routine Seasonal Maintenance – Throughout the watering season, we will make routine visits to your property inspecting your lines, sprinkler system heads, valves and all other components of your irrigation system, making sure they are operating at peak performance.  If you notice any issues in the meantime, just give us a call and we’ll make a visit to your property to inspect your sprinkler system and make any necessary repairs.

Retrofits – If your irrigation system is aging but it’s not in your budget to do a full replacement, we can upgrade existing components of your irrigation system to improve performance. This allows you to maintain your systems efficiency without the expense of an entirely new irrigation system.

So no matter whether you’re responsible for the grounds of a restaurant, shopping center, manufacturing plant, apartment complex, assisted living facility, hotel property, U.S. Lawns Lansing is your complete landscape management partner. Contact us today to learn more about about all of our services from lawn care to irrigation maintenance services, landscape enhancements, tree care and much more!


Matt Sharp

Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.

We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

48849, 49073, 48861, 48813, 49076, 48845, 48837, 48822, 48835, 49284, 48827, 48820, 48821, 48853, 49264, 48842, 48854, 49277, 48808, 48848, 49251, 48831, 48823, 48825, 48807, 48824, 48864, 48866, 48840, 49272, 48819, 49285, 49259, 48867, 48841, 48616, 48649, 48857, 48414, 48836, 48817, 48429, 48418, 48433, 49021, 48897, 48875, 49096, 48890, 48873, 48894, 48876, 48879, 48917, 48906, 48911, 48915, 48910, 48933, 48912, 48924, 48951, 48895, 48872, 48892, 48137, 48460, 48476, 48449, 48436, 48473

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