Commercial Grounds

Quality Care for Plants and Turf, Combined with Proper Irrigation Management.

Commercial Grounds Care — Helping You Achieve a More Vigorous Lawn

U.S. Lawns professionals believe that the healthiest and most beautiful landscapes come from providing quality care for plants and turf, combined with proper irrigation management.

Let Us Take Care of The Health of Your Grounds

You probably know that your soil requires proper food and hydration so your grass, plants, and flowers can thrive. But sometimes, even if you water and fertilize grass regularly, you still can’t achieve the lush, green space you envisioned. That could be frustrating and time-consuming, especially for property managers and business owners who already have too much on their plate. With our expertise in commercial grounds maintenance, we can make sure that your grass is healthy and thriving.

We Are Grounds Care Experts

In over 250 U.S. Lawns locations all over the country, we have teams of grounds care experts that know how to get to the root of your grounds care and turf needs. For some regions, they may provide soil aeration, especially if your soil is compacted. Soil aeration, after all, helps grass roots get more air and nutrients, which helps the roots grow deeper and stronger, resulting in a more lush and healthier turf.

In some instances, our grounds care experts may also perform dethatching. Thatch is a loose layer of dead grass roots and stems that builds up between the plants and soil, over time. When the thatch layer is thin, you don’t need to worry about it. In fact, a thin layer of thatch helps make your grass look greener and healthier, as it produces nutrients for the soil as it decomposes. But, when that layer becomes too thick, it can do the opposite and suffocate your lawn. Moreover, thick layers of thatch can invite unwanted pests that can harm your turf.

Speaking of garden pests, our grounds care professionals also control weeds and remove other debris that can be a haven for pests like slugs, grubs, and moles. Performing these tasks can prevent plant diseases and funguses from taking over your lawn, as well.

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We Design a Care Plan for Your Grounds

With our grounds care expertise, we design a specific, long-term care plan. After all, a one-time service mentioned above is not enough — grounds care services have to be performed on a regular basis. With our grounds care plan, we can make sure that your landscape is healthy and vigorous all year round.

Whether you’re the property manager of an apartment community, hotel, retail mall, or an industrial park, our commercial grounds maintenance will help you achieve a lush, green lawn from season to season. Call us today to request a proposal.


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