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It might still be cold in your area, but it’s already time to start planning for springtime commercial landscaping services. During spring, all of nature’s beauty is on full display, and it’s a favorite time of year for U.S. Lawns because we’re able to help our customers take their properties from winter’s dormant look to landscapes full of new growth and blossoming Spring flowers. Will you be ready for the change of seasons? Use our checklist to find out. 


Get Your Irrigation System Back into Shape

Irrigation system maintenance is one of the more essential commercial landscaping services during spring. Your irrigation system is the lifeblood of your landscape, and it’s critical to keep it working at peak performance. In the colder climates, it’s been offline for the winter, and now it’s time to get it back up and running. In the warmer climates, it’s a good time to make sure all zones are running in peak performance.

As part of Spring Start Up, our crews of professionals will get your irrigation system back up and running and check all the major components to ensure the entire system is functioning properly. They’ll inspect for any damage or inefficiencies, and ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency to help keep your grounds looking great all year. If the winter weather has caused any damage, our teams can repair it.

If and when it’s time for an upgrade from an older irrigation system, we can certainly help you select a smart system that uses soil and barometric sensors to water your landscape just enough, without overwatering. Not only could this beautify your property, but it could also save you money in the long run.

Order Early for the Seasonal Color You Want

You’ll want to make sure you order flowers early to ensure your preferred flowers will be available for your property — popular varieties can sell out fast. U.S. Lawns works with local nurseries to ensure that our customers get the in-demand flowers they want. We plant them at just the right time and care for them throughout the season, so you and those who come onto your property can enjoy them for as long as possible. In truth, many of our owner/operators say planting and caring for spring flowers is their favorite part of the job.

Make Landscaping Improvements

Our landscaping improvements are popular commercial landscaping services during spring. It’s a great time to add features like ornamental trees or shrubs to line a driveway or walking path, or establishing new flowerbeds, rain gardens, paver pathways, and much more. Making these improvements now allows you and your visitors to enjoy them right through to next winter!

U.S. Lawns is capable of tackling all of these jobs and many others.

Ornamental Tree Care

Ornamental trees are on full display in the spring and on through summer, so you’ll want to ensure that they’re healthy and well-pruned. If you took any steps to prepare your trees for winter, now is the time to prepare them for the warmer months ahead. Our team cares for ornamental trees in every season, depending on the unique needs of the variety.

Don’t hesitate when thinking ahead to tackle your spring landscaping cleanup! Let U.S. Lawns help get your property into shape.

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