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Commercial Snow Removal Services in East Tennessee, TN


Let our experienced Tri-Cities professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Tri-Cities, TN

Serving Properties in Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Rogersville, Erwin, Mountain City, Elizabethon, Jonesborough, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

If you’re looking for snow removal and ice management services for your commercial property Matt Freeman and U.S. Lawns of Tri-Cities are your local commercial snow removal experts.

Our team has many years of experience providing top-notch snow and ice management services for properties in the Tri-Cities area. Whether you need your parking lots and roadways plowed so customers can come and go safely, stairs and sidewalks shoveled to keep employees safe when traversing your property or ice treatments services for problem areas due to melting and refreezing we’re your winter storm response specialist promising to be there in short order during and after a snowstorm so that you’re business can stay operational.

So if you’re managing the grounds of a Tri-Cities retirement community, a business park, hotel, apartment complex, manufacturing plant, restaurant or retail shop contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more and get on our schedule before the next snowstorm arrives.

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Winter Storm Response – One of the main benefits of having a landscaping management partner like U.S. Lawns is that we’re always monitoring weather patterns and our team is ready to spring into action when a snow storm arrive. We plan months in advance to make sure we’re fully staffed in order to meet the demands of a large snow storm, arriving early, before the snow accumulates and making your property safe for customers and employees.

Advanced Planning – When you finalize a snow contract with us we will make a visit to your property and note designated areas for piling snow that are out of the way and best for draining. We’ll also identify softscape areas that are at risk for damage before they’re covered in deep snow.

Snow Plowing & Shoveling – Our team will be there plowing your parking lots and roadways and shoveling sidewalks and stairs whenever snow and ice begin to accumulate ensuring that your property stays safe and accessible for all.

Ice Treatments – If icy conditions are expected we will make a visit to your property to pre-treat surface and apply ice melts. Some treatments we use include the following:

  • Liquid Deicers – These are used to pre-treat areas before ice forms on surface such as stairs and sidewalks.
  • Granular Ice Melts – These are designed to penetrate deeply into thick layers of ice that have formed and melt them.
  • Sand – In icy conditions we can add sand to your surfaces, which increases tractions for vehicles and pedestrians.

The time to get your snow contracts in place is long before the first snow storm hits so you can be assured we can fit you into our schedule. If you’re ready for a full service commercial landscaping partner who can handle all of your needs from lawn care to irrigation services, tree care, turf care, landscape enhancements as well and snow removal and ice management services contact U.S. Lawns of Tri-Cities today to learn more!


Matt Freeman

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