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Vision with Action

By now, you’ve probably heard me share a very important truth that is worth repeating: Opportunities come from revenue, good things come from profit.

Experience tells us that the only way to get there is through the right vision combined with strong action.

Strong Brand = A Better Life

We have something in common. We each became part of U.S. Lawns to make a better life. As long as we keep our brand strong, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of all our stakeholders–ourselves, our families, our employees, our customers and our community. And we have the vision to act on it.

The strength of the U.S. Lawns brand gives us the power to:

  • – Be more in control of our destiny
  • – Create more opportunities for financial advancement as well as personal growth
  • – Have a larger pool of talented people to work with
  • – Grow faster

So, as we begin the new year with our shared 20/20 Vision, we can get excited about the knowledge that we are, in fact, on the pathway to a better life.

Strong Brand = Local Value

Now, let’s get personal.

You own your business to create great opportunities for people around you while improving communities and improving lives.

But you’re also in business to create value for yourself and your family. To improve your personal life.

Value creation begins with having the right customers and the right employees in place who believe in you and the U.S. Lawns brand. Value that allows you to have the income, benefits, and perks you’ve earned. Pride and loyalty creates value.

Value creation continues as you build additional net worth through opportunities generated as a result of your activities in the community. The success stories are many, but often start with a personal investment in the facility your business occupies. Owner action creates value.

Value creation peaks when you sell all, or part of, your U.S. Lawns business. You’ve converted net worth into cash. Freedom. Substantial owner benefit that really pays off when you exit requires a strong brand. A strong brand creates exponential value.

Strong Brand = Higher Value

Simply stated, keeping your brand strong and building higher value all comes down to a balanced execution in three key areas. And these elements apply whether talking about our brand or any other brand out there.

  • – Share the U.S. Lawns message effectively
  • – Fulfill our commitments
  • – Practice fiscal responsibility

The time is now. The economy is ready. We have all the tools we need. We have the shared 20/20 Vision. We must all do our part to activate this vision through discipline and balanced execution.

We have the power to make life better, and it starts today. No excuses.

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