06/01/17— How to Create a Welcoming Landscape

Article by: Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns

Whether a guest is staying at your hotel for business or pleasure, their first impression can be a lasting one.

It is important to align your landscape’s design with your hotel’s brand. Not only should your property’s landscape support your hotel’s brand, but it should also improve the overall functionality of your hotel.

Your guests will decide if they want to stay at your hotel when they first pull up; if the landscape doesn’t look attractive and it’s not inviting, they can simply change their reservations.

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05/30/17— The Power of Battery-Operated Tools and Their Impact on the Environment

Battery-operated tools are more sustainable, and they do not rely on fossil fuel. They also do not produce carbon emissions, and they are not as noisy. Another benefit to a battery-operated tool is not having to replace spark plugs and carburetors, as well as not having to mix fuels, or deal with the smell of fuel odors. They are also safer because they do not have the idle mode like the gas-powered options do. This means that if the operator takes his or her finger off the trigger, the machine automatically turns off. This ensures the safety of both the operator and the machine. Another safety factor is that operators do not have to store fuel in a closed trailer.

05/01/17— Signs You Need to Hire a New Grounds Care Provider

Article by: Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns

Hoteliers place a significant investment in their grounds that can be dramatically diminished without proper care and oversight.

Before selecting a contractor, hotel professionals need to determine what services they require to support their landscapes year round.

By establishing your expectations, having regular meetings with your grounds care provider, and ensuring that they have the resources they need to take care of your property, you are protecting the health and overall appearance of your landscape.

Read U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson’s article, “Signs You Need to Hire a New Grounds Care Provider” in Hotel Executive. View full article

04/21/17— How to Proactively Prevent and Control Weeds

Article by Greg Hutson, U.S. Lawns Regional Franchise Advisor.

Landscape and Irrigation Magazine was seeking editorial content for an article “How to Proactively Prevent and Control Weeds” for their April 2017 printed issue.

U.S. Lawns RFA Greg Hutson, utilizing his deep knowledge of turf and weed management, wrote the article, which appeared in the printed edition, and was also released in their on-line edition.

Click the magazine link below. Our article spans pages 22-25.


04/07/17— U.S. Lawns Volunteers for A Gift For Teaching

U.S. Lawns is proud of our Home Office Team for volunteering time to help teachers get much needed school supplies to Central Florida students.

In just one evening, U.S. Lawns Home Office volunteers were able to fill over 18 pallets with books, school supplies and snack foods; all items which were harvested from a large local trade show, and donated to A Gift For Teaching.

U.S. Lawns is committed to doing our part to give our youth every opportunity to pursue a bright future, and we’re honored to support A Gift For Teaching because they support our vision.

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03/03/17— U.S. Lawns Regional Meetings Set Tone for Success

U.S. Lawns wrapped up a series of two-day Regional Meetings, which were held in Orlando, Houston, Phoenix, Jackson, Charlotte, Indianapolis and Philadelphia.

“These regional meetings are so important to us as a brand,” said Ken Hutcheson. “They provide connectivity among the team and are a great venue to exchange information that is vital for growth. I’m excited about what this year holds in store for U.S. Lawns. The economic future is bright we’re ready to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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01/29/17— Attachments Add to Versatility of Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles have become increasingly popular in in-house grounds departments at institutional and commercial facilities. While the vehicles might look like glorified golf carts to some, they offer great versatility to grounds departments.

Workers use them to transport equipment, supplies and people. They enable departments to perform a range of tasks, reduce manual labor, and increase efficiency. Departments use utility vehicles in part because they reduce the amount of time and effort that crews spend carrying around tools and equipment. The operator allows the machine to do the heavy lifting, and supervisors don’t have to worry about the equipment being too heavy to carry, thus reducing the chances of mistakes and injuries due to operator fatigue.

01/24/17— Common Offseason Staffing Challenges

The offseason is typically defined as the period between your first and last typical frost dates. Soil temperatures dictate what plants need, not the dates on a calendar. This makes it that much more important to offer alternative services that aren’t reliant on the temperature of the soil. There are several challenges that the offseason presents to companies in the landscaping industry; the biggest of which is that while grounds care maintenance providers typically earn their lowest revenue during this time, they don’t want to lay off their employees. So, the challenge becomes how do you pay your overhead expenses while your revenue is down, while keeping your employees gainfully employed. While this can be challenging, it is possible, and many of our franchisees have been doing this successfully for years. The answer is two-fold: careful planning, and offering alternative services if your region allows for it.

12/21/16— U.S. Lawns Inducts New Members to Their Hall of Fame

U.S. Lawns Franchisees Chris Seaborne & Tim Harrell, along with U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson were inducted into the U.S. Lawns Hall of Fame. Chris and Tim started their Frederick, MD franchise in March 1999 when both were about 20 years old.  They wanted to own their own business. With a truck, mower, weedeater and a chain saw to start with, they had a vision. They attended a U.S. Lawns Annual Conference, liked what they saw, signed a franchise agreement, and they hit the ground running from day one.

U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson joined U.S. Lawns in 1995 and helped grow the company from a regional 18-franchise network to an industry leader with over 250 commercial landscape management franchises nationwide.

Hall of Fame members are individuals who exemplify the mission and vision of U.S. Lawns. This is the company’s most prestigious award.

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12/08/16— U.S. Lawns Celebrates 30th Anniversary

U.S. Lawns is getting ready to wrap up their 30th year in business. Having started with one franchise location, the company has since expanded to include over 250 locations in 42 states.

“While our company has certainly grown over the past 30 years, our commitment to our clients and our franchisees has never wavered,” said Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns. “I am proud of the service we deliver, the team we have built, and the milestones we have hit. I am excited about our company’s future and honored to work alongside such fine people.”


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