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Maintaining your landscape by having properly mowed grass, adequately watered flowers, and strategically placed ornamental trees may seem like enough for your hotel or resort to bring people in, get them to stay, and make them want to return again; but there are other additional elements that can help maximize your hotel’s landscape to its fullest potential. A hotel’s landscape is complex, and often requires more than just commercial lawn services. Find an expert who can help you with these 3 things to add a splash of color and an aesthetic to your hotel’s exterior.

Accentuating the Landscape

Flowers, shrubs, and seasonal plants can all play important roles in accentuating your hotel’s landscape. Instead of just utilizing random plants to place around your hotel’s commercial landscape, choose a color palette that is best suited for your brand, or use it to create a response you want your guests to feel.

Color theory and psychology have found that colors can evoke emotional responses and feelings out of people. Reds can signal comfort, blues signal calmness, greens signal tranquility, and yellows signal happiness. By understanding the effects your color palette can have on the guests approaching your hotel, you can create a first impression before they even walk through your doors.

Creating an environment that best suits your brand requires thought and effort up front, followed by dedication to maintaining it. You need commercial lawn services with experts to help create scenery that will draw guests in and get them to stay. Here at U.S. Lawns, we offer landscaping improvement services to encompass all your aesthetic needs to have a beautiful exterior with a purpose behind it.

Keeping Lawns Maintained and Green with Commercial Lawn Services

It’s not just about the little things; more often than not, guests will notice when a hotel’s lawn is overgrown, patchy, or dry. This is why it is important that lawns are well-maintained throughout the seasons. Utilizing commercial lawn services through experts can help save you time and money. They have a wide range of industry knowledge and can help properly maintain your irrigation system with scheduled inspections and by making the right adjustments to distribute water to the grass and plants sufficiently and effectively. Commercial lawn experts offer all the commercial lawn services you need.

It is also important to use a commercial lawn company who can properly fertilize your lawn and offer pest control. Proper fertilization is important because it provides proper nutrition for your plants and grass, which improves the health and longevity of it.

Adjusting to the Seasons

The seasons come and go, and with regular scheduled maintenance, the incorporation of an effective irrigation system, proper fertilizer, and pest control, your grassy areas can thrive. A seasonal rotation of flower and plant colors on your grounds can make a dramatic statement and can match the popular colors of the season. For example, more pastel and lighter colors in the spring or reds, oranges, and browns in the fall. These changes in your plant beds enhance your landscape and can go a long way to impress your guests.

In addition to commercial lawn services, if you own a hotel in the northern United States, choosing a commercial lawn care company that offers snow and ice management to keep your hardscape intact through the cold months is something to consider as well. U.S. Lawns has services for it all from landscape enhancements to snow management, so we have you covered through all the seasons to help you bring guests in to stay and come back again.

We offer a wide variety of services for hotels and resorts to add a splash of color to their landscapes and keep them looking good and healthy throughout the seasons.

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