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Many people travel during the winter. Whether it’s for work, vacation, or visiting family for the holidays, hotels are constantly busy. The most successful hospitality managers know the guest experience begins the moment the property comes into view. Since your exterior is your first customer touchpoint, use your grounds to attract your audience.


Here are 4 commercial landscaping services that’ll give you an edge over competitors, when you partner with U.S. Lawns.

1. Consistent Landscape Maintenance

The first step to having a neat and orderly landscape is to have it consistently maintained. This means trimming ornamental trees, shrubs, and bushes, managing weeds, keeping your irrigation system operating at peak performance, and making sure the turf stays healthy. When guests arrive at your hotel, they want to see that time and effort has been put into all the details, and this includes the grounds of your establishment. By investing in consistent commercial landscape maintenance services, you’re demonstrating that you are dedicated to making their complete hotel experience as perfect as possible.

2. Landscape Enhancements That Add Value

Enhancements are great for hotels and resorts because they add color, warmth, and value to the property. Explore services such as rotation of color-coordinated flowers that reflect seasons and holidays – yellows and greens in the summer; reds and oranges in the fall – or to express your brand message.

Another service hotels and hospitality customers benefit from is hardscape maintenance and upkeep, which can involve placement and ongoing care of potted plants around the pool and gathering areas, supporting proper drainage with the incorporation of permeable paver walking paths and patios, and providing welcoming outdoor seating made of natural stone.

3. Lawn Care Maintenance

Not every hotel has a lawn, but if yours does, it is imperative to have consistent, quality commercial lawn care maintenance. You don’t want your guests to see unevenly mowed, patchy turf. This could deter them from returning because it shows that the hotel does not give proper attention to its own lawn. This is where partnering with U.S. Lawns offers another great advantage.

Our services can provide holistic lawn care that makes sure your turf is free of weeds and debris, evenly mowed and properly hydrated. Our irrigation maintenance services cover everything you need to keep your lawn looking healthy, while also saving you money by efficiently watering the greenery and not the sidewalks and parking lots.

Guests like to see that green, lush area that could be used for weddings, picnics, walks, or simply a nice view that they can enjoy while they are traveling.

4. Commercial Landscaping Services That Cover Everything You Need

We cover it all here at U.S. Lawns. Whether your hotel has multiple locations across the country, acres of land, or just a small pool area, we have the commercial landscaping services you need to maintain a beautiful landscape that guests will appreciate, within your budget.

We are dedicated to bringing our customers’ lawn and landscape care to their specific property needs, so we work together with them to customize the right grounds care management strategy. We treat every lawn like our own, as we live and breathe our motto: “Your Turf. Our Lawn.”

Find out what commercial landscaping services bring the most value to your hotel or resort property by requesting a free proposal.

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