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Springtime Is Your Landscape’s Busy Season

It has been a long, record-breaking winter, and everyone is more than ready to be energized by the arrival of spring and the renewal it brings. Wildlife comes out of hibernation and starts becoming active again, seasonal birds return from their sojourn to warmer climates, and spirits are elevated as the landscape begins to awaken, refreshed from its cold slumber. This is the busiest season for nature, and it’s also the busiest time for your U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping professionals.

What You Can Expect To See As Your Landscape Awakens

So, what can you expect to see going on with your landscape as spring gets into full swing? You’ll notice flowering plants and trees starting to bud and bloom as the trees put on fresh leaves; the foliage on shrubbery becomes more vibrant in color and thickens, filling in gaps from winter damage; and the grass wakes up from its dormancy, turns green and begins to shoot up quickly.

What You Should Expect From Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Partner

Now is the time your landscapers start doing agronomic work – preparing your property for the long, grueling summer ahead. You should expect to see your commercial landscape maintenance provider bringing on new employees and seasonal crew members as they build their staff up to full capacity to handle the busy months ahead.

You’ll also need to be ready to talk to your landscape management partner about planting new spring flowers, repairing winter damaged turf, pruning ornamental trees and shrubs, and upgrading high visibility areas in the landscape.

Watch for your landscaping crew to arrive in uniforms and clean, fresh trucks loaded with fresh equipment, ready to tackle spring startup. This includes getting your irrigation system turned on, adjusted and performing at peak efficiency, and making sure your turf, plants and trees receive proper nutrition and any necessary treatments to ensure your plant health is at an optimum level to endure the long, hot summer.

These are all landscaping services that should be taking place right now, so be on the lookout. And if you need a commercial grounds care partner with the crew, equipment and capabilities to handle all your property’s landscape maintenance needs, contact your local U.S. Lawns today. We’re your commercial landscape maintenance partner for every season in every region.

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