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Commercial landscaping services don’t just keep properties beautiful; they help to keep them safe. Safety hazards like fallen trees, slippery walkways, and overgrown hardscapes can put anyone on your property at unnecessary risk. Now obviously, there is no guarantee on keeping your property accident-free – it’s impossible to predict every safety hazard, but U.S. Lawns can help you substantially reduce the risk of accidents brought about by unsafe conditions.

How Do Unsafe Situations Arise?

No property owner or manager wants to foster an unsafe environment, but even the most well-intentioned managers can inadvertently contribute to hazardous conditions that could be avoided by partnering with a dedicated commercial landscaping expert like U.S. Lawns. For example, strong spring or winter storms can cause damage to property and create unplanned hazards. Getting on the list for a cleanup crew can be costly and there could be long delays, leaving your property at risk. Furthermore, areas of the property that aren’t often visited might become overgrown, obstructing pathways. 

When it comes to addressing these situations effectively, you want to contract with an experienced landscaper. U.S. Lawns has been in the commercial landscaping business for more than 30 years, and our teams work diligently to keep all our customers’ properties healthy and beautiful from corner to corner, even when unexpected situations arise; and our fast response time minimizes potential damage as well as the duration your property will be waiting in disarray. 

What Can Property Owners Do?

As we mentioned earlier, anticipating every potential hazard is impossible. That being said, there are things that property owners and managers can do to reduce the likelihood of accidents on their property. Regular inspections of the property can help to identify potential problems (like leaning trees, breaking branches or overgrown walkways) before they become more serious. It’s also wise to invest in repairs (like cracks in sidewalks or small potholes) right away, reducing the likelihood that someone will get hurt. Finally, one of the most important things that can be done is to find a commercial landscaping partner to help keep the grounds clear of hazards and looking great. U.S. Lawns provides regular maintenance to keep commercial properties in top shape, while working within our clients’ budgets. 

What Does U.S. Lawns Commercial Landscaping Do To Help Ensure Safety?

Many people are already familiar with the U.S. Lawns brand as a company that beautifies commercial properties, but fewer people realize that we actually help keep properties safe as well. Our expert commercial landscaping teams can install and improve hardscapes like water features, benches, and paver walkways. Our regular visits to the properties we serve help to keep all of these elements functioning properly, and we perform regular inspections to ensure their safety. Furthermore, our teams provide valuable snow and ice maintenance services and storm cleanup when it’s needed, removing branches and clearing pathways of debris. We also keep plants and ornamental trees well-manicured and pruned throughout the year, reducing the likelihood that branches will snap off during a storm, and we manage fallen leaves in autumn. These are just a few of the commercial landscaping services we provide that help to increase the safety of our customers’ properties.

Learn more about the ways professional commercial landscaping services can help you minimize safety risks on your property. Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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