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If you manage a property, it’s important to stay alert to the signs that you’re ready for some commercial landscape improvements. Sometimes even a seemingly small problem can be an indication that there is a larger underlying issue, and ignoring these small problems can lead to costly repairs later on. When you partner with U.S. Lawns, our maintenance experts will be able to keep an eye on your landscape for you, ensuring that none of the signs of larger problems go undetected. Below are a few of the common signs we watch for when we’re working on your landscape.

#1. Weeds in Flower Beds

Weeds are literally a “garden-variety” problem when it comes to landscaping. Every home gardener knows that managing weeds is a common concern. However, did you know that weeds in your flower beds might be a sign that your mulch needs to be replenished? The right mulch can do a lot to prevent weeds from happening. Even something as simple as blocking out light is a great way to prevent weeds from sprouting up. If weeds are popping up in your flower beds, it might be time for a fresh layer of mulch.

#2. Runoff

Runoff is another seemingly small problem that can indicate a larger issue. It might be a sign that you don’t have effective drainage in the area. Ineffective drainage has the potential to become an expensive problem when your plants and flowers “drown” from over-watering. Runoff can also indicate that you might have a leaking or weeping valve. These maintenance issues can also turn into bigger problems when your landscape isn’t watered effectively. U.S. Lawns is an irrigation expert, and we know what it takes to tackle these and many other irrigation problems.

#3. Your Turf Isn’t Even

Maybe it’s brown patches, or maybe it’s  just that your grass doesn’t look the same in every area. Uneven turf can be a sign of a few different problems. Sometimes it’s an indication that you’re not using the right fertilizer, and other times it’s a signal that you have a pest problem. It keeps your landscape from looking its best, and can be an indication that a more serious problem is brewing. One of the benefits of working with U.S. Lawns is that our regular maintenance helps to prevent issues like this from arising in the first place, saving you from needing costly commercial landscape improvements. Keep your lawn looking great from end-to-end by trusting us with your landscaping needs.

#4. Overgrown Trees

Many property owners don’t think of overgrown trees when they imagine commercial landscape improvements. Overgrown trees are not only a nuisance, they can also be a hazard. Branches pose a risk to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists and can cause a real mess when needles and leaves are shed. Don’t neglect the trees when you consider improvements to your landscape.

These are just four common commercial landscape improvements that many property owners are in need of. U.S. Lawns can help you to identify these improvements before they turn into costly hazards. Contact us today to learn more.

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