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One of the oldest cities in the country, Providence is the capital and most populous city of Rhode Island. Known as the “Creative Capital,” Providence prides itself on being a regional leader for education and the arts.

As one of the original Thirteen Colonies, Providence has had a long and prestigious place in the history of the United States. The city was one of the first to lend patriots to the Revolutionary War, was the first to renounce British rule, and was a major proponent of the Bill of Rights. In the late 19th century, the city became a major manufacturing hub, making Providence one of the wealthiest cities in America. By the mid-20th century, Providence shifted its focus from an industrial economy to a service-oriented one, with an influx of schools and hospitals to the area.

The rich heritage of Providence has given it a cityscape that is both historic and modern: sprawling college campuses and impressive hospital grounds coexist with 19th century mercantile buildings amidst lush, clean, and green spaces. As such, Providence is a highly pedestrian-friendly, walkable city.

U.S. Lawns can help uphold the city’s commitment to greening the city. By enlisting our commercial landscaping services in Providence, RI, businesses in the city will not only have verdant frontages to welcome their customers, but they will also help to maintain the area’s beautiful aesthetic.

Commercial Lawn Care in Cranston

Despite being the third most populous city in the state, Cranston, RI, is considered one of the safest cities in America and among the best places to live. The city’s environs are well-kept and orderly, exuding a professional feel.

For commercial establishments, the best way to maintain this ambiance is to hire U.S. Lawns commercial lawn care team in Cranston, RI. Our lawn care experts use the latest landscaping tools and techniques to provide our clients with high-quality and effective service.

Why Work with U.S. Lawns?

As one of the leading providers of landscaping and grounds care services in the country, U.S. Lawns offers comprehensive lawn care solutions to all our commercial clients, from basic maintenance to major landscape improvements. Our in-house team of landscape management experts are highly-experienced and will work closely with you to find the right service for your unique issue.

We offer our services to commercial clients in the cities of Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket, and all of Providence County.

U.S. Lawns in YOUR Community

U.S. Lawns Team 516 is dedicated to beautifying the surrounding Providence community through the work we perform every day. We're proud to be partnering with one of our clients to support our local Boys and Girls Club through volunteer efforts and event sponsorships. We look forward to each new opportunity to make our world a better place.

We serve the businesses in the following zip codes:

01504, 01529, 02093, 02824, 02828, 02838, 02860, 02861, 02863, 02864, 02865, 02019, 02703, 02760, 02771, 02895, 02896, 02903, 02904, 02906, 02907, 02908, 02909, 02911, 02912, 02914, 02915, 02916, 02917, 02918, 02919, 02910, 02905, 02888, 02857, 02831, 02920, 02921

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Zash Salvador owns and operates U.S. Lawns, providing commercial landscape management to local businesses in Providence County. Zash’s customer service background ensures his customers will have a great customer experience. As General Manager for Domino’s Pizza Restaurants for 5 years, as well as Assistant Territory Manager for PODS Enterprises throughout Massachusetts, Orlando, FL and Rhode Island, he has a proven record for customer service. He has a personal interest in meeting with people, learning about their needs and identifying how he can help. He enjoys solving problems and creating solutions for others. He strives to give his clients more than they expect, while providing a safe professional working environment. If there is anything our team can do to serve you and help make your job easier, please let us know.

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