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Ornamental Tree and Shrub Installation Roseville Texas

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in Roseville, California

Our ornamental tree installation service provides great value to commercial landscapes. At U.S. Lawns of Roseville, we believe that the best landscapes incorporate features that create multi-dimensional beauty from every perspective. Our teams are well-qualified to install and care for ornamental trees, shrubs, and bushes. We will bring together every element of your grounds to make the right impression every time.

Ornamental Tree installation and Care

Choosing the right ornamental trees for your commercial landscape requires thought and planning, as well as a strong understanding of what will work with your planting conditions. Since trees can live for 100 years or more, their permanency on your property is a huge consideration when selecting which species that will fit best with your needs and circumstances. At U.S. Lawns of Roseville, we enjoy really getting to know each customer so we can effectively help them select just the right ornamental trees for their property. Popular varieties include:

  • Crepe myrtles
  • Flowering Cherries
  • Japanese maples
  • Magnolias
  • Dogwoods

Whatever region you’re in, our teams can help you choose a variety that will thrive on your grounds.

If your property already features ornamental trees, we can provide specialized care that will keep them healthy for years to come. Our expertise in ornamental tree care can also benefit your entire landscape. Strategic pruning doesn’t just enhance the beauty of a tree, it can also reduce the likelihood of branches breaking during windstorms, and reduce the amount of fall cleanup that’s needed. For many of our customers, investing in the proper care of their ornamental trees improves property values, it will also save time and money in the long run.

Shrub Installation Services

Shrubs are another great way to add multi-dimensional beauty to your property. Bushes, shrubs, and hedges come in many types, they also can vary greatly in height. Like ornamental trees, these can come in numerous varieties, such as:

  • Juniper, Yew, and Boxwood
  • Azaleas
  • Holly
  • Hydrangea

Some of these bushes and shrubs flower in the spring while others don’t, and each of them thrives in its own region. U.S. Lawns of Roseville has years of experience working with bushes as well as shrubs of all types, and we can help you find a variety that suits your unique needs.

In addition to shrub installation, your local U.S. Lawns Roseville shrub and tree experts can also keep them healthy and perfectly trimmed. Some shrubs only need to be pruned once a year, while others need more attention to help them keep in a uniform shape. Our teams work with our customers to come up with a care plan that meets the needs of their shrubs and their budgets.

Plan Ahead To Benefit Your Entire Landscape

Our philosophy at U.S. Lawns of Roseville is to plan ahead whenever possible, so we’re always thinking about the health of your ornamental trees and shrubs during different seasons—even years—ahead of time. This is an important benefit to these plants because it means we take them into consideration every time we visit your landscape. When improvements are needed (such as irrigation system upgrades) we’re sure to make adjustments to ensure the health of every plant on your property. Similarly, we plan maintenance services like seasonal clean up and mulching with the trees and shrubs in mind. This ensures that they benefit from regularly scheduled care that falls in line perfectly with the rest of your landscape.

One of the benefits of partnering with U.S. Lawns of Roseville is that we’re always looking at the big picture, and we carefully coordinate all services so our customers enjoy the maximum value for their budget.

Contact us today and see for yourself how our unique brand of service can benefit your shrubs and ornamental trees.

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