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Multi-family housing and apartment communities are constantly searching for new ways to appeal to potential tenants and keep current ones happy. The first thing many prospective tenants will notice when driving by a community is the exterior landscape. Commercial landscaping is an important element of attracting new business, especially since these new tenants will be seeing it every day throughout their lease. Keeping a clean and crisp landscape that makes you feel safe and welcomed because it is well-kept has a proven effect on attracting new tenants, and here are commercial landscaping tips to help you add value to your apartment community or multi-family home.

An Attractive Landscape That Is Welcoming

Having an attractive landscape adds perceived value to your property because both current and future residents want to see the conscious effort that is put into where they live. Residents are paying to stay on your property, so in addition to the value that commercial landscaping adds to attracting new business, it keeps current tenants happy and may get them to stay longer for the wonderful, well-maintained landscape they get to see every day.

It may be easiest to start small and work your way up in terms of commercial landscaping services. For example, there are landscape enhancements that you can utilize with the help of commercial landscaping experts. Ornamental trees can be strategically placed, tropical and seasonal plants can be planted and switched out for differing weather and seasons, and even colors can play an important role in accentuating buildings or complimenting the different seasons. All of these exterior enhancements can help bring your commercial landscape to life and potentially draw future tenants to your door.

Effective Irrigation to Save the Environment and Money

Irrigation systems are important to maintaining a healthy commercial landscape. Irrigation that is working properly will water grass evenly, with an appropriate amount of water that is designed to conserve as much as it can to avoid wasted water that is overflowing onto sidewalks or the streets.

Tenants want to see evenly watered grass when they look at the exterior of the building they live in. With expert irrigation services through U.S. Lawns, we make sure they see what they want to see while also saving you money. Effective irrigation systems that are properly maintained also have great value by keeping your plants, trees, shrubs, and lawn areas healthy.

Using Experts Can Save Time and Money and Result in Peace of Mind

U.S. Lawns is a leading brand in commercial landscaping services. The combination of our national network of over 250 franchises all across the nation and the individual commitment of each one to service customers the best they can provides us with the nationally-recognized brand name we have established for ourselves. You want to choose a brand that people know and trust to bring quality services to your apartment community, so your tenants are rest assured that they are cared for, and future tenants know so too.

Here at U.S. Lawns, we have developed a Brand DNA that every franchisee encompasses into what they do. With a vision of 100% client satisfaction, our franchises are driven to provide quality services to a wide variety of commercial landscapes.

We strive to bring our commercial landscaping services to everyone who needs them to help add value to their property. As our brand message reads, “We improve our communities in ways everyone can see.”

Learn more about our mission and vision and why U.S. Lawns can provide the right commercial landscaping for you and your business.

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