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If you’re looking for lawn and landscape services for your commercial property, it’s more important than ever to consider the importance of tree care. Trees are an important part of any landscape, towering over ground cover and potentially lasting for decades. They also have the potential to do harm to the rest of your landscape if they’re not well cared for. Today we’ll give you a closer look at how U.S. Lawns approaches tree care on commercial properties.

Storm Season Makes a Difference

Depending on the region you’re in, storms are an important consideration when it comes to caring for your trees. For instance, if you live in an area where hurricanes are common, it’s important to do most of the major trimming before the hurricane season. Heavy winds can cause overgrown branches to snap off, damaging the tree and potentially your property. Overgrown branches can function like a sail: when the wind hits them, they catch it and are pushed outward. We do our best to trim trees so that wind blows through their branches, rather than against them. This helps your trees to stand strong during hurricane season, minimizing damage to your property as well as the tree itself.

Leaf Removal is Key

When Autumn comes, trees are ready to shed their old leaves. Among other lawn and landscape services, it’s crucial that dead leaves are cleaned up as soon as possible. Not only do they detract from the appearance of your landscape, they can become a major problem once snow arrives. Removing them after the thaw is possible, but much more difficult. Furthermore, dead leaves can become a safety hazard, becoming slippery on the pavement after rain. One of the benefits of contracting with U.S. Lawns is that you can count on us when it comes to promptly removing dead leaves from your property. When you partner with us, you won’t need to worry about dead leaves becoming an eye-sore or a hazard. Our technicians work to be on-site quickly, as soon as the leaves start to fall.

Proper Pruning Helps Trees Stay Healthy for Years

Trees need TLC in the form of pruning in order to stay strong and healthy. U.S. Lawns knows just what it takes to keep a variety of trees stay strong and healthy through proper pruning. It’s important to prune trees just before winter in order to help them stay healthy and grow correctly. A great pruning will remove cross branches, helping to ensure that branches grow strong and correctly. Removing diseased branches is also an important consideration when it comes to pruning. As you can see, pruning is just one of many valuable lawn and landscape services for tree care. With our help, your trees will stay strong and healthy through the winter and beyond, and are less likely to sustain damage during heavy snowfalls.

Tree care stands out among lawn and landscape services as a key consideration for commercial property managers. Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about how we can help you properly maintain your trees.

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