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When you’re focused on doing everything in your power to effectively achieve your company’s goals, utilizing your landscape to its greatest advantage can make a measurable difference. But knowing how to evaluate your landscaping budget can seem particularly daunting, and you may even consider putting it off and “just maintaining” as is. Fortunately, your commercial landscaping services provider should be able to make it easy for you.

If U.S. Lawns is your landscape management partner you already know, we make a point of learning about our customers’ challenges and objectives, so we can do our part to keep the landscapes making their best contributions. With this at the forefront, the first thing we do is look at your property through your eyes, so we can develop a commercial landscaping plan that meets your unique needs.

This is also our advice to every commercial property owner and manager.

Look at Your Commercial Property Through the Eyes of Your Customers

Your goal with this exercise is to see what your audience is most likely to respond to, so it’s critical to take a wide view of your property from your customers’ perspectives.

Does your property’s exterior make the impression you’re aiming for?

You could be trying to attract lodgers; close quality leasing agreements; offer a public outdoor space where kids can play, and families can spend time together; provide a soothing environment that promotes wellness at a convalescent home; or maybe you need to keep areas around loading docks, parking lots, driveways and roadways clear of obstructions for delivery drivers, clients and employees.

How does your property appear to passersby–whether they’re slower moving pedestrians or are viewing your grounds at driving speed?

If your company’s success depends on being visible and attractive to prospective clients, this is an important step to take because if they’re unable to see your signage or your property is lacking curb appeal, you’re losing business.

Are your grounds offering what your customers value?

It could be as simple as providing an attractive view for business professionals, diners at a restaurant or patrons of retail establishment; or your grounds receive a lot of foot traffic, so you need to make sure there are plenty of walkways and eye appeal.

Are there any hazards or safety issues that need to be addressed?

Things like cracked or broken pavement that could present a fall risk; low hanging tree limbs that may be dangerous, and overgrown shrubs that can block views for drivers or provide hiding places for criminals are all crucial safety hazards to stay ahead of.

Are all elements of the softscape healthy and verdant?

Now here’s a big one that not only influences how your property is received by others, but can also make a major impact on your commercial landscaping budget:

If people see dead turf areas; weeds; overgrown vegetation; unpruned trees and shrubberies; or trash and debris, they tend to read that as a direct reflection on the type of experience they’re likely to have and will for your competitor instead. You need to make sure debris removal is included as part of your regular landscape maintenance plan and also prioritize flora removal and replacement as well as trimming and pruning services right away!

Plan with Your Commercial Landscaping Partner Now for the Year to Come

Once you’ve taken a good look at your commercial grounds, it’s time to start building your budget, and your landscape management team can make it a lot easier for you, especially if you’re partnering with the landscaping professionals of U.S. Lawns.

We’ll come and walk your property with you so we can start planning for more than just the routine maintenance that needs to happen from month to month throughout the year.

We’ll help you decide what landscape enhancements will best serve your purpose and determine the monthly expenses involved:

Then we’ll incorporate new plantings such as sod (or reseeding or overseeding sparse grassy areas), shrubs, ornamental trees, the seasonal colors of annual and perennial flowers, and native grasses, as well as schedule the installation of your new greenery for the proper time of year so they’ll take hold and flourish.

We’ll also help you incorporate drainage solutions; add irrigation system repairs and upgrades and plan for the addition of hardscapes like flagstone or paver pathways and patios, gazebos and pergolas, covered tables, benches, planters, water features, and recreation areas.

Then we’ll create a schedule of services needed to keep your grounds beautiful and functional and give you an expectation of what the cost will be, so you can more effectively budget for everything your commercial landscape requires for the upcoming year. We’ll even help you look ahead so you can build in unexpected renovations that may become necessary.

Partner with U.S. Lawns for National Backing and Stellar Service

The best part about partnering with U.S. Lawns is that you have access to landscaping specialists that all share the same dedication, superior training and processes and the highest quality standards from locally owned and operated locations throughout the country. Even better? With our national support from vendor partners and the U.S. Lawns Home Office team, we are able to pass substantial cost savings to your company.

So, get in touch with your local U.S. Lawns so we can start assisting you with your landscaping budget today! Your Turf. Our Lawn.

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