​Trimming Shrubs and Trees Improves any Landscape

​Ornamental Tree Trimming and Shrub Pruning

​Keep your green investments in good health

​Bushes and trees are costly to replace, so ​protecting new planting is crucial to the future landscape. The most common problems we find with woody foliage ​are:

  • ​• Under-watering, especially in the early years.
  • ​• Crooked trees due to improper or missing support stakes​ and lines.
  • • No early pruning leads to a "see-through" hedge bottom.
  • ​• Lack of treatments ​causes insect and fungus threats.

​U.S. Lawns ​Knows Shrub and Arbor Care

Keeping plants pruned serves a dual purpose. First, it lends to a more visually pleasing landscape and helps to create a sense of order in the environment. Secondly, it promotes good plant health, ​by removing any infested, infected or dead areas. The activity itself provides an opportunity for close inspection of your foliage.

​Manage Risk While We Manage Your Landscape

Whether ​it's a retail property, an industrial campus or a multi-family apartment complex, you want your landscape to remain clear of debris. Every visit by your U.S. Lawns crew means the leaves, small branches and other debris the wind scattered across the landscape will be removed, keeping your grounds tidy and professional looking. Palms and other trees will have low-hanging branches trimmed to improve pedestrian access.

​Watering Shrubs and Trees Establishes Good Roots

Long hidden soaker hoses can run along the base of a hedge. Tree watering bags can slowly water a tree during a dry spell. W​e’ll ​make sure your irrigation system is performing at its best​ and we'll take advantage of the natural assets offered by your landscape, utilizing mulch, grading and other techniques, ​conserving water, energy, and your landscaping budget.

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