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U.S. Lawns is famous for providing the best commercial landscaping services. Our teams have years of experience in agronomics and landscaping and have the skills to provide reliable maintenance, diagnose problems in their early stages, and create stunning enhancements.

One of the reasons our crews are so successful is that they get to know your property before they start providing services. Furthermore, because most clients work with us for many years, we get to know their preferences, so the results only get better over time. Here, learn more about how our extensive knowledge of the properties we serve benefits customers.

Generating Accurate Estimates for Commercial Landscaping Services

We take the time to get to know your property before we provide you with an estimate. Other landscapers use estimates too broadly. They look at the square footage, or what they charge properties of a similar size, to give customers a ballpark estimate. U.S. Lawns, on the other hand, takes every variable into account. “Different types of grass, plants, and trees, irrigation systems – we create a custom package to focus on your needs.”

As a result, you can be sure that everything your landscape needs will be covered, with a clear and fair price established from the beginning. We take your budget into account – some of our owner-operators even help customers create their annual landscaping budget to ensure we’re giving you the services you need the most.

Taking in the Details

Our crews are trained to look low, medium, and high to note everything from groundcover to trees and shrubs – they know not to miss anything. They observe areas where there’s likely to be lots of foot traffic and areas where there won’t be. They spot safety issues, such as shrubs that could obscure drivers’ views when entering and leaving the property. They notice directional signs that should always be visible, as well as tree branches that could become hazards. Finally, they ask about things that are important to the client but also point things out.

Because our crews take in these details from the beginning, they’re able to prevent problems from arising in every season. They know exactly when to mow and edge grass, when to trim trees, how to avoid damaging hardscapes in the winter, and when it will be time for commercial landscaping services like fertilizing and mulching.

Finally, the U.S. Lawns Job Sequencing Tool is used by our crews to maintain updated notes on every property, including your preferences, the condition of your plants, your current maintenance plan, and more. This helps everyone on our team to stay up-to-date on what your landscape needs.

The end result? You can count on us to care for your landscape and plan ahead so you can enjoy consistently great results.

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