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Elevate spirits and spread a little extra holiday cheer by making some simple, well-placed landscape enhancements. 

Take Advantage Of Seasonal Color 

When you think about seasonal color, you probably envision the vibrant blooms of spring daffodils, summer peonies and fall chrysanthemums; but the winter holidays offer a prime opportunity to spruce up your property using planters and the plant beds alike, filled with a variety of brightly colored plantings in hues reminiscent of the season. 

Some great flora choices to bring holiday cheer include:

  • Poinsettias – which come with colorful blooms in tones of pink, pure or creamy whites, light and dark greens, burgundy and crimson reds and various oranges. 
  • Paperwhites – which are members of the daffodil family that put on festive and incredibly fragrant blooms. 
  • Amaryllises – which are known for their huge, showy flowers that come in an endless mixture of reds and whites both soft and bold. 
  • Christmas Cacti – which are long-lived plants that tend to bloom right around the winter holidays with gorgeous flowers of hot pink, red, white, orange or purple. 

While you want to be cautious with placement of these traditional container plants to protect them from frigid temperatures, if you’re located in a region where the climate is more temperate, you have an even wider selection of holiday plants you can choose from to include in flower beds, as borders, in outside displays and other strategic locations–bloomers such as begonias, cyclamen and Helleborus (also known as Lenten rose).

Include The Trees 

Of course, the creation of every holiday scene should include the trees throughout your grounds. Not only can you utilize twinkling lights to liven up dormant trees, but you can also adorn a choice live pine, spruce or fir with Christmas lights and decorations to help people ring in the holidays–and the added benefit to having evergreens on your landscape is that with proper care, they’ll stay green year-round and many also have red, blue or purple berries to lend an extra splash of natural color that will brighten up the winter landscape. 

There are even ornamental evergreens in containers that can be decorated and incorporated into seasonal displays around entryways and in common areas, too. 

Incorporate Other Landscape Elements Into Your Holiday Decorating Plan 

Now, while we’re on the subject of using lights and Christmas decorations to highlight your live plants and trees, you also want to incorporate other landscape elements into your holiday decorating plan. For example:

  • Environmentally safe wreaths and garland look lovely on doors and can also draw attention to other focal points like special signage and hardscape features. 
  • Ribbons can be used to transform columns into candy canes.
  • Interactive lighting displays and outdoor inflatable snowmen can be installed to attract passersby.
  • Festive solar lights are available to illuminate walkways and patio areas while keeping people in the spirit of the season.
  • Colorful lights can be strung along rooflines, around trees, and used to beautify water fountains that have been shut down for the season. 
  • Boxes with weight added (or even bricks and cinderblocks) can be wrapped like gifts to be placed under the Christmas trees and used as part of other displays. 
  • There are even giant Christmas balls made especially for outdoor placement.

Truly, the possibilities for turning your commercial landscape into a winter wonderland are infinite, especially if you start planning earlier in the year. And if your task list is just too full to consider taking on another project, you’re in luck! 

Simply get in touch with your local landscape enhancement professionals of U.S. Lawns. With more than 250 locations throughout the country, we’re here to serve your business, and we specialize in everything from mowing and weed control to planting and caring for trees and shrubs to keeping flowerbeds filled with freshly blooming flowers to making certain your lawn sprinkler system is keeping the flora well-watered (and not the streets and sidewalks), and yes, we’ll even assist with the holiday decorating to keep your property’s exterior making its best impression throughout every season. So, find out more by contacting us today!

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