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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in North Oklahoma City, OK


Let our experienced Oklahoma City North professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in North Oklahoma City, Edmond, North Yukon, Arcadia, Bethany, Luther, Witcher, and the Surrounding Communities


Proper hydration is a key requirement of a healthy, beautiful, long-lived landscape so you need a team of water management professionals you can depend on to ensure that  your lawn sprinkler system is functioning correctly throughout the seasons.

The good news is that U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City North specializes in spray irrigation as well as drip irrigation, so you can entrust your landscape watering needs to us. In fact, Janine and Lane Roath own and operate two locations serving commercial properties within Canadian County, Logan County and Oklahoma County, and we’ve been providing water management services since 2004.

Our customer base encompasses hotels in Yukon, Warr Acres business centers, churches in Spencer, Bethany financial institutions, manufacturers in Oklahoma City, and a host of other commercial properties in the area, so you can be confident that we have the expertise to keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance. Request your free lawn sprinkler services proposal today!

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U.S. Lawns – Oklahoma City North
Team 62​3
515 Industrial Blvd.
Moore, OK 73160

Lane and Janine Roath
[email protected]
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Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – U.S. Lawns Team 623 will keep your irrigation system delivering with routine irrigation maintenance services, which include regularly scheduled inspections. If we discover any necessary adjustments or minor repairs, we’ll take care of them before they get a chance to cause any major issues–and we’ll also respond right away to address a burst pipe, stuck valve, or other irrigation system repair that requires immediate action.

 New Irrigation Systems – whether for a well-established landscape or a new construction project, U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City North can design and install a new irrigation system on your commercial property. We’ll incorporate upcoming landscape improvements as well as the evolving hydration demands of maturing trees, shrubberies and other plants to ensure your new irrigation system will be with you for the long haul.

 Irrigation System Upgrades – if you need new water zones added to accommodate a turf expansion or a new plant bed, U.S. Lawns Team 623 can make it happen. We can retrofit rain sensors as well as smart controllers to your irrigation system so it will work in harmony with the rainfall and automatically adjust the watering schedule to accommodate changing seasonal hydration needs; and we can also replace worn, poorly functioning sprinkler heads, drip emitters, valves, along with other parts to improve the functionality and efficiency of your irrigation system.

 Seasonal Irrigation System Servicing – in addition to regular irrigation maintenance services, U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City North will also perform seasonal servicing to ensure your irrigation system’s sprinklers, driplines, emitters, and other components remain clear of mineral buildup along with other debris that could compromise your system’s performance. We will also take care of winter irrigation shutdown services, draining your system of water and winterizing it to protect it from costly breaks during frigid temperatures. Then we’ll come back with our spring irrigation startup services once the freezing risk from winter has passed for the season.

 U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City North has the qualifications to provide all the water management services your landscape requires. Even more advantageous to you is that we have the capabilities to serve all your commercial landscaping needs. Our expert team has you covered from the basics like mowing and weeding to comprehensive irrigation design, installation, upgrade, maintenance and repair services, as well as landscape enhancements, and even snow removal services in the winter. So, if you’re ready for a full-service landscaping partner that’ll make your job a lot easier, get in touch with us today!


Lane and Janine Roath

[email protected]

Lane and Janine Roath have been with U.S. Lawn since 2004. We own both the North and South territories in the Oklahoma City metro. Lane's prior employment background was in manufacturing and Janine's prior employment background was in business management. We have been married 21 years, have a rescue Akita named Kodi, and no children. We enjoy going to auctions and collecting antiques.


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