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There are a multitude of ways your property’s exterior can affect your company’s goals, so investing in the right landscape improvements can be very advantageous. 

In fact, we recently had a conversation with expert U.S. Lawns Hall of Famer and owner-operator of U.S. Lawns Myrtle Beach, Bryan Smith and he shared some powerful wisdom, beginning with: “Regardless of how tight the budget is, if your landscape is not representing your company the way it should be, it is making an adverse impact on the ability to meet your business goals.” 

We asked him to tell us more about how he and his team are providing vital support for every commercial property they serve. 

Every Company Has Unique Expectations Of Their Landscape

It all starts with an in-depth understanding of each customer’s business objectives and having the knowledge to assess whether the landscape is making its best possible contribution. 

Since every company has unique expectations surrounding the role their landscape plays in their endeavors, Smith and his team of commercial landscaping pros make it a priority to truly understand what is most important to every client. 

Then, it’s a matter of being observant during their routine QC process and informing customers of any beneficial landscape enhancements they might consider having performed. 

Address Safety Hazards Right Away

Items Bryan’s team always watches for are dead or low hanging tree branches, uneven sidewalks, crumbling pavement and other trip hazards, and even potentially dangerous pests. When they do spot something that presents a safety risk, they address it with the customer so it can be corrected right away.  

Simple Beautification Tactics Can Make All The Difference

They’ll also keep their eyes open for ways to help customers beautify their grounds, which can mean the difference between attracting your audience or losing them to your competitor, particularly if you’re managing a property where you’re trying to attract customers or occupy every space with high quality tenants or residents. 

Because Bryan and his team are always looking out for the best interests of every customer, they’re able to identify cost-effective, business specific, influential landscape improvements. 

Landscape Improvements That Are Helping Companies Achieve Higher Success 

A few recent examples of the different ways U.S. Lawns in Myrtle Beach has been able to help commercial property owners and managers gain a higher level of success through thoughtfully executed landscape improvements include:

  • Sprucing up the grounds of a national builder’s model homes to boost sales in neighborhoods where they are still building. They were able to accomplish this by bringing back the curb appeal that had faded, through the simple addition of fresh mulch, fertilizer to make the turf green and happy and some well-placed flowers and river rock.
  • Making a college housing apartment complex stand above the rest in a very competitive marketplace through a major landscape renovation project. This transformation included a large dog park complete with an obstacle course for the dogs and artificial turf and drainage to keep it sanitary and odor-free; outdoor kitchen areas with grilling stations where people can cook out and enjoy the weather; and an outdoor workout area with padded flooring and artificial turf for weightlifting and other exercises.  
  • Creating an outdoor public space on the campus of a local hospital with picnic tables, potted plants, and a soothing butterfly garden where the staff members, patients and visitors can enjoy time out of doors. 

Your U.S. Lawns Professionals Have The Industry Connections You Need

Bryan Smith and the rest of the U.S. Lawns network of franchise owners really are experts in everything associated with commercial landscape management–and we’re well connected in the industry, too. 

This benefits our customers because even if we don’t provide the services in-house, we know where to find the right team for the project, and we can even manage them for you, so you’ll only have to deal with a single point of contact.  

What’s more, because we continuously nurture relationships with suppliers and service providers in the industry, we have access to the broadest variety of products, equipment and contractors, so you can depend on us to make sure you’re getting the utmost quality and highest level of services. 

So, if you’re ready to take a fresh look at your landscape, get in touch with us today. We’ll come and walk your grounds with you, build a landscape improvement plan and budget that aligns more fully with your mission, and start making your landscape work harder for you.

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