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U.S. Lawns offers a wide range of commercial landscaping services. We are far more than grass cutters; we offer full-service grounds care to our customers with fully customizable service plans so that your property gets the service it needs, when it needs it. In addition, each of our locations across the country is owned by a local owner-operator who is as invested in the community as you are. And we promise to improve our community in ways everyone can see.

Customizable Service Plans

We’ve been in business since 1986, and we know that no two properties are alike, and each has its own unique needs and goals. Commercial properties are as individual as their owners and the businesses that operate on them, so we work closely with you to provide the specific services you need at the specific times you need them.

Community Owner-Operator

At every U.S. Lawns location across the country, we are constantly working to improve our communities and improve lives. Each of our locations is owned by an independent franchisee who is a member of the local community. And each owner strives to create a personal connection between U.S. Lawns and their customers so that together we can enhance the beauty of our community.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Here are eight services that we offer our clients:

1. Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful landscape requires regular, ongoing services that include scheduled mowing, trimming, weeding flowerbeds, and pruning shrubs.

2. Landscape Improvements

There are many different ways that you can improve your landscape and add value to your property—updating flower beds, changing to an eco-friendly design, improving drainage, and so much more. Improving the landscape can make your property more efficient, more budget-friendly, and more beautiful.

3. Lawn Care

Taking proper care of turf areas of a lawn is more than just regularly cutting the grass (although that is important too). Turf care involves knowing what nutrients different turf types need during specific times of year and providing that with care. Our experts take into consideration the species of grass, as well as determining if and when weeds, pests, and diseases may need to be treated to keep your turf beautiful.

4. Irrigation

Proper maintenance or upgrading your irrigation system will not only help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful, it may also help conserve water and save you money by running more efficiently. We provide everything from seasonal maintenance to systems diagnostics to help your system run well all year long.

5. Tree Care

Trees and shrubs are one of the largest investments in your property, adding greatly to the value and making a huge impact on the appearance of your landscape. Not only that, but they can provide much needed shade for buildings, cars, and pedestrians, so properly caring for them is a must. Work with our team of professionals who know the proper way to prune shrubs and trees to a safe height, while keeping them healthy and looking their best.

6. Snow and Ice Management

In cold climates, snow can be unpredictable. Managing the snow and ice that accumulates in parking lots and on walkways is essential to help keep people safe. Work with us for peace of mind, so you can know that when snow is in the forecast, you are prepared.

7. Hardscape

The balance between softscape (your turf, shrubs, trees, and plants) and hardscape (concrete, stone, and wood) is the key to a beautiful and functional landscape. We design, install, and maintain hardscapes with your business and its goals in mind.

8. Multi-Property

Many of our clients own multiple properties, or branded properties, with chain stores that need to be beautified and maintained. Our nationwide network has the resources, manpower, and tools to service all of your properties with ease.

U.S. Lawns has been a leader in commercial landscape management since 1986, and our expertise is unparalleled in the industry. Get in touch with us to find the location nearest you and benefit from the power of our network.

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