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It’s Time To Plan Your Commercial Property’s Landscape Maintenance Services For The Months Ahead

If you’re responsible for managing the grounds of a commercial property, it’s time to get together with your local U.S. Lawns landscape maintenance partner and put a plan in place to ensure your landscaping needs are covered for the months ahead.

The Benefits of a Landscape Maintenance Schedule

There are a number of benefits to having a landscape maintenance schedule:

  • Planning ahead prioritizes your property’s grounds care and you’ll be on our calendar to ensure proper timing of all services.
  • It enables U.S. Lawns (or any professional landscape management partner) to make certain we have the proper tools and crew members on site to perform all necessary commercial landscape maintenance services most efficiently, giving you the most out of your landscaping investment.
  • A yearly landscape maintenance schedule is also crucial to helping you budget for the year ahead, because you’ll know which landscaping services are necessary for the health of your landscape and when those services will happen.
  • You’re able to avoid unexpected hazards and expenses by catching and addressing potential issues early on.

Include These Important Commercial Landscape Services In Your Maintenance Schedule

Whether you’re responsible for the grounds of a hotel or resort, retail property, office park, industrial complex, or multi-family dwelling or HOA, these landscaping services should be included in your landscape maintenance schedule:

Lawn and Turf Care, which includes regular mowing, trimming hedges, edging around flower and plant beds, walkways, and curbs.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Maintenance, with regular pruning, trimming and inspecting for signs of pests or disease so any issues can be addressed before it becomes a real problem.

Irrigation Maintenance must also take place routinely. Your U.S. Lawns irrigation specialists will check for leaks, inspect spray heads and other components for damage, make repairs and adjustments, and keep your irrigation system operating efficiently and doing its job. We will also make sure to include winterization and spring start-up services on the schedule, ensuring your irrigation system survives the winter and functions smoothly when springtime arrives.

Plant Health Services, to keep your trees, shrubs, grass and other plantings healthy and free of pests. This could include application of fertilizer and treatments when necessary.

Flower and Ornamental Grass Bed Services, which may just be weed management, but could also include planting new flowers or plants to add a splash of fresh seasonal color.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services, to remove dead leaves and other debris and prepare your landscape to thrive throughout every season.

Snow and Ice Services, for the regions that experience wintry precipitation and need to address snow and ice on exterior steps, walkways, driveways, and parking areas.

Choose A Landscape Maintenance Partner That Can Do It All

Your U.S. Lawns landscape maintenance professionals have the training, capabilities and professionalism to perform all these landscape maintenance services and then some.

Contact us today and let’s get all your commercial landscape maintenance scheduled so you can check the task of grounds care off your list for the rest of the year.

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