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The Value of Economic Interdependence

Blog by: Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns. Climb the Value Chain One of the core tenets of U.S. Lawns is that it is hard to fire a business friend. We built the business around this concept, and it continues to serve us well. How do we become a business friend instead of just a…read more

Springtime Is Enhancement Season

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. It’s Time To Pay Attention To The Landscape Springtime is when we begin to pay special attention to the landscape all around us. Budding trees and early blooms elevate the spirits, and it’s a prime time of the year to make property improvements. For U.S. Lawns,…read more

Employee Recruitment

Blog by: Brandon Moxam, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. Your Team Encompasses Every Relationship You Need To Operate Successfully To state it simply, this is a business of people. If there’s one factor that can be most limiting to any business owner, it’s the ability to build and manage a team. It’s important to recognize…read more

Spring Start Up

Blog by: Mike Fitzpatrick, Vice President of U.S. Lawns. You Should Already Be Planning Your Spring Start Up With springtime just around the bend, we all look forward to the approach of longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and the awakening of our turf, trees and plants. For commercial property owners and managers, this refreshing of…read more

Bryan Smith on Cultivating a Culture

U.S. Lawns–Team 157 Franchisee Bryan Smith’s Culture For Success Bryan Smith, owner of U.S. Lawns – Team 157 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina knows what it means to become a success story because of his incredible team –a feat which he says he achieves by being strict but fair, and maintaining that culture of mutual…read more

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