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Travelers and locals alike can help play a role in achieving a successful occupancy rate of a hotel in the area. While travelers are staying in the hotel and are able to view the landscape up close and observe it in greater detail, residents who live in the community also notice neatly kept and colorful landscapes. Locals are familiar with their area, and travelers and tourists may take their recommendation for the best hotel to stay at when asked.

First impressions are impactful, and the first thing people see upon approaching a hotel is the exterior, so the landscape surrounding it plays an important part in their perception of a quality hotel. Different hotels have different needs and budgets that may go beyond simple lawn service, which is why you should utilize a professional commercial landscaping provider that can provide all the services you may need to keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful. When your landscape looks great, it sends the message that you take pride in your grounds and your hotel, and that can make a difference in terms of social media reviews, increase in occupancy rate, and even employee pride.

Why Is Landscape Important?

Two factors that can play a role in determining what hotel to stay in are social media reviews and recommendations. The guest experience begins immediately when they pull up to the front of the hotel. They notice the trees, shrubs, plants and colorful flowers or planters around the exterior, and if it does not meet their initial expectations, it could influence the rest of their stay.

People stay in hotels for different reasons; they may be there for business, vacation, or visiting family in the area. Locals may recommend hotels that they feel will accommodate their friends, family, or business associates. Residents won’t often visit the inside of a hotel, but they see the outside. Your exterior landscape can help promote your business in a subtle way because it shows the care and effort put into the surroundings and shows that the hotel cares about its guest experience.

What Does a Good Hotel Landscape Look Like?

Whether it’s a five-star, a chain, or a smaller hotel, there are things that you can do for your landscape to make it shine above the competition in the area. Small, aesthetic touches such as ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, mulch beds, and trimmed grass can go a long way, and other added touches such as a variety of potted plants around a pool or courtyard can make a noticeable difference.

At U.S. Lawns, we offer services to help with everything your hotel needs beyond just lawn service. Pools and courtyards are a big part of the guest experience for families who are traveling and others who are looking for an area where they can enjoy the sunshine and relax. We offer hardscape installation and services that can make it pop with things such as shrubs, potted flowers, and more that show the hotel’s dedication to the guest experience through the details of their landscape.

How Can You Get the Landscape and Lawn Service Your Hotel Needs?

Depending on the size, type, and brand of your hotel, your landscape will have very different needs. Smaller or less expensive hotels may want a simpler landscape that may include lawn service and some shrubs or ornamental large grasses, whereas a larger hotel or a brand may want something like brand colors in the flowers, irrigation maintenance, and more to add greater detail to their landscape. Regardless of what your budget is, what you really need to do is start planning. Creating a plan for the spring is imperative to getting the landscaping services you need for your hotel, and the time to start is in the fall and winter. By budgeting ahead of time, you will be prepared for the spring in terms of any landscape or lawn service you need.

Your hotel can attract travelers and locals alike with the small details of your landscape. With our commercial landscape enhancements and lawn service, we can help your hotel look its best within a budget that fits for your hotel.

Find out what services you should utilize for your hotel on our website, so we can help you create a budget for landscape and lawn service in Spring 2019.

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