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Owning and managing multiple properties can be very stressful. There are so many details that need your attention, and landscape management is a big one. U.S. Lawns’ nationwide network of commercial grounds care experts know what it takes to meet your landscape maintenance requirements with consistency at each and every property. We’re leaders in the commercial grounds care industry because of our proprietary processes and systems which enable us to deliver consistent quality within the budget you control.

We Have Locally Owned Franchise Locations, So We Know the Community

U.S. Lawns franchise owners are fully invested in their business, and they all demonstrate a deep commitment to improving communities and improving lives. Every franchisee uses a business model that has been tested and proven to be effective through more than 250 franchises nationwide. In addition, every single one shares similar values and goals to help them grow within their community, and one of those goals is 100% customer satisfaction. The people in every community are important to us, and our franchise owners want to help them by bringing beautiful lawns and landscapes to a variety of commercial exteriors.

Aside from being part of their local communities, franchisees are also networked together with one another. The U.S. Lawns Home Office is devoted to helping every franchisee learn and execute the best practices by hosting annual conferences, providing access to training and technology and utilizing digital platforms for franchisees to communicate with one another. Being so connected and rooted to the brand helps us strengthen the bonds that create such a powerful nationwide network, mentor each other and gain a higher level of commercial grounds care expertise through shared insights and continuous learning.

Proactive Grounds Care Communication

Another way we promote consistency in our landscaping is through proactive communication with our customers. As opposed to some commercial grounds care companies who take the approach of reactive conversation (responding to issues after they arise), U.S. Lawns is ever watchful for potential issues, so we can prevent them from becoming costly problems from the start. Our proactive communication includes two-way conversation to discuss anything you think may require our attention, making regular walk-throughs of your properties and the use of our Quality Control Checklist which can be accessed through the U.S. Lawns App. We facilitate conversation directly with you, because we genuinely care about you and the wellbeing of your properties.

Count On Consistent Services Personalized to Your Needs

Every property you own or manage is different, which means every landscape has different needs. We can work with you to create a plan that best fits each and every climate, terrain and landscape you manage, within the budget you want to spend. We offer countless services to help you determine what is best for your landscapes from lawn care maintenance like mowing and pruning ornamental trees and shrubs, to landscape enhancements like mulching, planting flowers that fit the environment, and application of turf treatments.

We offer consistent commercial grounds care services to hotels, retail establishments, restaurants, apartment communities, multi-family units, office buildings, homeowner’s associations, and more. We want to help you with all your commercial landscape maintenance needs through our dedicated franchisees, unwavering commitment to our mission, and customizable services that can be tailored to your commercial grounds and budget.

Choose a commercial grounds care partner who’ll deliver with consistency time after time. Find your nearest U.S. Lawns.


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