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Because They Know We Treat Their Landscapes Like Our Own

  • HOA Board Members – the final yea or nay
  • Special Committees – the people doing the research and making recommendations based on their findings
  • HOA Members (Homeowners and Community Residents) – the people footing the bill
  • The HOA’s CC&R – the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions everyone in the development must adhere to (i.e. acceptable house colors, how many and/or what kind of vehicles can be parked in the driveway (boats, RVs, etc.), rules concerning outbuildings, standards regarding lawns and landscapes, and so on)
  • Statutes & Regulations – meeting City/County/State/Federal laws, building codes, etc.
  • Safety – providing a safe, secure environment for homeowners and residents
  • Budget – getting the best value and staying within established budgets for operating costs, building maintenance, repairs and renovation, hardscape (walkways, parking lots, courtyards, water features, etc.) repairs, maintenance and improvements, and landscape management, maintenance and enhancements
  • Region – knowing the best approach to manage your property most effectively given your climate, terrain, soil conditions, and seasonal differences

We’re also familiar with the variances presented by property type–whether it’s coming from the Homeowner Association board of a residential housing subdivision or gated community, or the HOA responsible for managing communal areas for a townhome or condominium development.

We recognize the fact that the people residing within the community are paying dues to their HOA to manage neighborhood common areas, including parks, sidewalks, clubhouses, pools, dog walks, and tennis courts, and they rightfully expect to see their money is being invested wisely.

This is especially true of the landscape. After all, since landscaping can take up to 75% of an HOA’s budget, there had better be something good to show for it.

The Only HOA Grounds Care Partner You’ll Ever Need

That’s why you’re wise to contact U.S. Lawns and partner with an expert in commercial landscaping. We’ve got all the processes and standards in place to meet the stringent requirements of HOAs

Our goal is 100% customer retention. We know the only way to achieve it is through constant communication, sincere dedication to helping every client meet their goals and by providing consistent, quality landscaping services.

We will be there at the start, designing a plan that fits your community’s landscaping needs and your budget. As importantly though, we’ll be there all along the way, happy to attend board meetings to stay in touch with the community; performing routine inspections to make sure we’re delivering on our agreement with you as well as to identify any issues to address so we can recommend solutions before they become costly problems; and doing everything else we can to make the landscape management as seamless as possible for everyone involved with your extensive decision-making process.

HOA members can take comfort in the fact that our uniformed crews have passed a rigorous application process and they’ve been well-trained to ensure your grounds and your community is in good hands.

We’ll keep the grass mowed, trees and bushes pruned, ornamental grasses properly trimmed, leaves, sticks and debris removed, sidewalks and other borders neatly edged, and we’ll also add fresh seasonal color and a new layer of mulch when necessary to keep your plant and flower beds looking their best year-round. We can take care of landscape enhancements and build lasting hardscapes to help residents get more out of your grounds while raising property values.

We will also inspect, maintain and repair your irrigation system, and have the capabilities to manage snow and ice in the wintertime, so your community can keep moving at its own pace season after season. Contact us today to find out more about the ways U.S. Lawns can help you improve your community with our HOA landscaping services.

When you partner with your local U.S. Lawns, we work to minimize these hazards. Our commercial landscape management professionals will perform routine landscape maintenance services like mowing the grass, edging sidewalks, flower beds and other borders, trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees, and removal of debris, to keep your retail landscape healthy and inviting.

You can also depend on us to keep your irrigation system functioning the way it’s supposed to so you won’t be wasting precious resources watering the streets, parking lots or sidewalks.

In snow and ice regions, we’ll be there in the wintertime, pre-treating surfaces, shoveling sidewalks and plowing snow off of parking and driving areas.

We can even work with you to renovate your landscape, adding new plantings and hardscapes to improve the quality of your grounds and elevate the value of your property.

U.S. Lawns is your all-season landscaping partner–responsive, disciplined, professional, knowledgeable, and always there.

Contact us today and find out how partnering with the country’s top commercial landscape management team will free up more of your time to spend on all the other tasks at hand, while making you look like the pro you are.


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