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Commercial Landscaping Services in Columbia

Located near the geographic center of the state, Columbia, South Carolina is the primary city in the Midlands region, and the capital of South Carolina. Columbia is a hub for history, culture, the arts, and state government, not to mention a regional economic powerhouse.

Columbia is home to numerous corporate headquarters and impressive parks, with the city’s downtown area undergoing expansive urban redevelopment. This redevelopment project includes beautification efforts on several major thoroughfares, especially Main Street, which is to become a vibrant, major residential and commercial corridor.

Keeping your commercial property’s lawn and frontage looking pristine and well-maintained will not only attract more clients, it also will be a way for you to contribute to Columbia’s efforts of rejuvenating the cityscape and stimulating the local economy.

With this in mind, our commercial landscaping services in Columbia are tailored to provide our clients a clean, sustainable, and vibrant landscape for their commercial property -- one that customers, residents, and visitors can enjoy.

Commercial Lawn Care in Dentsville

Dentsville, South Carolina is a Census Designated Place, or CDP in Richland County, and a part of the Columbia Metropolitan Statistical Area. Located just a few minutes away from the Columbia downtown area, Dentsville is an ideal place for people looking for a quiet, suburban area, but with easy access to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Currently, Dentsville enjoys commercial rent prices that are lower than most places in the city. Yet Dentsville residents still retain a median income that is comparable to Columbia, which gives the CDP high marks on the quality-of-life index.

Commercial properties in the area should take advantage of the lower rent by investing in lawns and frontage that is beautiful, pristine, and professional-looking. Our commercial lawn care service in Dentsville can do just that: provide our clients with various lawn care solutions that are not only efficient, but also highly effective.

Why Work with U.S. Lawns?

U.S. Lawns is a leading provider of landscaping, lawn care, and grounds care services across the country. Our local operators are able to provide their community with high-quality service that addresses their unique and individual concerns.

Our services extend to our commercial clients in the Richmond County areas of Columbia, Dentsville, and Forest Acres. Meanwhile, our operators in Florence and Sumter Counties can offer quality lawn care and landscaping to clients in that area.

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Steven Keys and Team Columbia give back to the community by sponsoring charity golf tournaments and contributing to multiple philanthropies. He and his wife reside and raise their children in the Columbia area.

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Steve Keys

​Steve Keys got his passion for horticulture from his grandfather but credits U.S. Lawns for making him a better businessman. In 1998 he converted his residential lawn care service to a U.S. Lawns franchise and today he owns ​three locations in ​two states. The first ever winner of the U.S. Lawns President's Award, Steve is also a member of the U.S. Lawns Hall of Fame​. He is active in his community, and is an avid outdoorsman, CrossFit competitor, husband and father.

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