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U.S. Lawns has spent decades really getting behind the eyes of owners and managers of every type of commercial property imaginable, including those managing corporate, industrial, municipal, retail, and multi-dwelling properties like apartments, condos, townhouses, and even HOAs.

One thing we’ve learned is that no matter what kind of business they’re in, every property and facility manager carries a huge amount of responsibility, which is greatly compounded when there are multiple locations to oversee.

The logistical complexity of landscape maintenance alone can monopolize a substantial amount of time and attention, especially when you’re in a region where extreme weather conditions have the tendency to infringe on time originally reserved for taking care of all the other important duties that are part of property management.

Contact U.S. Lawns and we’ll shoulder the landscape maintenance and lift a major stressor off your back. We’re experts in all facets of landscaping, and we’re also well-schooled in the unique grounds care needs of commercial properties. Even more, we’ve got vast experience with property managers responsible for multiple locations throughout the United States.

Reasons to Choose U.S. Lawns as Your Multi-Location Landscape Manager

If you’re looking for more good reasons to choose U.S. Lawns for your commercial landscaping needs, how about these:

100% Customer Retention – Our goal from the very start has been to achieve 100% retention of our commercial landscape management accounts. We know the only way this can happen is by first providing quality, consistent service for a competitive price.

As importantly though, we are a true business friend. We’re committed to proactively managing your landscape, being responsive to your needs, delivering superior work, and making every effort to help you achieve your company’s goals.

Since we were first established in 1986, U.S. Lawns has been serving commercial clients with multiple locations. One of the big advantages to having U.S. Lawns as your commercial landscape management team is that we have a network nationwide that delivers consistent service and efficiencies.

National Strength – U.S. Lawns has strong, long-standing relationships with the most respected landscape equipment and supply manufacturers and vendors in North America. This is valuable to you because we have access to the best landscaping materials as well as the most efficient equipment to cost effectively maintain your landscapes. Another hidden advantage clients gain from our vendor-partners relationships is that they provide valuable training and information for our crews, making us safer and more efficient on the job site.

Local Commitment – Because every U.S. Lawns location is owned and operated by a commercial landscaping expert local to your region, you will get to see and talk to the actual owner of the company on a consistent basis. We know what’s happening where you are, because that’s where we are, and that’s what enables us to be more responsive and effective. And every U.S. Lawns owner is also committed to being a community leader. We are literally all in when it comes to improving communities and improving lives.

Constant Communication – From the very start, your local U.S. Lawns will make sure you have all the information you need and help you design the best landscape management plan for your situation. Once we start taking care of your landscape, we’ll report to you with frequent updates, so you know what’s going on with your grounds at all times. We won’t wait for you to notice a problem with your softscape or hardscape, either. Our crews are always watching out for the best interest of your landscape, and will recommend practical solutions to landscaping issues as they arise.

Power of the Network – U.S. Lawns has a Network composed of more than 250 Owner-Operators across the country. We are more than just individual franchise owners, we are a family. We support each other by sharing our experiences and our wisdom; we also often share the same customers since we serve major multi-location accounts that include banks, retailers, the hospitality industry (hotels and motels), multi-family properties, HOAs, distribution, manufacturing and industrial clients, municipalities, healthcare facilities, and office parks; and we’ll even jump in to help a nearby U.S. Lawns Owner in an emergency, providing personnel and resources to make sure every one of us are able to fulfill our customer agreements.

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The U.S. Lawns Home Office is also a big part of the reason we have such a powerful Network, because they provide support to local Owners that is unparalleled. Support through continuous education and training opportunities, access to the latest technology, assistance with sales, marketing and branding, constant guidance by leadership and industry experts, and even by organizing community outreach activities everyone can participate in. “United We Stand” really gets to the core of who U.S. Lawns is and it also explains why we’re at the top of the commercial landscaping industry.

Now, if you’re still on the fence after seeing all the reasons to partner with U.S. Lawns, go ahead and contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and start you on the path to a having functional, beautiful landscapes for all of your properties, no matter which city or state they’re located in.


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