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Commercial landscape maintenance services are being performed on landscapes across the nation, and typically the focus is on spring and summer months when flowers are blooming and everything is growing. As property managers get ready for winter in colder regions, they’re ensuring they have planned ahead for snow and ice. Most regions are also preparing their turf for winter weed control. Nationwide, ornamental tree care should also be in focus. There are lots of simple steps you can take to care for your property’s ornamental trees that can keep them in good health through the winter and ensure they come back in the spring with healthy growth you expect. Learn about a few of U.S. Lawns’ secrets for winter ornamental tree preparation here.

About Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees stand taller than shrubs and hedges and are a great way to add dimension to any landscape or to define an entryway. They often produce stunning colors either through their foliage, or as with some, their endless array of colorful flowers. Flowering varieties include a stand-out favorite, crape myrtles, which grow in most parts of the country and come in a wide variety of heights and flower colors. Dogwoods, cherry trees and magnolias are other flowering favorites, and will thrive, depending on the region. When it comes to beautiful foliage, Japanese maples, zelkovas, and beeches stand out, again, depending on the region.

Unlike many seasonal flowers, these trees can live for decades if they’re cared for properly. Fertile soil and water are key to their health, but pruning is also an important consideration. Regular pruning by experts directs growth energy to the strongest and most beautiful branches, keeping ornamental trees looking their best.

How Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Prepare Ornamental Trees for Winter

Strategic pruning is also an important part of winter preparation in many regions of the U.S. Pruning prevents limbs from becoming “sails” that can pull trees down in high winds. Not only does this protect your ornamental trees, it increases visibility and can prevent time-consuming cleanups and costly property damage later in the season.

Other ways we prepare ornamental trees for winter include:

When Winter Arrives

Our teams provide regular commercial landscape maintenance services throughout the season, so we’re around to keep an eye on our customers’ ornamental trees. We clear icy buildup from limbs and use ice removal products that won’t harm your ornamental trees or other plants. We spot the signs of potential problems early, to keep your trees healthy.

Other Winter Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

U.S. Lawns is your resource for total landscape maintenance in winter and throughout the rest of the year. When you create a custom plan with us, our teams will take care of your property so you can focus on running your business. Our other winter landscaping services include pre-treating with deicing agents, clearing snow and storm response – you can count on us to spring into action when snow flies so your property can be accessed by visitors and/or residents as soon as possible.

When spring arrives, we’ll have your property back into shape and looking great by caring for your lawn, planting colorful flowers, setting up your irrigation system, installing fresh much when needed, and more. When you partner with U.S. Lawns, you can rely on us to create a proper schedule for your commercial landscape’s maintenance that keeps it looking beautiful, year-round.

Interested in setting up commercial landscape maintenance services for your grounds and ornamental trees? Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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