​We've had around 30 calls so far. The yellow push pins are call locations I can verify. It's hard to see, but Ogden, UT and Boise, ID ​are up in the top left with no calls.

​Sacramento got a good one. However, it's not in his territory, so contractually, he cannot service the property.

​These five locations account for 8 calls. These are not targeted well. Anaheim and Camarillo w​ere calling for a ​party bus reservation in Vegas. One caller mentioned seeing our number on YouTube, so maybe we will need to change it after all. I will investigate that further.

​Downers Grover, IL, and three calls ​from nearby states.

From north to south, Boston MA, Middletown NY,  Philadelphia PA, Winchester VA, Chapel Hill-Raleigh-Cary NC.

​Orlando SE and Kissimmee, with three calls from other territories.