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Your irrigation system is the lifeblood of your commercial landscape. Irrigation maintenance services for the winter are necessary to keep it working for many seasons to come. Depending on your region, your system will need specialized care to prepare prior to winter freezes to prevent pipes from bursting, storm damage, and more. Here, read about a few of the ways U.S. Lawns takes care of irrigation systems to prepare for winter’s freezing temperatures.

Blowing Out Pipes: A Key Irrigation Maintenance Service for the Winter

Most commercial property managers know that irrigation systems need to be “blown out” to prevent water from freezing, thereby expanding and breaking pipes, valves, and heads. To save time and hassle, some property managers try to simply drain their irrigation systems, but this can leave water behind and lead to damage.

As a matter of course, U.S. Lawns teams blow out our clients’ irrigation systems so they don’t need to worry about broken pipes and freeze damage that may occur during the winter months. If an irrigation system is not winterized properly in the fall, you risk unwanted repairs and expenses when it’s turned on in the spring – an unpleasant surprise when expecting to get your landscape into shape for spring!


Above ground pipes and shut-off valves need to be insulated to prevent them from freezing. Some people opt to use ground cover, while others utilize materials like Styrofoam. There are many DIY methods some commercial property managers utilize to get this done, but U.S. Lawns can take care of insulation professionally to get you the best results. 

Regular Inspections

Lots of things can happen to irrigation systems over the winter, such as pipes cracking from freezing, or sprinkler heads becoming damaged from wear and tear of falling leaves or debris. When this damage isn’t prevented, or detected and fixed in a timely manner, it can lead to exacerbated problems and potentially costly repairs. U.S. Lawns customers can count on our teams to provide them with regular inspections throughout the season. We build lasting relationships with our customers, and regularly visit their properties to ensure that they look great every season. If damage should occur, we’ll likely spot it early on so you can rest easy while we attend to the details of the repair, and you can continue managing your property, knowing our team of professionals will be there for you. This attention to detail is an important part of our irrigation maintenance service for the winter.

Preparing for Spring

When winter ends, our team is there to get your irrigation system back into working order for spring. We’ll assess your system to make sure it’s working properly and is ready to serve your property well. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your system, you might find that switching to a smart system has the potential to save you money while providing your landscape with better irrigation. These systems rely on technology like barometric and soil sensors to keep your landscape healthy without wasting water. We can assess your needs, recommend a great system, and facilitate the installation. 

U.S. Lawns provides irrigation maintenance services for winter and much more. Contact us today to get all of the details!

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