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U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping services for the summer are especially important. Not only is special care essential during the scorching summer heat, more people outside means more eyes on your landscape — so it will need to look its best! U.S. Lawns takes pride in creating beautiful summer landscapes across the country. Learn about a few of these seasonal services, here. 

Irrigation System Maintenance & Replacement

When you contract with us for summer services, we’ll ensure that your irrigation system is working properly and watering the right areas of your landscape throughout the season. This is an especially important commercial landscaping service for the summer because nothing can ruin an otherwise beautiful landscape like scorched grass or withering plants. Our attention to your irrigation system now and throughout the year helps to prevent outcomes like these.

We know that water bills are an important consideration, and we’ll help you stay within your budget to achieve a beautiful and healthy landscape. We might even be able to help you save on your water bill by switching to a smart irrigation system! Rather than working on timers, these systems utilize soil and environmental sensors to water exactly when and where it’s needed. 

Regular Mowing and Lawn Care

In many regions, lawns are their most vibrant during the summer months. Commercial properties all strive to achieve the most beautiful lawn in their neighborhood, but developing the perfect lawn care plan can be tricky. U.S. Lawns can help!

Your lawn needs to be kept neatly mowed and edged to thrive and catch the attention of passers-by. Furthermore, weeds and pests need to be kept to a minimum to ensure your lawn’s lasting health. U.S. Lawns can provide an agronomic plan to help control weeds and manage pests while keeping your landscape healthy overall.

U.S. Lawns develops a unique lawn care plan for each of our clients that ensures your lawn’s unique needs are met throughout the summer and beyond.

Attention to Seasonal Flowers

Many flowers, such as begonias and petunias, are in full bloom throughout the summer. U.S. Lawns helps our customers make the most of these beauties by providing them with proper care, ensuring they reach their full life expectancy. Some of our commercial clients choose varieties that naturally thrive in their region, while others seek out flowers in their company’s colors. For many of our landscaping teams, caring for seasonal flowers is one of their favorite commercial landscaping services for the summer!

If you don’t have summer flowers on your property, we can help you find and plant them (if there’s enough time left in the season) or can make a plan to plant them next spring! Our vast network of suppliers helps us to secure the flowers you’ll want well in advance. 

Want to learn more about our wide range of commercial landscaping services for the summer? Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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