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Your Landscape Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

For directors and regional or executive directors in charge of maintaining healthcare facilities and assisted living environments, the health and wellbeing of patients and residents is the number one priority.

Proper treatment and diagnosis is always top of mind when it comes to healing people, and preventative care is important to prevent illness from the start. But it’s vital to surround them with an environment that promotes good health too. This is especially true when they’re fulltime residents, living at a long-term care facility or convalescent home.

From a physiological perspective, a clean, germ-free place where they can be treated and cared for without risk of infection is crucial. If you can support their medical regimen by giving them a natural escape, like a rose garden or outdoor courtyard lined with shade trees with a relaxing water feature as the focal point, the effect has proven to be incredibly therapeutic for physical health, as well as for mental and emotional health.

But when it comes to maintaining a high occupancy rate, quality resident and patient care is only part of the equation. You’ve got to make sure you’re providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment for long-term and short-term residents, visiting friends and family members, prospective residents, and your staff as well. And safety is a must.

U.S. Lawns understands how critical it is for hospitals, medical facilities, assisted living environments and even retirement communities to keep walkways and recreational areas safe and free of fall hazards, especially when they’re most often being used by residents who may be restricted to wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

We also know that meeting budgeted operating expenses and managing the landscape on top of being responsible for the wellbeing of many can be an overwhelming job. That’s why our healthcare customers depend on us to manage their landscapes.

U.S. Lawns Will Ease Your Load And Make You Look Like A Hero

Contact your local U.S. Lawns today. When you tap into our commercial landscaping expertise, we’ll ease a heavy load from your shoulders, and make you look like a hero while we’re doing it.

With U.S. Lawns as your landscaping team, your grounds will be consistently clean and beautiful. We’ll be there removing debris, mowing the lawn at the correct height to keep it healthy and verdant, planting brightly colored flowers and tending to your plant beds as if they were part of our own yard.

We’ll place eye-catching container plants to lend a welcoming air to entrances and around office areas, and keep them neat and well-pruned; and we’ll also make sure trees, bushes, ornamental grasses and other plantings are trimmed and well-tended

We can even design and install landscape enhancements, including hardscapes such as paver walking paths, fountains or bird baths, stone or wooden benches where people can sit and visit with their loved ones, or rock retaining walls as an added safety measure.

Your U.S. Lawns uniformed landscaping professionals are trained in the safe application of pest control, weed control, disease control and fertilizers. We’ve got the knowledge, skills and equipment to lay new sod or to seed, overseed, aerate and dethatch your turf to keep your grass lush and green.

With us, you’ve got irrigation specialists too. We will perform regular inspections and maintenance on your irrigation system, adjust it as necessary, and can make repairs when we find an issue. We’ll also make sure your irrigation system is watering your greenery instead of your pavement, saving energy and conserving water.

In addition to our landscape maintenance services, U.S. Lawns is your experienced snow and ice management team. In snow & ice regions, we’ll be there ahead of the snowstorm to pre-treat surfaces and we’ll come armed with snow shovels and plows to move snow from your walkways, driveways, parking lots and stairs, helping to safeguard people from potential accidents.

When you partner with U.S. Lawns, we’re sure you’ll suddenly find you’ve got more time and less stress than you did before we took over your commercial landscape management. Contact us today and you’ll soon understand exactly what we mean by: “Your Turf. Our Lawn.”

Contact us today and find out how partnering with the country’s top commercial landscape management team will free up more of your time to spend on all the other tasks at hand, while making you look like the pro you are.


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