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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Fredericksburg, VA


Let our experienced Fredericksburg professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements In Fredericksburg, VA

Serving Properties in Fredericksburg, Skidmore Corner, Aquia Harbour, Tacketts Mill, Ruby, Davis Corner, Boswell’s Corner, Midway Island, Heflin, Garrisonville, Widewater, Arkendale, Stafford, Ramoth, Brookfield, Potomac, Stones Corner, Chancellor, Artillery Ridge, Leavells, Spotsylyania, Courthouse, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

Commercial landscape improvements and enhancements in Fredericksburg, VA are essential for creating an attractive, inviting, and professional environment that benefits businesses, employees, and customers alike. They contribute to a positive brand image, increased property value, employee satisfaction, and environmental sustainability while ensuing compliance with local regulations. At U.S. Lawns of Fredericksburg we understand how to give you the most for your landscaping budget and our skilled team has the knowledge and experience to handle various landscape enhancement projects.

The landscape improvement services we offer can can be as simple as putting fresh mulch in plant beds and around shrubs and trees to serve the dual purpose of being eye-pleasing while assisting with hydration or we can also address more complex drainage issues, by:

  • Changing the topography of the terrain to reroute water.
  • Mixing sand and other organic materials into the soil to improve its absorption abilities.
  • Installing dry creek beds, French drains or surface drains.
  • Building a natural rain garden, that is both attractive and useful, because it captures excess water runoff.

We also enjoy making landscaping enhancements for commercial property owners and managers overseeing the grounds of hotels, office and retail properties, multi-family dwellings, retirement communities and even industrial parks, that add value and make the grounds safe and inviting for employees, customers and occupants, alike.

Contact U.S. Lawns of Fredericksburg today to find out more about all the ways we can improve your grounds to help meet your company’s goals and raise your property values in the process.

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Services Included In Our Commercial Landscape Enhancement Contracts

Seasonal Color – We’ll create new flower beds strategically placed to add colorful curb appeal and draw attention to signage and entryways; plant floral borders along scenic pathways; place potted plants around entrances and hardscape features; and can even install ornamental blossoming trees and shrubs. We’ll plan ahead too, so when a new season comes around, we’ll be there planting fresh flowers to welcome in spring, summer and autumn.

Hardscapes –Your U.S. Lawns of Fredericksburg landscape improvement experts can build rock or paver stone patios, add wooden or stone benches, and even create attractive water features to provide special places for people to take a break and enjoy time outdoors.

Permanent Ground Cover – We can place permanent ground cover like crushed shell, pea stones and gravel in problem areas that receive heavy foot traffic or are too deeply shaded to support healthy plant and turf growth.

So if you’re responsible for managing a commercial landscape in the region, you can depend on your local U.S. Lawns team to make quality enhancements to your commercial property that are well worth the investment.


Anthony Jackson

[email protected]

Anthony Jackson is owner/operator of U.S. Lawns – Fredericksburg VA. He is a retired First Responder Chief Officer with over 37 years of exceptional performance within the public safety ecosystem and received the Medal of Valor for his actions while off-duty. He received a Certificate of Public Management from the George Washington University Executive Leadership Institute.

Having demonstrated many years of leadership through the process of building quality teams and strong working relationships with peers, superiors, stakeholders, and community members, he felt a perfect next step would be to own his own business, and with his passion for the outdoors, he chose the landscape industry and joined the U.S. Lawns family. Anthony excels at providing exemplary customer service, and fostering an atmosphere of trust, teamwork, development, and communication through coaching, mentoring, and servant leadership principles, and he is using these talents to grow his business. In his leisure time, Anthony enjoys fishing, reading and spending time with family.


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