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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Chillum, MD


Let our experienced Chillum professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Chillum, MD

Serving Properties in Chillum, Lanham, Laurel, Bladensburg, Mount Rainier, Bowie, Brentwood, Riverdale, College Park, Glenn Dale, Greenbelt, Upper Marlboro, Hyattsville, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Cabin John, & Bethesda

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

The U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping team in Chillum is the premier provider of commercial landscape enhancement and renovation services in North Western Maryland. For decades we’ve taken pride in helping commercial properties improve their curb appeal and overall attractiveness.

One thing we’ve witnessed over and over again is how landscape enhancements can be beneficial for business owners in virtually every industry. For example, did you know that making renovations to your landscape can actually raise property values? Enhancements can also beautify and help draw more customers, elevate occupancy rates, improve sustainability efforts, make your grounds safer to traverse and give trees, grass, shrubs and plants the greatest longevity. In fact, landscape improvements have proven time and again to be a fruitful investment when done with the right strategy and the right landscaping specialists.

So, whether you’re managing the landscape of community in Carole Highlands, a retail establishment in Green Meadows, Mount Rainier property, or a Silver Spring restaurant, your local U.S. Lawns team Chillum, Maryland can make landscape improvements that will help you meet your business goals.

Contact the U.S. Lawns team in Chillum today to get more details regarding our landscape management services and start improving your property’s landscape today!

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Services Included In Our Commercial Landscape Enhancement Contracts

Hardscapes – From the installation of simple paver walking paths to patios complete with planters, benches, and a waterfall, there are many options for hardscape features that’ll enhance your landscape and make your property a true destination place.

Drainage Solutions – When overflow needs to be addressed, we can change the land’s topography to reroute water, install a natural rain garden, or place dry creek beds, surface drains and French drains to capture excess runoff. We can also incorporate organic matter or sand into the soil as an added measure for better absorption.

Durable Ground Cover – When your grounds have frequently traveled areas where the grass has a rough time enduring, we’ll use a more permanent ground cover like pebbles, pea stone gravel, rubber mulch, or other lasting mediums that will withstand the frequent foot traffic.

Seasonal Color – Planting flowers and blooming trees is among our most popular landscape enhancement service. They can dramatically improve curb appeal, attract attention to signs, entrances and other important features, and colorful blossoms have a way of lifting spirits and making people want to be there, which is very good for business.

Mulch – In addition to giving your grounds a tidy appearance, mulching is also valuable for hydration and soil nutrition, not to mention that wood mulch adds a protective layer around trees, shrubs and in flower beds.


Eric Bell

[email protected]

Eric Bell is the owner/operator of U.S. Lawns – Chillum MD. He completed his military career with the Army on December 31, 2008. During his military career, Eric served as an Infantryman with the 3rd U.S. Infantry, The Old Guard in Arlington, VA. Then later served as a Recruiter before retiring with 20 years of service. Eric’s background includes leading and building teams while focusing on change management principles in order to increase productivity and increase organizational success. He chose U.S. Lawns due to its nationwide network, resources, and ties to the community. In his leisure time, Eric enjoys family, friends, and NFL football. As a U.S. Lawn owner, he and his team are committed to delivering superior service to each and every client.


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