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We know you have your choice of commercial landscape maintenance providers to choose from. U.S. Lawns enjoys many competitive advantages that others don’t: the power of a national network and decades of experience, for instance. However, one of our most powerful competitive advantages is our crews themselves. We strive to treat everyone with respect, from customers to owner-operators, to their employees.

As President Ken Hutcheson explains, we’ve made U.S. Lawns a great place to work, which has lasting benefits for employees and customers alike. Learn why here. 

How U.S. Lawns Goes Above and Beyond for Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Crews

There are lots of reasons to work for U.S. Lawns. For one thing, as a national brand, we’re able to offer perks and benefits that smaller businesses can’t. Ken lists a few examples: “We can provide uniforms, safety programs, education, advancement opportunities – that’s not typical of local landscaping companies.” 

He goes on to explain that U.S. Lawns provides crews with comprehensive training, allowing them to build their skillset and knowledge base so they can look forward to growing professionally. “Training and education are important, woven into the fabric of our DNA. Many workplaces ignore these programs.”

Furthermore, many U.S. Lawns gardeners stay with the company for years because they love knowing they’re part of a team. According to Ken: 

Employees and their families are interconnected with the team; they are valued. They often receive birthday presents and are treated with respect. We work to build that culture in every team. By improving their lives, that then improves the community. They can make a good living with fair pay and fair benefits – usually above the industry standard. We respect that individual that’s working for us.  

As you can see, working on a U.S. Lawns commercial landscape maintenance crew is a lot more than a great job opportunity – it’s a way to make meaningful improvements to real communities. So how does all of this impact customers?

Getting Customers the Best Results Possible

Because U.S. Lawns employees often stay with us for years, they receive countless hours of training and experience. They get to know the properties they work on and what each customer values, likes, and dislikes. Compare that expertise to other crews that hire temporary workers without much experience – the difference is obvious to our customers. 

They love knowing that they can look forward to getting the job done right without any hassle. They also love partnering with a company that values treating everyone right, including their employees. 

Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn about your local crew and what they can do to improve your commercial landscape maintenance system.

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