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Who we are

All of our landscaping professionals have a genuine commitment to improving communities and improving lives every day, which is a big reason they became part of the network to begin with.

From the Home Office in Orlando, FL, community leaders across the United States are selectively onboarded and trained to do business proudly displaying the U.S. Lawns star. Right now, there are more than 200 U.S. Lawns locations throughout the country, and our expansion continues to bring us ever closer to having franchises in all 50 states, so we can serve all major and secondary markets with first-rate landscape maintenance crews and commercial grounds management excellence.

Even multiple location commercial property owners are secure in the fact every property is being treated with the same care; their grounds maintenance teams are all operating under the same code; all are equipped with the ideals and processes you’d expect from a top national chain; and all are united by a passion for service to our neighbors.

Improving Communities.
Improving Lives.

The way we accomplish this day-to-day is by literally improving communities and lives. This happens in the way we treat our employees–by maintaining a “best place to work” culture; our partners and customers–by being there, responsive, excellent, and a friend; the community–through consistent community involvement, beautification of the landscape and active dedication to environmentalism.

It also happens through constant training and education for Home Office staff, franchise owners and employees, staying current on industry trends, tools, products, and processes, and by a deep commitment to the core principles U.S. Lawns was built upon. Values like service, stability, discipline, integrity, responsiveness, professionalism, community, nature, and environmentalism.

This is authentically who U.S. Lawns is, and the reason we succeed is because every U.S. Lawns franchise owner lives and breathes our core values day and night. It is absolutely in our DNA. We all know our success is directly linked to the success of our employees, our partners, our customers, and our neighbors, and we’re sincere in our desire to participate in those successes.

As we continue to look to the future, the focus of every U.S. Lawns franchise owner and Home Office team member alike is to be our best when we’re working as well as when we’re not. It’s achievable too, thanks to the support of a strongly connected Network of all-stars working together, serving customers of all varieties with properties throughout our great nation.


With over 200 U.S. Lawns locations, our commercial landscaping
services are readily available to you.


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