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Tree Installation and Maintenance Services Kansas City North, MO

Tree Installation and Maintenance in Kansas City North, Missouri

U.S. Lawns of Kansas City North has the experience and capabilities to provide tree installation and tree maintenance services for your commercial property’s ornamental trees. Whether you need

  • Advice choosing the right trees to improve your commercial property
  • A tree maintenance program that takes the hassle out of properly caring for your trees
  • Strategies to enhance the appearance of your ornamental trees

Our experts can develop a plan that meets your landscape’s unique requirements.

Tree Installation Services

Choosing the right trees, bushes, and shrubbery for your commercial grounds requires strategic planning, along with a strong understanding of what will work with your property’s distinctive planting conditions. Since trees can live for 100 years or more, their permanency is a huge consideration when selecting which species will best fit your landscape’s needs and circumstances.

Our experts will start by helping you determine where trees will improve your commercial grounds, and together, we’ll identify the function they should serve as part of the landscape. This makes it a lot easier to ensure you’re planting trees that will best fulfill your requirements, instead choosing the kind of trees you’d like first, and then trying to make them fit within your landscape – which can create a whole new set of undesirable challenges.

It’s also important to be mindful that some varieties of trees, shrubs, or bushes are known for hosting destructive pests, insects, or disease; some can be more easily susceptible to storm damage. Additionally, you may want to avoid trees that produce a lot of messy seeds or fruits, resulting in excessive time spent removing this debris from your landscape.

With so many considerations and trade-offs involved in deciding what to plant, you can depend on your local U.S. Lawns of Kansas City North landscape maintenance partner. As part of our tree installation services, we’ll help you make the best decisions for your property.

We also know that regardless of which trees you decide to plant, they all share some qualities that are wonderful by any standard. Trees clean our air, enhance the scenery, and while well-established trees don’t require a major amount of upkeep and attention, they certainly do increase property values. That’s why we take care of them the same way we do our own.

Our Tree Maintenance Program

It’s important to recognize that neglected or improperly maintained trees can be hazardous to property as well as people—not to mention trees can be quite costly to replace. Different varieties require different lighting, climate conditions, soil nutrients, and pruning methods.

  • Pruning is a Key Service: All trees, bushes, hedges, and shrubs should be pruned annually as part of your landscape maintenance plan. Regular pruning is essential to the health of your trees, but if not done properly and in the right season, you could be causing undue damage that can shorten the lives of your largest living investments.

You also need to be aware that certain ornamental trees and shrubs require consistent pruning from both an aesthetic and spatial standpoint.

In short, you need a partner like U.S. Lawns of Kansas City North, who will be there to advise you, and take care of every aspect of your ornamental tree and shrub care. We’re connected with ISA Certified Arborists, so you can count on us to handle all the trimming, pruning, fertilization, and other special treatments that your trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges require.

Additionally, our experts have the training to recognize safety and liability issues, also they can recommend a maintenance plan to help you keep your grounds safer and more inviting year-round.

When it comes to giving your trees the very best, U.S. Lawns of Kansas City North is your go-to team. Contact us today so we can help you get long, healthy lives out of your trees.

Contact us today and find out how partnering with the country’s top commercial landscape management team will free up more of your time to spend on all the other tasks at hand, while making you look like the pro you are.

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