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Fall is here, and Mother Nature has some beautiful flowers and plants that could liven up your landscape. When you enlist our commercial landscaping services, we can help you access some of the most beautiful annuals of the season. Red, orange, and yellow are colors that embody the warm spirit of the fall, and your visitors, customers, and employees will love to see that your property has come alive with color. 

The Benefits of Fall Color

People everywhere love the fall, with the change of season and the cooler weather, giving them a chance to spend more time outdoors. Eye-catching seasonal color is a great way to capture the attention of passers-by and make your commercial property a more appealing place 


Unique Opportunities for Seasonal Beauty

Depending on where you live, the varieties of annual flowers that can brighten up your property will vary. Sunflowers are a popular fall annual that thrive in many regions. In colder areas, golden calendula flowers are popular among commercial landscapes. Wherever you’re located, our commercial landscaping services include finding and tending beautiful annuals on your property.

Of course, seasonal beauty doesn’t necessarily require flowers. Many ornamental trees are more beautiful than ever in the fall as leaves begin to change color. Our teams will strategically prune your ornamental trees throughout the year, so they have the maximum impact on your landscape in the fall.

One of the best parts about choosing our commercial landscaping services is that we plan ahead. When fall rolls around, it can be difficult to secure just the right annuals for your property as they’re often in high demand. We place orders for our customers well in advance so they’re sure to receive just the colorful fall plants they need. 


U.S. Lawns Keeps Landscapes Looking Great Year-Round

As fall turns to winter we’ll prepare your property for the cold months ahead by winterizing your irrigation system, carefully raking up leaves, and mowing your lawn to just the right height. When the thaw is over, we’ll get you ready for spring and summer by again securing the flowers you’ll want ahead of time. We’ll also make regular trips to your property to carefully tend your plants as they begin to bloom. Our careful attention ensures that your trees, shrubs, and lawn stay healthy year-round.


Contact us today to learn more about how our commercial landscaping services can prepare your property for its most beautiful fall season.


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