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Whether you manage two properties in a portfolio or twenty, maintaining multiple landscapes can be a real challenge. You need a simple solution to make sure the grounds of all your properties properly represent your brand, regardless of size or location. If you’re looking for a way to get quality, consistent commercial landscape maintenance services at every location you manage, here are seven tips to help.

Use a Consistent Landscape Provider

Regardless of how far apart your properties are, you want to know that you have a single grounds care provider that can get the job done and get it done right. The most successful property managers know that the details matter, so if you’re using multiple landscaping companies, there is great potential for noticeable differences from one location to the next.

Everything people see should have the same consistency, which is why a partner like U.S. Lawns works so well. We have branches all over the country, which means we can bring consistent landscaping to almost any commercial property whether they are two or 200 miles apart.

Partner with a National Network for Price Flexibility

The more properties you have, the more flexibility you have in terms of pricing when you choose a nationwide brand like U.S. Lawns. With us as your commercial landscape provider, you are utilizing the power of the network we’ve built through our connected owners all across the country. We have internal systems that enable all U.S. Lawns owners to connect and share best practices, which means your properties will receive the utmost in care and consistency. All your properties are covered with one landscape maintenance provider, and you may be able to save money because of that – not to mention the convenience of working with just one company for all the properties in your portfolio as opposed to several different landscape professionals.

Identify Which Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Each Property Needs

If you have a diverse portfolio, you need to evaluate what every property needs in terms of commercial landscape maintenance services. If one has more turf, it requires maintenance services such as mowing and irrigation, whereas if a property is covered with hardscape, there needs to be maintenance for it factored into your grounds care management plan.

Choose Commercial Landscaping Services to Enhance Each Property’s Value

Landscape enhancements can do a lot for commercial properties. Having potted plants, fresh mulch, or ornamental trees can do wonders. The value of a landscape is defined by even the smallest details, so a splash of seasonal color, neatly trimmed hedges, and well-kept, healthy grass and trees can improve the value of all your properties.

Coordinate Color Schemes

Planting can require some time, preparation and knowledge in order to do it right. You need to know which plants are native to different regions and what seasons each one thrives in. With a commercial landscape specialist like U.S. Lawns, you don’t have to worry about it. Our employees are trained experts when it comes to all things horticultural, so we’ll recommend the plants that work best in each environment, adding value to every location you manage.

Plan Ahead for Snow and Ice

Depending on where some of your properties are, snow and ice management may be an imperative service to schedule sooner rather than later. If your properties are in a region that experiences frigid weather, you need a grounds care partner with snow and ice management expertise. Our services help keep your properties accessible and well-kept during the winter months, and they also keep your landscapes preserved and healthy until spring comes around. In addition, your local U.S. Lawns team will be there, treating for ice, shoveling snow from your pathways and plowing parking areas.

Address Any Problems Before They Become Problems

One of the many benefits of choosing U.S. Lawns over another commercial landscape maintenance provider is our proactive communication. We care a lot about quality control, which is why we promote two-way communication with our customers. If you hear about an issue with your landscape or foresee a potential problem, you can reach out to the nearest U.S. Lawns and we will come and take care of it. You don’t want loose or low-hanging branches, faulty irrigation, or diseased turf on your property, which is why we’re always on the lookout so we can make sure anything that needs to be addressed will be – in a timely fashion.

Here at U.S. Lawns, we care about our customers and are committed to ensuring every landscape we manage has the right commercial landscape maintenance services to be healthy and look beautiful. If you’re a property manager searching for a grounds care provider that can service all your commercial properties, we’ve got you covered.

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