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Commercial Lawn Maintenance — Preserving Your Property’s Curb Appeal and Brand’s Integrity

Choose a Landscape Management Partner Who Will Preserve Your Brand’s Integrity

At U.S. Lawns, we recognize that first impressions are everything in business, and your landscape is commonly the first contact people have with your brand. We also know what an investment it can be to maintain your grounds. There’s always something that needs to happen to make sure the grass areas stay trimmed and green, the flower beds are flourishing and free of weeds, and all the plants, trees, bushes and shrubs stay pruned and healthy.

The surrounding landscape can influence your company’s reputation with more than just aesthetics too. Safety is another significant factor. Common hazards include unhealthy trees that can either completely fall or lose branches in high winds, damaging property or worse. But even healthy trees can be hazardous. You’ve got to keep the branches trimmed above eye level so they’re not a threat to pedestrians. You also need to make sure your trees and shrubbery are not blocking any ingress and egress areas. Even a pile of wet leaves on the walkway can create a potential slip and fall hazard.

What about uneven pavers that could cause someone to trip and fall or twist their ankle? And if you’re located in a region that experiences winter weather, the hazards (and liabilities) become all too obvious.

These are all good reasons to get landscape maintenance services that help you extend the lifespan of your landscape and preserve the integrity of your brand, as well.

As a property owner or manager, you probably have an idea of how costly it can be to purchase new turf and replace or add shrubs and trees. Since your landscape is a big investment, you really want it to last for a long time.

The good news is that with regular maintenance and a few more specialized horticultural services, you can extend the life of your landscape threefold or more.

Your U.S. Lawns experts will work with you to develop and execute a complete commercial landscape maintenance plan that can not only extend the lifespan of your landscape, but will also help minimize safety hazards and liability risks through every season, protecting your investment in numerous ways. Contact us now to start making your property represent the true nature of your brand with our cost-effective commercial landscape maintenance services.

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Landscape Maintenance Basics

Here are some of the landscape maintenance basics that should be part of any effective commercial landscape management plan:











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