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It started on a whim. Jamie Carruth, 62, was about to retire from her job as a high school principal, while her son, Alex, 27, was busy running his independently owned landscaping business, an industry he’d been in for years and loved.

“I was getting ready to retire, but I knew I didn’t want to be idle. That’s not in my nature,” remembers Jamie. “I also knew I wanted to help Alex grow his business.”

That’s where U.S. Lawns came in. Mother and son decided to investigate our brand on a whim and quickly discovered how much we aligned with their own core beliefs and vision for growth.

“It was just a really good fit,” says Alex, simply. “It was a great extension of our own goals and values.”

The Baton Rouge location recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and currently addresses the commercial landscaping and lawn care needs of over 130 customers, including the city’s park service and its school system. What their family-owned landscaping business does for the folks of Baton Rouge, we can do for you.

The Carruths are an excellent example of the U.S. Lawns commitment to excellence in service and customer care. Each and every one of our 250+ locations across 48 states is independently owned and operated by people who take great pride in their work and the knowledge they bring to each job. Our owners know they can count on our brand power to help them stay on top of best practices and provide their customers with a customized plan that meets their unique landscaping needs. From snow removal to tree care to irrigation and more, our suite of services reflects our industry leadership, our breadth of knowledge, and our passion for beautifying communities from coast to coast.

“Our customers love that we bring the support of a national brand to every job,” says Alex, who handles the day-to-day operations of the franchise. “We’re a family-owned landscaping business, but because we’ve got the power of the U.S. Lawns network behind us, we have access to resources that our competitors don’t. That’s the difference.”

The Carruths know the importance of relationships you can trust. It’s what brought them to the U.S. Lawns brand in the first place and what defines their work ethic today. They know their customers count on them to show up when needed, whether that’s on an emergency basis or as part of their scheduled lawn care. And that attention to relationships, something that defines the U.S. Lawns brand, is also what has made Jamie and Alex very popular employers.

“We’ve got people beating down our doors to work with us,” exclaims Jamie, who manages sales and customer service. “They know we’re nice people,” she laughs.

In addition to themselves, the Carruths employ 16 others — hardworking men and women who know the value of being part of something bigger than themselves and who appreciate the security that comes with working for a respected brand. But there’s more to it than that.

“We aren’t just employing 16 people,” continues Jamie. “We’re helping to support 16 families, and that really matters to us.”

Sixteen employees and sixteen families; over 100 customers and dozens of properties. When your family-owned landscaping business means being there for people every day, it’s good to know you have the power of a nationwide network to help meet their needs. We’re there for our franchise owners with proprietary technology and ongoing research and development that helps them stay ahead of the curve and on top of best practices. Our networking opportunities mean our franchisees can count on each other for advice and feedback. And our ongoing support of them means they can focus on what matters most: customer service.

“We love that we’re helping our community on so many levels — by helping to support employees and their families and by beautifying properties to make lasting first impressions,” says Alex.

Whether you’re a retailer, an HOA property manager, in healthcare or hospitality — whatever your industry and your property’s needs, we can make sure it looks its very best, season after season, with a variety of services that not only meet needs but anticipate them. Our trained technicians can spot problems before they become costly to remediate and can suggest options that prevent issues from cropping up in the first place. With U.S.Lawns as your lawn care specialist, you’ll have a dedicated partner in the care and upkeep of your landscape, guaranteed.

Are you ready to bring the Power of the Network to your landscape? Reach out to your local U.S. Lawns franchisee today.

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