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Mulch and Ground Cover

Ground cover is one of the most important aspects of any landscape. It adds beauty to your property, enhances steep terrain where mowing is difficult, and can be a good solution for erosion control. It also serves other important purposes, as in the case of mulch. Proper mulching around trees, shrubs, and in flower beds helps with weed prevention, protects vulnerable aspects of your plantings, and even aids in hydration.

Ground cover of any kind requires expert application and care to maximize its benefits. You can trust the experts at U.S. Lawns to get the job done right. We have decades of experience that allows us to not only plant and/or apply ground cover properly and effectively, but also choose the right kind to improve the look and health of your landscape.

Mulch in Your Landscape

Mulching your landscape is one of the best ways to instantly add visual appeal. When you apply mulch to your property’s plant beds, shrubs, and trees, it immediately adds a clean and finished look to the appearance of these areas. But with regular commercial mulching it can also:

  • reduce weed growth
  • maintain a more even soil temperature throughout the year
  • help prevent erosion of the vital topsoil
  • protect tree and shrub trunks from damage by lawn equipment
  • encourage deep growth and expansion of root systems

Furthermore, mulch is typically composed of organic materials like bark or chipped wood. As it breaks down, it provides vital nutrients the soil needs to keep your plants, trees, bushes, and shrubs healthy. Prior to mulching, a granular pre-emergent may be applied to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. For all these reasons and more, ground cover installation followed by regularly scheduled mulching service should be a priority for your business’ landscape.

When you work with U.S. Lawns to beautify your commercial property’s landscape, you can be sure that your mulch will be expertly applied and maintained. Whether it’s shredded hardwood bark, pine straw, playground mulch, or an option like river stone or pea gravel, our team will be sure to spread your ground cover to the proper depth, and maintain the right amount of clearance around trunks and stems. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes all the difference.

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Permanent Ground Cover

Ground covers like pea stone, crushed shell, or gravel all serve to delineate and beautify areas of your business’s landscape. This can also add visual interest in the way of color and texture. In order to truly maximize the benefits of permanent ground cover, it takes experts, like U.S. Lawns, to help you choose the cover that is going to work best in a given area.

Shady areas, for example, will require an organic ground cover that tolerates less sunlight; high-traffic areas will need a durable material meant to withstand regular wear. Because we have decades of experience, we know which ground covers are right for specific functions, eliminating the guesswork, and hours of research you’d have to put into your landscape’s improvement without us.

Incorporating mulch or any other kind of ground cover into the scheme of your commercial landscape can not only improve its value, but add to the safety as well as comfort to your customers, employees, visitors, and contribute to that all-important first impression. So, trust your commercial ground cover installation to your local professionals at U.S. Lawns.

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